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A single, little candle lit inside a large room frilled with nothing but darkness; that's how both felt. The night seemed long, and it was due to their sensational love making the previous night. Nobody else mattered. It was just them two: holding one another tightly, not wanting to let go again…

Since it was both of their first time, they weren't concerned about who had they slept with in the past.

Yesterday's scene had cemented the hole both of them had for years. Momo had whispered to him how much she had missed him and how she was going to let nothing get in their way this time. Toushiro had promised her that he would never break her heart again, and she believed him. She knew that if she loved him, then she would trust him.

While they made love, both of them remembered their past together. Momo had recalled the first time she had met him. He had been handcuffed and as he had been taken towards his cell, she had wondered many things about him. Momo had remembered how even more handsome he looked with that dangerous smirk he had on his face. She had also recalled how he had tried to rape her. She had felt angry, frightened, and a tiny feeling of lust, though it had been because he was so attractive, yet in a frightening way.

The day of her dance had also been recalled. They had made out and she still had remembered the look on people's faces when they had stopped minding their own business and had begun staring, as if them making out had been the newest thing in the world instead of Ipods or PlayStation 3's.

Last night, they had stopped for a second and had recalled what had happened right after that. She had run away and he went right after her. Both had crashed into trouble and Toushiro had saved her from the men who had a desire to hurt her. Though afterwards, he had a bigger desire to hurt her, and due to that lust of his, she had injured her ankle while running away from him like a child running away from his or her brutal, abusive parent.

After that memory, both of them had stopped thinking about their past. Momo had gotten emotional and Toushiro had halted his movements. He had began to worry that he had hurt her badly and she had lost interest in him due to it. Though fortunately, that was not the case. She had told him that that had not been the case; it was because everything was starting to change and she had not been prepared for it. Everything had come to her all of the sudden. Tears of joy, in other words.

Toushiro had felt relieved, telling himself that he had been worried over nothing. However, he had still felt as if everything was his fault, and he had reassured her. He had asked her if she wanted to continue another time, but she had refused and had told him that she wanted to continue, that she had been waiting for this day too long and could not waste just another day without him.

They had continuously made love for the whole night, and once they were done, they had held each other as if the world was going to end on that same minute.


Momo poured the latte on her cup after pouring it on his. Toushiro watched her, telling himself how he had finally found her and how he was going to make her happy. Nevertheless, he wanted to ask her many questions, and he knew that she wanted to ask him some as well.

Holding onto both cups, she walked back to the counter table and sat in front of him. His gaze on her always made her feel nervous, and it still did.

"Here," she said, handing him the cup.

Gratefully, he took it, their hands touching. Momo blushed, feeling like a teenager who had just learned about the wonders of a man's manhood.


He took a sip from it, quickly putting the cup down and taking her hand. Momo almost chocked on her latte as she almost dropped her cup.


He ripped a piece of tissue from the roll and wiped the light brown liquid before it spilled on her shirt. Momo flushed in embarrassment, feeling like a little girl who had just spilled her ice cream on her face and her father was wiping it off as he laughed at her clumsiness.

"I could've cleaned myself, you know." she said.

Toushiro nodded at that, "I know you can, but I do it because I missed being near you. I missed your company, Momo."

Momo felt a tug on her heart as she smiled at the words. She missed him too. "I missed you as well. You don't know the pain I've felt in my heart right after I saw you get taken away. Some people said to me 'Finally, you got rid of that delinquent. Now you don't have to worry 'bout him breaking you into pieces', and I just glared at them. They didn't understand that even if you hurt me, I still liked you, and I hated myself for that. It made me look desperate and weak, as if I had to rely on a man just to move on."

Toushiro had a guilty look on his face as he spoke. "I caused you all of this, and I'm sorry, Momo. I know I made you suffered for the past four or five years, and I'm going to make it up to you. I'm going to love you and make you happy. That's a promise that I will never break."

He touched her lips with his fingers, feeling how thin and soft they were. "I'm glad you waited for me. In jail, my biggest worry was you moving on without me."

