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"Toushiro, wait!"

Hand placed on her visible large stomach, Momo ran after her husband as he angrily walked down the hall and towards the area that held the servants' bedrooms. He stopped in front of one of the servants' rooms and knocked, impatiently waiting for the door to open.

Momo halted next to him and placed her hand on his shoulder, feeling its tenseness beneath her soft fingers.

"Toushiro, please. She was confused and…please calm down."

Momo shook his shoulders, trying to make him look at her; though Toushiro's angry eyes didn't look at her at all. Instead, they were fixed on the door sitting in front of him, waiting for the female servant inside the room to open it.

Finally, the girl opened it, but slightly though. Her eyes were fixed on her bare feet, her heart pounding heavily against her chest.

Toushiro threw his hand against the door, pushing it so it opened more. Leana jumped back, meeting the king's green angered eyes.


"Pack your bags and get out." he ordered.

"Toushiro, no! She's staying!"

At last, he looked at her. "Momo, what-"

"Toushiro, she didn't mean to! It was a mistake. You know she has nowhere else to go-"

"I don't care."

"…But I do! She's the only person here, besides you, that I trust. Please don't make her leave."

Toushiro stared at her for some time, his angered expression soon going away. He stared from Leana to Momo, not sure what to do.

"You know what she did to you, Momo. She took advantage of you!"

"I know, Toushiro, and yes it is bad that she did do that, but she was confused. Please don't kick her out of here. She'll have no where else to go to!"

Toushiro looked at Leane, unsure of what to do. The servant suddenly dropped to her knees, looking up at the king.

"I'm sorry, sir. I promise you that I will never do it again. I'm really sorry to you, my lady. I wasn't thinking about what I was doing. You know that I mean you no harm. Please forgive me, my lady."

Momo looked at Toushiro. "Toushiro, please. She apologized to me when it happened too. She won't do it again."

Toushiro glared, intensely, at Leana, and then back at his wife. "If she does anything stupid one more time, she's out of here."

Before any of the women responded to that, Toushiro walked away. Momo leaned against the wall, stroking her two-month old pregnant stomach. She'd only seen Toushiro this angry a few times, though he knew how to control himself and was not an abusive husband.

She knew that any person, especially a monarch or someone from a high class family, would've instantly kicked Leana out for what she had done; but Momo found herself being too nice. She still felt disgusted by her servant's actions, but she had forgiven her.

"Th-Thank you, my lady."

"I told you to call me by my first name, and you're welcome."

Momo grabbed her hand and helped her get up. "Leana, I don't care what orientation you're into, but please don't include me into it. Let's just put this in the past and let itself not repeat, alright?"

Leana nodded, smiling. "You're so kind, my lad- Momo. I feel so terrible for hurting you such way. Is there anything I can do for you? I feel so guilty…"

Momo grinned, patting the girl's shoulders. "Yes, never forget to call me Momo and not 'my lady'. That makes me sound old and I'm just twenty-one."

"Oh, he is so beautiful!"

The woman stared at the toddler in her hands, giggling as he giggled back at her.

"How old is he now? I'm sorry, sweetie, it's just that I travel a lot and also I own an orphanage and everyone's ages gets me mixed up."

Momo giggled, waving her hand at Toushiro's aunt. "Don't be. He's a year and three months old."

Toushiro's aunt planted a large, loving kiss on her nephew's son's cheek. Saliva escaped from the corner toddler's lips, and before it fell on the woman who was currently playing with him, Momo got up and with a blue piece of cloth, she wiped it away.

"S-Sorry, he never stops drooling. I think he got the habit from me."

The woman shook her head with a smile. "Oh, don't worry. Babies will always be babies."

Momo agreed with a nod. Being a mother for the first time wasn't easy for the twenty-three year old. She remembered being inside her room with a doctor and five nurses. Her stomach was big and her body had ached for long hours. She had wondered back then what women did in life to deserve the excruciating pain of labor.

However, after the worse part of child-bearing had been over, everything had ceased once her son was placed in her hands. Toushiro had been with her the whole time and had witnessed the birth of his son. For hours, they had stared, cradled, kissed, and talked to their first child.

