Lights come on.

Derrington, Cam, Josh, Plovert, and Kemp were sitting in the Harrington's home theater.

"Derrick, I thought you wanted to watch the Clique Movie," Cam said. Derrington was pulling the DVD out of the DVD player.

"I did until I remembered we weren't even in it," Derrington said.

"So were just gonna wait 'til the second movie to comes out," Cam knew that the first time they appear is in the sequel.

"Well me, Josh, and Kemp didn't even show up until the forth book," Plovert said.

"But we were always there. Except Hotz of course," Derrington said.

"Yeah… but they don't think we even existed in the first book," Derrick stuffed a hand full of Doritos in his mouth.

"Well maybe they should know that we actually did," Kemp said.

"So what are you saying?" Josh said.

'We should make them make a new movie," Cam said.

"Make who?" Josh asked.

"The movie people!" they all said in unison.

"So were gonna make The Clique Movie from our POV?" Plovert said.

"Exactly," Derrick left the home theater and the guys followed.


The Clique 1 ½ Coming to a computer screen near you!