Chapter 1… Meet Leila

Chapter 1… Meet Leila

Leila's POV

I guess I should've seen this all coming. I mean before I met Paul my life was simple. I was a part time student attending classes for art and graphic design and I also had begun learning how to tattoo from a friend of mine. I worked part time as a secretary doing basic office work. I mean my life was mundane but safe. I was content with who and where I was.

When I met Paul I thought he would just bring in a little excitement to my life. He was charming, funny, well-mannered, and good-looking. We had met through a friend of mine at a party. The first few months of us dating went well, but then he let down his mask. When I discovered who he truly was I was already too involved to run away. He began to act like a black hole in my life, sucking everything in. Soon enough all of my time, money, and energy were sucked up by him. I began noticing he was into some drugs which turned him into a totally different person.

Soon enough he needed more money than either one of us had and he would do anything to get the money. I got to his house one day and there were men, drugs, and weapons all around. I feared my life, I wanted to leave, but they wouldn't let me. Then the cops show up.

I never believed in that whole excuse people gave 'I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.' I mean how exactly do you get caught up in such a bad situation and claim it was completely out of your control? I always found so much at fault with those excuses, but that is exactly what had happened to me. I was just minding my own business and then all of a sudden I was thrown into this big old cluster-fuck of bad circumstances.

I had two options: #1 Move here to this godforsaken little town in the middle of nowhere and make a new life for myself or #2 Stay where I was and probably get killed for what I saw. The way I see it neither choice was a pleasure cruise to me, but I didn't want to die.

Now here I am miles away from my friends, family, everything I knew. I'm expected to make a whole new life somewhere and not be able to tell them anything about my past. It's not like I was overly fond of the person I used to be I mean: I had a mediocre job making somewhat decent money, but I could do better. I had a few close friends, but I could always make new friends. I had Paul, but obviously he was easily replaceable. It was my family I would miss the most, we were a real close knit family. Although leaving my family hurt, I actually left for them. I didn't want to put them in harms way.

I made a few changes to my look so I wouldn't be recognizable to the people that wanted me dead. My dark brown hair was dyed a light blond with purple tips. My fair skin was tanned to a golden brown. Anyone that asked I was moving here to care for an elderly family member and I was originally from California. With the changes complete from here on out I am now Leila Stone.

Since joining witness protection I have been moved to Cameron, North Carolina. Although my new identity claims I was born and raised in California in reality I was born and raised in New York City. This town really doesn't have much adventure in it that I'm used to. No late night clubs and bars. No flashing lights and cameras everywhere. Just a whole lot of land. This place was bound to drive me crazy.

I'm not the type of person that is just going to sit around on my ass and complain about how life is, because there ain't a damn thing I can do to change it. So instead of wallowing in self pity I made the decision that this was an opportunity to make a better me.

The new appearance I had actually made me feel more myself than I had in a long time.

My old job had me dressed up like a monkey in a suit which hid all my tattoos, but now I didn't have to hide anything. I was finally free of the restraints that I had in my old life. Maybe this wasn't a punishment, but more of a savior.

For the next year I had an apartment to live in rent free. All of my money in bank accounts would eventually be transferred, but in the meantime I was given an allowance each week to live off of. So basically I could live job free for the next year or so, but that's just not me. So once I was settled and content for the time being with my surroundings I began looking for a new job.

Author's Note: Since I have this chapter already written and you guys have been so great to me I decided to post it to see if you even like it. Let me get your input. Also I am looking for a name and ideas on Shannon's girlfriend character. Let me know whatcha got! Thanks for all of the well wishes I am beginning to feel slightly better. Much love to all of you! xoxo Melissa