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Momo Hinamori had her head down all the time as she heard the helpless slaves in front of her cry in pain. Why did life have to be like this? Why must one human own another when they're basically the same? The male slave in front of her led out a painful cry as the men around him whipped him again with their leather rope on his bare back. Momo placed her hands on her mouth, as she could not watch any more.

His painful cries swayed around the bloody area. Momo and about twenty other slaves stood still in a clear area around the middle of the woods. She and every other prisoner had their hands tied tightly with a thick rope. Momo wore a ripped dress that reached her knees. She had no shoes on and her hair was in a messy bun.

"No! Please stop! Please, no more!" cried the slave as he was whooped again.

Momo felt relieved that that was not her; however, she felt sorry for the poor man. Their old master died this morning when someone mysteriously killed him. The old man, who was around his mid sixties, was ruler of the country Luperon. Momo was only eight years old when she became a slave. She remembers that her and her family were planning to run away to San Jose, a country in which everyone is free. However, before they even got to the border, Momo's ex-master and his sentinels caught them and captured them.

Momo's mother cried as she and her three daughters just witnessed the death of her husband. Momo tried not to cry loudly so the murderers in front of her wouldn't kill her and her remaining family; but she couldn't control herself. Her father's blood splattered on the ground as the five men in front of them sliced his body in half with their long machete and later threw it on the ground like garbage.

Momo and her two sisters embraced each other tightly as their mother crawled over to her dead husband and cried even more. Momo was angry with both the men and with her mom. She knew that if her mother continued to cry such way, she would be killed as well; and Momo doesn't want to lose both of her parents. Momo's mother touched the blood with her slender and then looked up at the men in front of her.

"You bastards!" she screamed at them. "You fucking bastards! How dare you kill my husband?"

"Shut up you old hag and get in here!" yelled one of them as he pointed at the opened carriage.

Momo's mother continued to cry as she threw herself on the ground. Momo wanted to yell at her mother and tell her to take control of herself, but her voice was lost as she was frightened that she and her two older sisters would be killed as well.

"That's it, you bitch!" yelled another man as he suddenly got on top of the crying woman and began undressing her.

As the officer began undressing and sexually molesting her mother, two other officers grabbed her and her sisters and dragged them over to the carriage. Momo was brutally thrown in like a rag doll, and so was her second older sister. However, her eldest sister refused to get in and was suddenly punched in the face by the older man.

Momo shuddered at the horrible memory. She loathed rethinking it, but it would come to her dreams every time she slept; but this is what happens to the poor and weak. Momo's family was poor from the start. Anyone that's below low class, or homeless people, would be driven into slavery.

Momo's mother was raped and later killed. Momo's oldest sister was killed because she didn't want to surrender to the men. Momo and her second older sister were separated, and from that day, they haven't seen each other ever since. She hopes and prays that her sister is still alive and living the best she can.

Momo was cut off her thoughts as she saw the men throw the dead body on top of a pile of leaves and then burn it. Momo gulped and prayed that the dead man could finally live in peace in the after life. After her ex-master died, a batch of guards invaded the palace and captured all of them. The guards thought that they were going to get more than hundred slaves; however, they only saw twenty-one slaves.

Momo overheard them speaking about their old master wanting twenty slaves. Because their master wanted only twenty prisoners, one of them had to die. Momo and her slaved friends were scared of dying, but they knew that one of them had to leave the world. The men decided that the female slaves wouldn't be killed in case the ex-master wanted to have some fun; and they chose one of the fifteen male slaves to die.

They gave the fifteen male slaves a test, and one of men Momo barely knew lost. Not only did he lose the game, but he also lost his life.

The guards dragged the twenty slaves inside a large carriage. Momo sat by the window and the five horses began to pull the heavy carriage away. Momo knew that from that point on, her life was going to change. Every master was different, and most of them didn't care about raping the slaves. Momo was still a virgin since her ex-master only had an interest in rich men and women, not on poor dirty ones.

Serious relationships and marriages between slave and their master were unacceptable. Masters most of the times slept with slaves for fun, no matter what gender of the prisoners. There are male masters who love to intercourse with male prisoners, other male masters love to intercourse with both genders of the sex. Female masters intercourse with either one gender or both.

