The Biju Biju Fruit

The Movie

Alien-Child: Hi guys, this story is based on Emma Iveli who created the One Piece-Naruto crossover, and thanks to her, we've got one of one of the most kick ass story on this site! And this is for her and all the fans of the series, what if the first One Piece movie was adapted as well. Hope you guys will enjoy it! Note that this movie took place between the Kuro Arc and the Don Krieg Arc.

PS: Because I can't find English subs of the movie or a script yet, so don't expect word-for-word, I'll try my best to remember the lines and understand the scenes, but still will be a great story!


Unwanted Guest

Years ago in the East Blue, a man known as Great Gold Pirate Woonan, who has obtained a third of the world's gold. Over the course of the years, his existence has faded, and legend claims his treasure is hidden on a deserted island, an island many pirates have search before.

A wind blows through the open sea of East Blue pushing a caravel design ship with a Sheep's head at the point and a sail with red-white stripes. The most unique about the ship (Besides the sheep's head) was the Jolly Roger, a skull and cross bones wearing a straw hat. Indeed, this was a pirate ship belonging to the Straw Hat Pirates.

"So hungry!" Luffy groan as he, his brother Naruto, first mate Zoro along with Kiba and his dog Akamaru all lie on the poop deck having their stomach growl from hunger.

"Idiots!" Sasuke muttered as he walked past them, not wanting to admit he's hungry too.

Before the hungry crew, the two females members stare out into the open sea.

"Something on your mind?" Sakura asked the older girl.

"Ever heard of Great Gold Pirates Woonan?" Nami asked, "A pirate who is now a memory, but left behind a third of the world's treasure on a island."

"Should have known this had to do with gold." Sakura smirks as she watch Nami looked through some binoculars.

"EH?!" She shouted as she stared into a pair of eyes, and she put the binoculars away to stare into the face of Luffy.

"What you looking for Nami?"

"Luffy, what are you doing?" Nami screamed as she grabs her captain and tossed him around like a rag dog making Sakura sighed.

"I'VE GOT SOMETHING! AND IT'S BIG!" Usopp shouted as he was fishing for food brining in attention from the girls, Luffy, Naruto and Usopp's brother Kiba and Akamaru. "HERE IT COMES!" The ships' sniper made a big tug pulling in the line as it carried a bottle that fell onto the ship.

"That's you big fish bro?" Kiba joked as he and Akamaru burst into laughter.

"That's not food…" Naruto groan.

"What was your first guess Kit?" Kyubi sneered in the boy's mind.

"Well, time to try again!" Usopp said as he went back into dancing to try to catch a fish.

"Like that would help!" Kiba said rolling his eyes.

"Would you hurry up and catch something! I'm starving!" Zoro growled, not bothering to get up.

"Couldn't agree with you more." Sasuke said.

"Argh! Can't take more of this!" Nami growls as she walks back and forth, "We're starving and we have no food, and it's all you two fault!" Nami shouted pointing to Luffy and Naruto.

"Hey, we'll take care of it!" The D brothers shouted as they made a peace sign.

"You idiots!" Sakura and Nami shouted in unison, and unknown to the crew, on the side of the ship, three strangely dressed men were climbing aboard the ship.

"Argh, this ship is full of imbeciles!" Sakura shouted as she and Nami walked away from the rest of the crew as they all fought over a barrel full of bait, wiether they should eat it or use it to catch fish.

"I agree, they-WHAT?!" Both girls stop in their tracks to see the three men before them holding big sacks, "WHO ARE YOU!"

"Oh hello ladies," The middle one said as they all bowed, "We'll be leaving now, Good bye!" He said as the three jumped overboard.

"Everyone, we've got robbed!" Sakura shouted.

"Uh?" The guys said as they looked up.

"Hey guys, help yourselves!" A thief shouted as he tosses a small bag open and a batch of Origiris tossed out making all the men (Even Sasuke) smile with drool.