Momo frowned. She had not told him about Micheal and Henry, but felt that he had the right to know.

"Actually, I-I tried to move on, but it failed miserably. I had dated before, two guys, but they weren't the ones for me. After them, I didn't date at all, and while I dated them, I couldn't stop thinking about you. One of them lasted a week with me, while the other only lasted two days. I just couldn't handle the feel of guilt in my heart. Every time I saw them, I saw you and I couldn't take it."

Toushiro was still frowning, nevertheless, feeling slightly heartbroken about her seeing two men while he was locked up and thinking crazily about her. But, he told himself that it was because of him.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you. I just wanted you to know… I don't want to keep stuff away from you." she said, though his frown still did not go away.

"Don't be. You were lonely for four years, and I can't control your love life, locked up or not. Don't be sorry. If I had changed before, neither of us would have suffered."

Momo agreed to that, but did not say it out loud. Toushiro finished his latte and looked at her.

"I heard about your mother."

Momo felt her world crumble into tiny pieces once again. Her mother, the most important person in her life, was gone. She remembered the accident and it still brought tears to her eyes. She was so close to her mother, and for her mother to leave her like this was unfair to her. Momo had felt like dying with her. The day her mother died was the day she had felt utterly alone. She barely knew her father and wasn't even sure where he was or whether he was alive or not. She had no family members since her mother was an orphan.

"I'm sorry for the lose."

He took her hand into his, giving it a soft massage. Momo let her tear fall on the counter table, not bothering to wipe them away. Why do that when they're constantly going to keep on coming out?

"I-It's alright. Everyone dies in the end, b-but I guess her time was sooner than thought."

Holding tightly on her hand, he pulled her around the table and towards him. Momo's eyes fell on the floor as she stood perfectly still. He pulled her onto his lap, wrapped his arms around her, and snuggled his face on the crook of her neck.

"Just let it out." he whispered, and she did.

Tammie was more than just a mother to her. She had been her best friend, and although people had told her in the past that parents and their children need to have a strict relationship in order for the child or children to grow up obedient to their 'superiors', Momo had rejected that idea and treated her mother like an older sister sometimes. She remembered the few times she would not follow her mother's rules, and had earned herself some time-out times, but heck, which kid had never gotten his or her time out?

After Toushiro's lock up, Tammie had been there to help Momo with her depression. Tammie had remembered taking some psychological classes during college and everyday, she made sure her daughter was alright. Tammie had know many cases in ways depression led to suicide, and she had been afraid of her little girl ever thinking about that.

Once the school year had finished, Momo had volunteered in teaching children from ages of nine to twelve on hitting a volleyball correctly, and to her benefit, it had brightened her mood. She had also worked on a part time job, not wanting to spend all of her mother's money on college expenses.

Without the help of her mother, Momo hadn't known what to do with herself back then. If her mother had died immediately after Toushiro's lock up, suicide would probably be one of her choices. But, she was grateful that she hadn't thought suicide at all.

Nevertheless, suicide had been on her mind once her mother had died. After going to the doctor for her breathing problem, she had received the horrible news that she had bronchitis. Momo had gotten worry, but Tammie had told her not to since she had quickly started taking her medication. Nevertheless, due to the stress of work and house bills, Tammie had paused her medication and had gone to work. Her symptoms had worsened: high fevers, bad colds, strong chest pains, and hoarse coughs. Momo recalled when she had made breakfast for her mother, but that day, her mother wouldn't wake up…

"You haven't told me everything you did in prison." she said, wanting to change the subject. Her own chest ached badly by just remembering the nightmare.

Toushiro still kept her on his lap, cherishing every moment of their skin touching. He placed his hands on her lap, remembering how smooth they felt last night, and rose his head up, settling it on her shoulder. Remembering his years in jail was painful, but he didn't mind sharing his feelings with her.

