The Biju Biju Fruit

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The Treasure Is At The Castle?

"WHOA!" Usopp and El Drago's pirates lowered their jaws in amazement at the large stone whale that stands before. The only ones not impressed, was Kiba and Akamaru.

"It's just a statue...jeez!" He sighed in his mind.

"" Usopp muttered.

"It's a whale, right?" El Drago replied.

"If the whale faces to the east..." Usopp, Kiba and the pirates said as they turn to the direction the whale was facing, "The tail points to the east..." And they turn to the opposite direction.

"Then that means the treasure is..." Usopp muttered, "WHOA! THAT'S IT!"

"I can't believe it..." Kiba said with a jaw-dropped as he and the pirates stare out over the forest, at a small castle in the trees, "You got it right!"

"Shut up!" Usopp groans.

"TOBIO!" Luffy shouted as the chained four chased after the young boy through the forest, who stops. Once accidently went past him, he turned around, making Zoro and the others hit their heads on a tree. "My hat!" Luffy aid, ignoring the grunts of the others, and the young boy places the straw-clothing on Luffy's head. "GREAT! Let's go back to the ship guys...Guys? You sleeping?" He loosk behind him and sees the three all out-cold. "Man..."

"You guys..."


"To join Woonan's Crew...I have to be strong, right?"


"I don't think I'm strong..."

"Then just become strong."


"IMe and my brother have our ambitions!" Luffy said with a smirk, "And you have yours! In that case, you should keep walking forward for your goal!"

"You..." Tobio muttered, with disbelief and then scowled with a whisper, "What a simpleton..."

"SEE YA!" Luffy said, not hearing the boy as he walks past him dragging his crew. "OH!" Luffy grunted as he stopped, and that made the end of the chain whip back by the forc,e and hit Zoro and Sakura in the head, knocking them deeper to sleep."The coast...which way is it?"

"HEY KYUBI!" Naruto shouted, as he was within his mind, staring at the caged demon, "What's the big idea keeping me here for?"

"Meh..just a little chat!"

"What else?" Naruto muttered, "The only times you ever keep me here is for a chat or want to keep me locked up from the fun! I bet if you were inside a female, you'd keep her here forever!"

"Well, you have been in a girl's form a couple times before-"


"And I don't regret it!" He said with his toothy smirk, "Anyway Kit, the reason I called you, is because that Devil Fruit who attacked us earlier is getting closer!"

" that all?" Naruto shrugged, "Jeez, why didn't you just tell me outside! Sides, me and Bro would like to get back at that guy!"

"That doesn't surprise me...look Kit, just don't make a fool of yourselves! You can beat him, yes...but try to use your heads, and not all that power stuff, or you die and I so do I. And history will know that I died because of some idiot kid!"


"Don't be a fool kit..."

"So...tell me are we rescuing them, or following them to get to the treasure first?" Sasuke asked as he followed Nami.

"Uh...why you asked?" She gave an evil smile, but then look at the path, and signalled Sasuke to hush as the hide, when El Drago and his crew walked past.

"Hurry up and keep walking!" The suited pirate shouted to Usopp as he pushed him forward.

"Bro, do what they say!" Kiba scolded, as he walked with Akamaru on his shoulder.

"I got it already!" Usopp replied.

Seeing the scene, Nami and Sasuke sighed as they walked off.

"I'm pretty sure the gold is somewhere around the castle we just saw!" The suit pirate stated.

'Gee, what gave you that clue!' Kiba rolled his eyes, as he keep the comment to himself.

"The problem is," The pirate continued, "Where is the castle?"

"No problem, these guys know, right?" The Disco pirate smirked as he pointed to the brothers and their dog, making the elder one gasp and Kiba and Akamaru galre daggers a him.

"Of course we know! We were close friends, right Kiba?" Usopp lied.

"Friends?" Kiba quoted, in confusion, and then he and Akamaru under stood, and had their eyes wide.

"What, with Woonan?" The Disco Pirate asked in shock, and the whole crew stopped as Usopp stood before the crowed.

