This is a story about how Kate and Ziva got to know each other. It happened during the time when Ari abducted Kate, I bended the story somewhat, just go with it.

The unkown factor

Jenny called Gibbs, how was she going to bring this. It would open up old wounds, but she needed to do this. "Jethro, I have something to show you all, bring your team to MTAC"

Jenny whispered something to Ziva when she got into the room, and right after that Ziva backed up and left MTAC again. Gibbs wondered why, but left it at that.

Jenny sighed "the CIA found this in their archives, it was filmed during Kate's capture by Ari, apparentley he was a little paranoid, and filmed just about everything, like he wanted to know every move his team made".

She started the tape and the inside of a house was revealed, they saw Kate sitting there, and heard her talking to Ari. "you have just made the biggest mistake of your life, kidnapping a federal agent"

Ari just smiled "I'll be the judge of that, but so far I don't regard a single moment. Feel free to walk around, there is no where you can go so enjoy good middle eastern hospitality" They saw Kate walk around and at one point she walked outside and just sat on a chair which was located on a porch overlooking a lake. Ari joined her soon after woods and once again they engaged in a conversation.

"who is that by the lake" The team in MTAC saw Ari's face darken "that over there is empty shell of a person, she was send on a suicide mission by Mossad and she never really came back again, the mission went wrong and she got caught, when they traded her for one of their own we got her back, but they broke her, it's not really her anymore, and I cannot seem to get through to her"

Kate looked at Ari, "why go through all this trouble for her, you shot one of your own team today she meant nothing to you"

Ari looked at Kate "love" and that was all he said.

"do you think I can go up there and talk to her" Ari looked at Kate. "I don't know, she has been avoiding human contact, exept for me, but feel free to try, it's not like you have anything else to do" and once again they saw Ari´s evil grin appear. "the basterd"said Tony.

The team saw Kate walk up to the lake and when the camera angle switched they could clearly see a woman sitting there, they saw Kate sit down and softly she said "hello"

The woman didn't even turn around "laleget dereg" (go away)

"I am sorry but I don't understand what you are saying" This time the woman did turn around and the entire team held their breath, the woman was Ziva, but not the one they all had to come to know in these last two years. The Ziva on tape looked dead, eyes that were lifeless, extremely thin and a scar that just ran next to her hairline on the right side of her face. "who are you"

" I am a special agent Caitlin Todd from NCIS"

Ziva didn´t seem to care much anymore and turned away from Kate, staring out into nothingness again. Kate decided to sit next to the very small fragile looking woman. "I want to be left alone, go away"

Kate sighed "Well I want to leave but I've got no place to go, Ari is keeping me prisoner here"

Ziva shrugged her shoulders, like she couldn´t care less, and again she fell silent, she just sat there, staring into, well as far as Kate could tell into nothing. Ziva stood up and moved a view feet away from Kate, and they all could see she was in pain doing so, she could barely move, but clearly didn't want any close contact with Kate.

Kate sighed and started to get up with the intention of walking back to the house. "why did he take you" Kate turned, "I don't know, as far as I can tell, he has no motive for doing so other than to piss my boss off" Ziva turned and faced Kate "Ari always has a motive, he never does anything without a plan to back it up, so why are you here"

"I really don't know, I've been asking myself that the entire day" but meanwhile Kate knew why Ari had brought her here, she would be able to identify wich chopper was the one with the president in it, or so Ari would seem to think.

A view hours passed according to the tape when they saw Ari and Ziva in the kitchen having a very a heated argument, they were yelling at one another since the yelling was done in both Arabic and Hebrew they couldn't make any sence of it, so Jardine was brought in and the tape was backed up. Jardine told them she could translate but it wasn't very accurate due to the fact that two languages were involved. "just try" barked Gibbs.

Jardine started to translate "she is asking him what he was thinking kidnapping a federal agent, or was he not thinking at all. He is telling her not to interfere, she should stay out of this. She is pretty pissed off at him, cause this will be a problem, no law enforcement agency will let him take a federal agent without a fight, how stupid can he be" All of a sudden they saw Ziva throw glas in Ari's direction, he started laughing and walked over to Ziva giving her a hug and whispering to her "he little one, you have found your fire again"

The following day they saw Kate walked up to Ziva at the lake again, and again it was Kate that did most of the talking, and Ziva did all of the staring into ………………