"FOOD!" Kiba said as he and the other eat it.

"Delicious!" Zoro exclaimed.

"YOU GUYS ARE MORONS!" Kyuubi shouted, but Naruto was the only person who can hear him, and he's not listening.

"YOU GUYS ARE MORONS!" Nami and Sakura shouted in unison.

"Beauty and brains!" Kyuubi said.

"Ok kid, get us out of here!" The leader of the trio said.

"Fine!" The kid inside the ship growled as he spun the helm making the boat move.

"Hey guys!" Luffy shouted from the Going Merry, "Thanks for the foo-" Before Luffy could finish, one of the thieves shot him in the forehead making him stumble backwards. But of course, his crew wasn't worried due to his Devil Fruit powers as the bullet bounce off. "HEY NAMI! SAKURA, THEY'RE BAD GUYS!"

"WELL DUH!" Sakura and Nami and even Kyuubi shouted in unison.

"Hey you jerkwads, how dare you shot my brother like that!"

"Yeah, what's the big idea?" The two shouted as they ran to the side of the deck, freaking the trio.

"I-I-just shot him, didn't I?" The leader said.

"THEN LET'S SHOOT HIM AGAIN!" Another shouted, and the trio went through a giant crate full of pistols as they tried to shoot Luffy but the bullets just bounce off him or they missed and hit the ship.

"These guys are pissing me off, want to finish them?" Naruto asked and his brother smirked as they went to a lower part of the ship, and Luffy stretch his arm and grabbed the other ship's mast, as for Naruto, he made five copies of himself.

"Did he just stretch?"

"Did he just split into six?"

"Are we going to die?" All three thieves asked.

"Gumo Gumo Rocket!" Luffy shouted as let his stretched pull him towards the boat with the Naruto copies grabbing on.

"SHOOT!" A thief shouted, and they fired their bullets at Luffy, but still nothing. As they expected the seven to crash into them, it didn't as they all smashed into the mash and the cabin breaking it apart.

"WHAT?!" The three shouted as they looked up and saw the top part of the mast begin to fall right on top of them. They tried to run, but were too slow as it fell on them.

And during this, the rest of the crew watch with sweet drops.

"A moronic duo!" Sasuke said as he eats his Onigiri.

Back on the small ship, the trio got themselves out from under the mast, but they weren't the only ones getting out of the rubble, as the D brothers got out from under the smash cabin freaking the trio into a huddle.

"Guess I must of miscalculated!" Luffy stated.

"Yeah well, you can calculate, that's the problem!" Kyuubi laughed.

"He can't hear you!" Naruto thought.

"Yeah, but that won't stop me!" Kyuubi replied.

"What the hell are you two?" One of the thieves cried, "When EL Draga finds out about this, you'll be sorry!"

"El Drago? Who's that?" Luffy asked, and suddenly the two heard a crying sound and the brothers looked by their feet to see a small boy half buried under the rubble.

"I don't weither I should yell at you for being so stupid to hurt a kid, or to laugh my ass off." Kyuubi said, "Ah, Nami will do the former, so I'll laugh, HAHAHAHA!"

"Shut up!" Naruto barked back.

"Luffy, Naruto, look at that!" Zoro shouted as he pointed down the waters where a large ship was sailing towards them. And on board, a giant man was at the poop deck.


"He can't be going to do it is he?"

"We better run away!" The three thieves grabbed their loot and dove into the water.

"Kit, I sense a real big Devil Fruit power from there!" Kyuubi stated.

And on the big ship, the man lifted his arms as he charge with golden energy, and he blasted a white beam from his mouth. Making every mouth wide open and the attack as it blew up the small boat and made a giant wave rocking the Going Merry back along with it's crew, but Zoro and Sakura jumped off as they dove towards the smaller boat.

To Be Continued

Alien-Child: That was the first part hope you guys liked it. I'll try to post the next part soon, see ya guys around!