"That's good. Usually, people just leave their children with their nurses and then all of the sudden, something happens and their children are abducted or even killed. You know that no one is a fan of their own monarchy and will do anything to kick them out of power."

Momo frowned, though knowing that it was true. She heard about people not being fond of her husband as king of Lubia, and she knew that some would cross the line to get him out of the throne.

"It's a good thing for you and Toushiro to stick around your child at all times. Even the nurses here aren't too trustworthy. But, don't think too negative either. Try to think positive so you don't get too overprotected."

Momo nodded, mentally noting everything down. She was grateful that her husband's aunt had come to visit her. She reminded her so much of her mother.

The woman sat down beside Momo and placed the child on the floor, and he suddenly began to walk around the guest room.

"I haven't told Toushiro, in fact I haven't seen him yet, but my husband and I are holding a bridal shower for my younger sister. It starts at six-thirty and ends after midnight."

She gave Momo her invitation, which was a large pick-colored card decorated with glittering gray letters and pictures. Inside the card was Toushiro and Momo's names.

"You haven't partied ever since Kouichi was born. You and Toushiro need to come and enjoy yourselves. Being a parent is stressful."

"I'll talk to Toushiro when he comes home, but I'm sure that we'll go. We both need a break."

The aunt chuckled, rustling Momo's hair if she was her own child.

"I'm glad Toushiro dumped that other woman…um…Anlera? No, it was something like Angera? Hm, no, I think it was Anglarera…or was it-"

"Angora," Momo finished for her.

The aunt looked at her and giggled. "That's right, Angora. I remember the first day I met her. She was beautiful and had an amazing body. Every guy was jealous of your husband. I was even jealous of her. She was strikingly beautiful. But her attitude was repugnant! She was all nice and smiley with us, but to the rest of the world, she was a real bitch. For some reason, Toushiro never noticed this…but I did, and so did a few other people. By the way, what happened to her? Last time I saw her, she was babbling about her wedding with my nephew. I really need to catch up with the family."

Momo hesitated for a second, recalling everything that had happened. The aunt already knew about her being a slave before even meeting Toushiro, and while a few of Toushiro's relatives were bothered with this, his aunt was the most supportive of Momo.

"Well, after Toushiro and I met, you know, when I was a slave….Angora started getting a bit ill…she began losing her hair for some reason and it's still unknown what made her do that. She also lost a lot of weight and became pale. Last time Toushiro and I saw her, she was in the forest and we left her there….She really caused a lot of trouble and she caused the death of my sister and Toushiro's grandfather."

The woman's eyes widened as she remembered one of her brothers telling her. "I remember when I heard about my father being murdered by her, but I didn't hear the full story. I hope he's resting in peace, but maybe he learned his lesson. My father was a womanizer and had prostitutes over at the palace. I'm glad this palace is new with a fresh start. The old one holds a lot of bad memories."

Momo agreed to that. Kouichi walked towards his mother with his hands up high. Momo carried her son on to her lap and brushed his chestnut colored hair with her fingers.

"I'm just glad everything's over…."

Momo finished applying her makeup, looking at herself one more time before heading out. Leane carried Kouichi on her arms as she looked at her.

"You look lovely, Momo."

"Thanks. I haven't dressed this nice ever since Kouichi was born. Hm, motherhood can really bring a woman down."

Momo walked over to her son and gave him a long, motherly kiss on his cheek, leaving a red imprint of her lipstick there.

"Be a good boy. It's past his bedtime, Leana, do your best on making him go to sleep. For some reason, putting him to bed is always a problem. Try to tell him a story or something."

Leana smiled. "Don't worry, Momo, I'll do my best."

"Great. In case of anything, call one of nurses for help." Momo turned her attention to her son, "Goodnight, my little angel."

She waved at her son, watching him wave back, as she opened the door and found Toushiro waiting for her. He stared at her outfit and then at his son, giving him a wink. Kouichi laughed as he clapped his small little hands.

"Stop teaching your son how to be a pervert and let's go. We're an hour late."

