Author: Sparta

Title: Invisible man

Pairings: Sky & Bridge

Rating: R

Crossovers: N/A

Disclaimer: I don't anything, this is just my sick and twisted mind at work so enjoy

Warnings: Slash, Femslash, Male Pregnancy, Het and Attentive universe, Rape, Self-Harming, Family disowning

Chapters: 6/?

Completed: No

Timeline: After SPD


Summery: Bridge is a shy boy but this has never bothered him because he has all he ever wanted in the form of his boyfriend Sky Tate, but when a new ranger joins them to replace Jack Bridge soon finds he may have to fight to keep the man he loves.

Chapter Summery: Sky is forced to face a truth

Authors Note:

For Love

Bridge walked though the halls of SPD, but it wasn't the SPD he knew it was busted up and torn apart as if a battle had been fought in it. Bridge could sense he wasn't alone but he was confused, the stranger's Aura was familiar but it was distorted and poisoned. Walking towards the Command Centre Bridge could feel it getting stronger; forcing the great metal doors open, he entered the once familiar and safe place.

Looking round the room seemed empty so Bridge approached the Commander chair, that's when the chair span round and Bridge felt his heart stopped. Sat in the chair was Sky but it wasn't Sky, he was dressed in a blood red version of the Shadow Ranger uniform with the blade at his side. He eyed Bridge with an intrigued look that made Bridge's skin crawl, with a wicked smile Sky lent forward.

"Its been a long time Bridge" said Sky as he got up and walked over to Bridge, running his fingers across Bridges face Bridge pulled back in disgust.

"I've missed you my lover, Cruger paid dearly for letting you fall," said Sky as he let forward and kissed Bridge.

"I missed that my Queen is a beautiful, such a wonder to see but she could never live up to your beauty. I've sent her back to deal with that pest of a Ranger Omega, but she has not returned yet. Not that I care now I have you again" laughed Sky as he tightened his grip on Bridge's arm.

Bridge woke with a startled scream, Sky pulled Bridge into his arms and cradled his freaked out lover.


"I'm fine Sky I think…...I need to call Kat" said Bridge in a panic as he grabbed his clothing and raced into another room locking Sky out.

Sky was confused but he knew that Bridge would tell him what was up when he was ready, settling back into bed it wasn't long until Bridge joined him. As they got comfortable they settled into a dreamless sleep.


Thought the lecture the next Morning Bridge was unusually quite even leaving his precious toast at breakfast, so as lunch rolled round Sky was determined to talk to his lover. Walking the halls back to his room Sky's mind was with Bridge when he ran into someone.

"It's good to see you again Sky," growled a voice that Sky knew well


"Yeah, I'm fed up of playing nice. You will be mine and that freak will be a memory best forgotten," growled Lucy as he eyes flashed red as her whole demeanour changed.

The once sweet and girly woman changed into a white skinned warrior dressed in blood red robes, as she matched Sky move for move. Laughing as she put Sky down on his butt.

"How?" wheezed Sky as he watched Lucy pullout a Katana out of her robes.

"If you'd listened to your mate you would have known, I'm a Vampiranoid human one minute something else the next. We can seduced and enslave easily, well all except those with advanced power. You were my greatest capture but you never got over that thing, even after I snapped his neck. Oh well I will do it again" growled Lucy as Sky looked puzzled.

"I was sent back by Omega Ranger with my two sisters I believe you know them?" said Lucy as Morgana and Charlie joined her laughing.

"It wasn't Gruumm who lead the Troobian forces to destroy Earth, it was you Skyler" laughed Charlie as she pulled Sky to his feet.

"Lucy came back the first time a killed the freak blaming it on Cruger, in a rage to killed Gruumm and destroyed SPD. The future was great…"

"I was your queen and we ruled it all, then Omega change things, but oh well if I must then I……" suddenly a blast hit Lucy's hand, as she fell into Charlie Sky was freed. Fleeing for their lives the stranger approached Sky.

"Need a hand cutie?" asked the stranger in a ranger uniform as she offered him her hand.

"Nova behave," growled Sam as he joined her.

"Sam?" asked a confused Sky

"I'll explain but first we need to find Bridge," said Sam as Sky nodded and showed them to his room.