Chapter 1! FIRST OF ALL CUPCAKES (Cupcakesyou) THIS IS A DIFFERENT VERSION FROM WHAT I HAD BEFORE! MEANING, HALF (er, actually more than half) OF THE STUFF HERE WILL BE DIFFERENT (and better! XD). You guys like a bad Toushiro? Well, what if I made Toushiro worse than before?
Summary- Does living with a delinquent that bad? Well, to Momo, yes! Can she really be loved by him; or will his teases hurt her so much that death might be next?

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The school bell rang as the large group of students ran outside. Karakura High School, probably the most famous high school in Seireitei County, held over four thousand well-educated students and teachers. It was a parents' dream to bring their teens to that high school, especially with the good teachers, activities, and sports. However, most students enjoy that high school because of the sports. The coaches were one-of-a-kind and the teams always gave their heart to any of the games.

Fifteen year old Momo Hinamori jogged out of the volleyball court and over to the crowded streets of Karakura. While holding her volleyball bag with one hand, she reached inside her bag with her other hand and took out her cell phone. Pressing the red button for a few seconds, the small phone began to turn on. The volleyball player looked from left to right as she ran across the street. Once her phone was fully on, she looked at the screen and saw the message 'One Missed Call'.

Quickly, she pressed the center button and noticed that it was her mother, Tammie Hinamori. Tammie, who's real name is Tammie Lisa Hinamori, was a police officer at Karakura Juvenile Center. Her mother wanted to become a police officer ever since she witnessed, as a young girl, people robbed, raped, and killed. However, she doesn't want her fifteen-year-old daughter getting an occupation like hers. It wasn't because she, most of the times, had to go out late at night and ride throughout Karakura in search of a murderer, rapist, or robber. It was because of her safety. The thirty-eight year old police officer doesn't even want to imagine her daughter being killed because she was saving someone's life. As harsh as it may seem for a police officer, Tammie always puts her daughter first.

Despite the fact that Tammie Hinamori arrests delinquents, she's also co-founder and owner of the HJDP (1) program, abbreviated as the Help the Juvenile Delinquent Program. The program is for desperate parents who want their juvenile kids to change. In this program, an officer would become the delinquent's guardian for some time. The officer will teach him or her everything about being responsible and the good and bad things that happen in life, and the effects of it. The program began two years ago, and out of three-hundred teen delinquents who participated, more than two hundred of them changed.

Momo dialed her mother's phone and waited for her to pick up. "Hey, Mom. I just got out of volleyball practice." Momo told her, making her way to the house.

But quickly, she stopped as the plans were changed. After her mother gave her some instructions, Momo hanged up and quickly decided to go home first and change.

"We got another one!" yelled Mike, opening the side door of his police car.

Tammie and three other police officers walked out of the Juvenile Center building and saw their comrade pull out a white-haired boy out of his car. The boy was dragged over to the building, though he still had a smirk on his face. Luis, another police officer, stood in front of the boy and smirked down at him.

"Well well, if it isn't the white-haired delinquent that's wanted around Karakura, and a few other towns."

The arrested teen just cocked an eyebrow and snorted.

"You think I care…" he sighed.

The police officer frowned and grabbed the boy by his shirt. However, the teen just stared teasingly at the older man through his turquoise eyes.

"You shouldn't be laughing, kid, since your ass is getting locked up."

"I've been locked up before; you think it bothers me if I get locked up again?"

The police officer had the urge to punch him; but because of his job and the law, he couldn't harm the delinquent. He and another officer grabbed the boy by his arms and dragged him inside. Tammie sighed, rubbing her temples, and began walking inside; but suddenly, she heard her daughter's voice from behind. The brown haired woman turned around and grinned at her child.

"Mom, I have the papers!" Momo ran up to her mother and handed her the important documents she had left early this morning.

Tammie thanked her daughter and walked inside the building. Momo followed her mother, and for the first time, she saw the Juvenile Center from the inside. Tammie doesn't like her daughter walking around the area because of the delinquents that are brought each week.

Momo turned her head to the cells and saw a white-haired boy dragged up the steps. She continued to stare at him, and suddenly, her eyes widened as she saw him turn his head and stare back it her. A smirk rose to his face as he winked at her. Momo's cheeks turned pink; however, she couldn't look away. She continued to stare at him until he was out of sight.