Toushiro glanced once again at his son and then grabbed his wife's hand. "Alright, let's go."

They headed downstairs hand in hand, and too painful to watch, Leana closed the door and placed Kouichi inside his crib. She looked outside the window and saw the couple getting inside the Rolls Royce Silver Ghost vehicle. Toushiro helped Momo get in as two guards sat in the front. The driver drove the vehicle towards a road which was secluded from the main streets of Lubia.

"Your mother looks so beautiful tonight." Leana said with a bright smile as she turned and looked at the one-year-old. "You're mother is so beautiful…I wish she understood me and loved me back."

A laughed escaped her lips as she noticed the boy's blank expression. Although he had no physical appearance of his father, he still looked so much like him.

"Well, I guess I should start putting you to sleep. What story should I tell you then?"

Leana placed her finger on her chin, thinking. She didn't want to tell him a fairy tale , since they were mostly for girls; and Momo had told him almost every supernatural, superhero stories out there. Confused, Leana looked at Kouichi and suddenly grinned.

"I know! I'll tell you the story about how your parents met!"

Kouichi grabbed the toy in his crib and began playing with it, not paying too much heed to his babysitter. Leana sat on the floor, crossing her legs and looking up at the toddler.

"Your mother was a slave before she met your father. He was my cousin's fiancé. My cousin was Angora Long. She and your father were going out for some time. I barely knew her though, but before she passed away, she told me everything that had occurred when she was in the hospital."

"Momo's old master had died, and since there were only about twenty slaves, I believe, those twenty were sold to the Hitsugaya clan. A few years ago, there were no kings and queens, just a ruler, and Toushiro's grandfather was the ruler. Momo and the other slaves were sold to the Hitsugaya family and they were given special assignments. One of the slaves was Angora's personal slave, and that slave did whatever Angora had asked for. Momo had become Toushiro's personal slave, and Angora didn't like this at all."

"However, in the meantime, Angora had been unfaithful to him with his grandfather and Xavier, chief of guards from the old palace. But, Angora wasn't the only unfaithful one! Toushiro had started his secret relationship with Momo as well, and Angora had known this."

"After having sex with his grandfather, she had gotten angry at him and had assassinated him. She didn't tell me what she did with the body, but I know that she somehow got rid of it. Days later, during a party, Momo had seen her sister, your aunt, Kouichi. Kimiyo was engaged with Prince Dai, and she, like Momo, had been a slave before. It's funny though, how Kimiyo and Angora were close friends, but that ended once Kimiyo decided to bring Momo to her country and release her from slavery. My cousin had been very angry because she knew that Toushiro would easily dump her and go for Momo, and Toushiro had not liked it either because Kimiyo had prohibited him from getting too close to Momo. She hadn't really told him that, but your father knew by the glares she had given him."

Kouichi laid down on his crib, grabbing his toy and putting it in his mouth. Leana looked at him and smiled.

"Well, your mother began living with your aunt, and that night, Angora had sent Xavier to murder Kimiyo, and he did. After he did, he carved your mother's name on her body, and some people thought that it was to frame Momo…but it was actually a warning; it was a warning that Momo was next to die. But, people thought that it was Momo who had killed your aunt and they had taken her to trial. Prince Dai had been pissed, and he wanted to kill Momo himself. Because of his fiancée's lose, he became a bit mentally ill and then stated that if Momo becomes his wife, then he wouldn't kill her….and this rose a lot of attention. People were asking him 'Dai, why do you want to marry the murderer of your beloved fiancée?' and he just responded 'Because I love her'."

"People were really confused, but since he was prince, they couldn't change his opinion. However, before Dai even got to kiss his bride, Toushiro had helped Momo escaped and come back to Lubia. He had hid your mother inside his home: a large wooden deserted house. While your mother had stayed there and your father was filling documents out to abolish the slave law, my cousin got some weird illness. She became disgustingly thin and pale, and her hair had started to come out. I remember when I had visited her in the hospital, she was bald. I felt bad for her. Before, she was a gorgeous woman with fantastic features, and then….she turned the opposite. I felt sorry for her."

Leana looked at the child and saw his eyes half closed.