However, women were most of the times targeted and it sickened Momo. If a female slave ever got pregnant by their master, they would attack the mother-to-be in order for that baby not to be born; and so the female prisoner would not have to leave her position as slave. However, if the female slave got pregnant by a male slave, both slaves would die. Since every slave knew the rules, and even if they were in love, they always put their lives to their minds and stayed as loyal to the rules as possible.

"New slaves are arriving today, son." Stated Mr. Hitsugaya as he slowly walked over to his grandson.

His grandson, which was sixteen years old, short, and very much alike to his ceased father, turned around and glanced at his grandfather, which was the ex-leader of Lubia. It was around the mid-1800s, and like any other leader or high-class person, Toushiro's grandfather was a fan of slaves.

The property was divided into three parts, one mansion, a ballroom, and an old house. The ballroom and mansion were connected, but the old house was a few yards away from them. The old house was the home of the fifty slaves that the Hitsugaya clan own. The Hitsugaya clan and a batch of other clans own slaves, while other clans far away have banned the idea of slaves and everyone is free.

The law is slowly passing down from country to country, but since Mr. Hitsugaya thinks that slaves are necessary, he always tells his grandson that he'll do whatever he can to make that law disappear from his country. His grandson, Toushiro Hitsugaya, doesn't care whether he has slaves or not.

A knock was heard on the wooden door. Toushiro and his strict grandfather turned around and said a come in. The door opened and the Chief Guard came in with three guards following from behind.

"Sir, your twenty slaves just arrived." The tall man notified.

Mr. Hitsugaya smiled and nodded.

"Alright, my grandson and I will be there in a few minutes."

Chief Guard nodded and left the large office room.

Momo looked around the odd place nervously. She and the twenty other slaves stood in front of an old house. Her hands were still tied and she could see a few people stepping out from a mansion. Three men stepped out; all of them had turquoise eyes and pure white hair. Momo suddenly knew that one of them, or maybe all three of them, was going to be her master.

"Sir, these are the twenty slaves we captured from the Levrix Clan!" Chief Guard told them.

The old man with white hair and small emerald eyes nodded and walked over to the slaves. Momo gulped as she saw him walking in front of each slave. Momo wondered what he had in mind, and hopefully, he wouldn't harm her.

Mr. Hitsugaya smirked as he stared at each slave for seconds. He blinked and then turned his attention to the last slave of the line, Momo. The brunette bit her bottom lip as she tried to stay calm. He then chuckled and walked past her. Momo sighed in relief as he was soon out of her sight.

"Look at your new slaves, Toushiro!" Mr. Hitsugaya exclaimed to his grandson.

Momo turned her attention to the man named Toushiro. Her eyes widened at how young looking he was. He looked very different from the other leaders she has met. Toushiro grunted and then sighed.

"I don't care about slaves." He said.

Mr. Hitsugaya frowned and shook his head.

"Son, slaves are important in this world! Since you're becoming leader of Lubia in less than a year, I know that you would need more than one slave to work under your wings! This is why I made the officers capture these rats and send them over to you! You are their new master, Toushiro, and you can do whatever you want with them!"

Toushiro opened his eyes and turned his attention to his slaves. He glanced at each and one of them, and stopped at Momo. The brown haired female gulped as his eyes bored right into hers. Her heart pounded faster as Mr. Hitsugaya's words taunted her mind.

"You are their new master, Toushiro, and you can do whatever you want with them"

Momo already knew that her life was going to hit some rocky edges. He looked like a loyal man, and as her mother always told her and her sisters, loyal men were never to be trusted. He may look loyal, be loyal; but his love life can be a secret. Momo was afraid every time she met other high-class people, especially men. She has witnessed kings, princes, and other men take female slaves to their homes and take advantage of them there.

"Good day, Mr. Hitsugaya; hello, Toushiro."

Momo turned her head and saw a beautiful woman, about two inches taller than her, pale white soft skin with green eyes and long brown hair. Momo has never seen a woman so beautiful before, and it made her jealous. The woman had a curvaceous body with semi large breasts and a wide bright smile. But who was this woman?

"Hey Angora," the person named Toushiro said, kissing the woman's full red lips.

Momo stared at the woman who was just called Angora surprisingly. They were dating? Momo bit her bottom lip, as she knew that her life, from now on, was definitely going to hit some rocky edges. When masters had wives, trouble was always around.

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