"Momo, can you give this to Mike. I need to notify the other police stations that the boy was just captured."

Nodding, Momo grabbed the papers and walked over to the same staircase she witnessed the boy dragged up to. She knew that she was going to be safe since Mike and another officer were there; but her heart was still pounding nervously.

She recalled those emerald-green eyes of his; how beautifully unique they were. She also remembered his spiky white hair, which made him look taller and stand out more. Momo reached the second floor, and for some particular reason, it was very quiet.

"Um…Mike?" she called, though there was no answer.

She made a turn at the end of the hallway, eyeing every empty cell. Suddenly, a strange smell went up her nostrils, making her stomach twist and turn. She loathed the smell of blood. It reminded her of the fatal accident that happened years ago; and she hates remembering it.

"Mike, are you-" Momo was cut off when she noticed two bloody bodies lying down on the floor.

Blood was all over the white marble floor. Momo looked around with her hand clasped on her nose. Both officers were stabbed on their chests, and Momo couldn't even dare herself to look at the deep wounds. She suddenly heard a loud boom, causing her to jump. She turned her head and saw one of the cell's door close, and the delinquent staring at her for a few minutes with a smirk slowly rising on his face.

Uh oh…. She thought, quickly turning and running away. However, in a quick second, she slipped on the blood and then felt someone grab her arm and abruptly pull her back. She was about to scream for help, but the boy placed his hand over her mouth.

"Shh, beautiful, don't you make a sound…." He whispered seductively into her ear, feeling somewhat glad that it was a girl, and an attractive one.

Momo whimpered as she felt his other hand slide up her thigh. She tried to pull his hand away from her mouth, but he was too strong. He pulled his face closer to hers, his hot breath taunting her and giving her shivers. Frighteningly, Momo closed her eyes and tried to stay calm. She removed her hands away from his, but quickly, she elbowed him on his stomach and began to run as soon as his pain distracted him.

But Momo barely even made a yard away from him. He wrapped his arms around her waist and threw her against the wall. Momo opened her mouth to scream, but was suddenly stopped once he placed his mouth against hers and ran his tongue inside her mouth.

Momo growled against his lips, but suddenly winced as he bit them harshly. Her lip quickly turned red as blood rushed out. The boy licked her bottom lip as if he enjoyed the taste of her blood. He pulled his face back, and with a smirk, he looked at her. Momo opened her diluted eyes, touching her bruised lip.

The boy in front of her caressed her cheek and pulled her body closer to his. Momo whimpered as his hands went up her tank top and roamed around her flat stomach.

"Don't cry, cutie," he whispered, seeing her tears drip down. "You're so beautiful. Don't start thinking that after you seeing me escape, I'm just going to let you run to your mother and tell her."

"Please…l-let me go," she whispered to him.

The boy chuckled and stared at her eyes; and with one swift movement, he grabbed the hem of her tank top and ripped it off. Momo screamed as she saw her now-ripped tank top fall on the floor. She immediately wrapped her arms around her chest; but he grabbed her arms and threw her on the floor. Momo began to scream as he got on top of her.

She saw him take something out of, which made her shut up. The spiky white-haired boy shifted the knife over to abdomen and slowly made a thin short cut. Momo hissed at the pain, as she knew that if she screamed, he would stab her. The cut was less than six inches long, and as soon as he was done, he lowered his head and licked the blood away.

An unexpected moan, both of pain and pleasure, escaped her mouth. She felt his smirk against her skin, and angrily, she slid from under his body. As she was about to stand up, he grabbed her ankle and brought her down again. Momo screamed as her hands were over her head. He lowered his head and began to trail kisses down her chest, between her breasts, and to her abdomen.

He grabbed the knife again and flipped her over. Momo was now lying on her stomach and felt him get on top of her. With the knife, he sliced the fabric of her bra and swiftly removed the undergarment. Immediately, he placed the knife by one side of her face while he licked the other side. Momo began to hyperventilate but suddenly…

"Get away from my daughter!"

(1) That program is made up by me; I just made it up so the reason of Toushiro moving in with Momo and Tammie can seem more reasonable. Next chapter will be clearer!

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