"THAT'S RIGHT!" Usopp nodded, "If you guys do anything to us, Woonan's crew would take you down! Right Kiba?"

"Uh...sure...whatever you say..." Kiba replied nervously, 'You're pushing it bro!'

This made El Drago and his men laugh at such a lie, and the Brothers cringed.

"Woonan's Nakama are no longer a part of this world." El Drago stated.

"What does that mean?" Usopp gulped.

"Exactly what he says..." Kiba slaps himself in the face.

And the entire crew smiled as the Suited Pirate answered Usopp. "It means we took care of them already, with our own hands!"

"You guys choke them?" Kiba asked.

"I didn't ment that literally, but yes, we did choke some...and shot a few..."

"What did you guys said?!" Usopp shouted in shock.

"The map was found on the last person we killed," The fat pirate said, "The map showed the island which Woonan's gold is kept!"

"Since they're not here anymore, it's only natural for us to take the gold!" The suited-pirate said.

"IT'S NOT US!" El Drago roared, shocking his crew, as he raised his golden-tipped claws, "The gold...IS MINE!"

"That's right, the gold belongs to EL DRAGO-SAMA!" The pirate said as he and the crew cheered, and during this The trio tried to escape, but they weren't so lucky.

"Where you going?" Golass asked, and the brothers cringed, as the whole crew turned to face them.

"Trying to escape?" El Drago asked as his pirate trio stepped towards them.

"No...I just need the toilet!" Usopp whispered.

"Yeah...and so does Akamaru!" Kiba lied, "And I...have to scoop after!"

"Arf, arf!"

"Yeah, holding your bladder is never a good thing!" Usopp stated.

"This guy is very suspicious!" A pirate said, as the rest of the crew gathered closer to the Straw Hats.

"Do you guys really know where the gold is?" another pirate asked.

"Uh...I'm really too young to remember," Kiba lied as he pointed to Usopp, "Why don't you asked my OLDER brother?"

"Gee, thanks Kiba," Usopp nervously smirked as he turn to the pirates, "Guys, do I seem like the person who would like to you?"

"(Well, you remind me of that fairy dummy with a long nose...)" Akamaru barked.

"I'm a very trust worthy person!" Usopp stated.

"Oh really?" A pirate asked cock-eyed.

"Of course, that goes without saying!" Usopp smiled, "I never told a single lie since I was born!" This nearly made Akamaru and Kiba burst into fits of laughter, but in order to stay alive, they had to hold it in, and as for the crew...the didn't seem to bought it as Usopp look away and whispered to Kiba, "Crap...we have to think of something fast!"

"What do you mean 'We'? I they kill me, I'm going to kill you before I'm dead!"

"EL DRAGO-SAMA!" a pirate hollered, and everyone turn around to see a pirate point down the path, to a pile of rocks, "What shall we do? The road is block!"

"Hey, hey...are you serious?" A pirate sighed, "We came all this way and now we have to change routes?"

"Don't worry..." El Drago smiled as he eyed his mercenary, and flipped him gold coins, "GOLASS!"

Golass look at the four gold pieces in his hand, and smiled as he reachess for his large blade as he approaches the dirt, "Get out of my way!" Golass commanded the rest of the crew, and they did so.

"Wh-what?" Usopp gulped, trying to figure out what's going on.

"Why do I have the feeling we're not going to like this?" Kiba asked, and Akamaru nodded in agreement.

Golass held his sword tightly, and he swung it hard at the pile of rocks, and soon it was blown away, having a large dust cloud rise. Soon, it blew away and the Native Mercenary smirked at what destruction he caused, as a giant ditch was where the pile was, and it seemed to go on for miles with no finish.

"That was a piece of cake for Golass," El Drago smirked with his crew, as the Straw Hats had their jaws dropped at such power.

"How adept!" The disco pirate agreed, and while this happened, Usopp couldn't muttered a word, as even his nose was shaking in fear, and Akamaru whimpered near Kiba.

'Damn...' Kiba muttered in his thoughts, 'There's no way any of us can get out alive with a guy that strong...atleast not alone...for now we have to play on their good side.'