"Well, once the slave law had been abolished, Toushiro had dropped his engagement with my cousin and had quickly gotten engaged with your mother. My cousin had been so angry that she had disappeared from their lives. She had killed Xavier, and after she did, her illness had gotten worse. Her skin had begun to bruise easily and she would go blind for a few minutes. I remember her laying outside my house and mother had taken her inside. My mother had a complex recipe that cured people from their illnesses, but when she had noticed that Angora was more than just ill, she had taken her to the hospital."

Leana sighed and stared at the ceiling, listening to the soft snores of the sleeping baby.

"Angora knew that she was going to die, but she didn't want to die naturally. Before she committed suicide, she wrote me a note and left it on top of a table where it was visible. I knew she had cried when she had written the note….Angora loved life and didn't want to let go of it… But since she felt hopeless, ill, and depressed, she had told herself that her only cure was to end it all…and she did. In the middle of the night, when nurses and doctors aren't there…and if they are, they're sleeping somewhere…she sneaked out of her room and climbed to the highest floor of the hospital, the fifth floor. She had opened one of the windows and had jumped out….and when I got to the hospital the next day, I just saw the nurses and a few doctors outside, covering her body with a white blanket and cleaning the blood that had stained the ground. A nurse had looked at me with a frown on her face, and that's when I had known that Angora had taken her own life…"

Leana looked down at Kouichi and saw him asleep, his thumb a few centimeters away from touching his slightly opened mouth. She grabbed his blanket and spread it on top of him.

Shutting off the lights, she walked out of the couple's room and towards hers. Remembering her cousin's death had brought tears to her eyes. She didn't blame Momo for Angora acting the way she did; she blamed Toushiro.

She recalled the day he almost kicked her out of the palace, but because of Momo, she had stayed. Leana was grateful that Momo had convinced her angered husband, but she knew that she was to blame for causing him to react such way.

She recalled Momo, two months pregnant, taking a small bath during the hot summer. The queen had fallen asleep in the tub, and Leana had been controlled by her urges. She had touched and kissed the sleeping woman. Leana remembered how soft her skin was, but as soon as she started kissing her lips, Momo had woken up. She had immediately flinched and apologized to her, and Momo had look disgusted…

Leana had explained to Momo that she had been sorry and that that would never occur again, and to her relief, Momo had forgiven her an hour later.

But, the trouble started when Momo had told her husband this…and he had been furious.

Leana remembered him knocking on her door loudly and telling her to leave the palace, but Momo had stopped him…

"…And he still does not like me…" Leana told herself, but she didn't care.

She hates Toushiro.

Opening the door to her room, Leana walked over to her bed lifted up the top mattress. She grabbed the white envelope and then let go of the mattress. Then, she threw herself on the bed and opened the envelope, Angora's letter falling on her chest. She grabbed the letter read it for the fifth time.


If you're reading this, then that means that I'm gone. However, just because I'm gone doesn't mean that Toushiro and Momo are going to live happily ever after. If you want me to rest in peace, I need you to fulfill my will. Do whatever it takes to become Momo's personal servant…. Make sure she's at your sight all the time. Don't take your eyes off them. Seduce Toushiro the way Momo seduced him when

Since I lost my beauty and my body feels like if it's going to break, I feel useless. I can't cut my wrists since I have no sharp objects with me, and suffocating myself won't do… So my only choice is to jump out the window…but since I'm on the first floor, I'll have to get out of my room and towards a higher floor.

Leana, don't show this to anyone! However, just promise me one thing: make sure Toushiro and Momo have a slaved love…

Leana put the letter away, hugging her pillow.

"There's a slight problem with that, cousin," she said, "I can't steal Toushiro away from Momo…I love her too much to do that…and I can't steal her away from Toushiro….it'll break her heart…and if she's sad, then I'm sad. Sorry, Angora, but I can't give her a slaved love…but I will try to win her heart for myself…Toushiro doesn't deserve a woman like her…"

Leana closed her eyes, thinking about the beautiful brunette, hearing a faint whisper sway pass her.

You disappointed me, Leana….

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