"My first year there was hell for me. I got into so many fights and went insane. When I got there, I realized how you felt living with a delinquent. Since I was new to the 'big house', the guys there treated me like garbage. One of them punched me in the eye as a hello, and as a thank you, I kicked him in the nuts so hard he stayed in the hospital for more than a week. When I was sleeping, one of my inmates put a jar of roaches on my bed."

"Where did he get the roaches?"

Toushiro shrugged, "Don't know, don't care. But as a payback, I grabbed a few earthworms from the backyard every time they let us play a sport outside."

"How many worms did you get from the ground?"

"About seven or eight, since the court was actually the ground with two broken hoops. I hid the worms inside my pocket and before going to bed, I put them below his sheets. He never checks his bed before going to sleep."

"How did he notice the worms then?"

Toushiro smirked, remembering the scene from four years ago. "He felt something slippery and wet roaming inside his pants. He got a little aroused and after looking at what was touching him, he let the loudest scream I've ever heard in my life."

Momo giggled, imagining the scene. "Did they find out it was you?"

"No, and I'm glad they didn't. After that incident, no one messed with me. I was lonely there, and I've thought about you all the time. Literature was my last class there, and after 'school', I would grab some papers and write down stuff that I had in mind, and most of the time, it was about you. I described you in detail so I wouldn't forget your looks. I asked one of the officers for a folder so I wouldn't lose the papers, and he kindly gave it to me. Most of the officers there were asses, but I don't blame 'em for having to take care of misbehaved teens. After two and a half years of lock up, I met a man who used to be a delinquent as well. He gave us all a speech about life and how choices can affect us, and while everyone else found it boring, I found it inspiring. I rethought my actions closely and began to talk to that same officer who had given me the folder. We talked for months and I told him to help me change. Since it wasn't his duty to do that, he spoke to the chief and told him that he wanted to help me out. The chief accepted this and the officer and I talked a lot. I explained to him my life and how I wanted to change for you."

Momo felt special, hearing him talk about her such way had taken away the awful chest pain.

"What else did you do there?"

"I talked a lot with the chief and did many projects for him. He told me to give some motivational speech on some seventh graders, and I did. At first, I was embarrassed because they were all staring me with their eyes widened, like if I was some type of wild animal. They were really staring at my juvenile uniform. They were surprised that a kid a few years older than them was locked up. I told them a lot about me and it really did sink into them. They asked me a lot of questions and they were disappointed that I had to leave. After that, I enjoyed giving public speeches and I continued giving them for some time. I also did some work and community service. The chief saw my progress and held a meeting with some high ranked officers. They all agreed to cut down a few years and made it four years in prison. I promised them that I was going to work for them and they were all glad. Supposedly, I'm the first ex-delinquent to say that."

Momo embraced him. "I'm really happy for you. You're going to have a better life."

Toushiro kissed her cheek. "With you, of course. I'm doing all of this so you can forgive me. I'm still angry at myself for touching you back then. I could've killed you without thinking."

The words shook her, telling herself not to imagine such thing.

"We should forget the past now," she said, roaming her hands inside his shirt, "and think about the future….our future. I know my mom would have told me that."

Toushiro gave her a long kiss. "I was thinking the same thing. We should start over and spend time that we did not spend together four years ago now."

"I would love that,"

She grabbed his hand and stood him up. He wrapped his arms around her waist, burying his face on her hair. Momo leaned her ear against his chest, listening to the steady beat of his heart.

For one last time, she thought of him back then, and of him now. Anyone who wouldn't understand her reason for accepting Toushiro back in her life would have called her an idiot. He had taken advantage of her….He had hurt her in a way that no human being should harm any other. Nevertheless, her heart ached for him for four years, and vice versa.

She learned that sometimes, love doesn't have to be perfect. Toushiro was no prince charming, and she was glad that he wasn't. She loved him for his ways and not his charms. More importantly, she loved him for the change of heart he made to become a better person. And according to her mother, love doesn't come every day. But when it does, hold on tight to it and not let it go…

~ The End ~

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