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Harry woke to the sounds of laughter in the next room over. He smiled and cuddled more into his pillow. Alyssa and her friends were watching a holo-vid by the sounds of it. After a second he sat up and slid his glasses on. Padding quietly across the room, he knocked.

"Enter." Al looked concerned when he walked in. "Did we wake you?"

He shrugged, "I was almost awake anyway." He let out a small oof as Ari pulled him into an enthusiastic hug. He put up with it for a minute and then gasped out, "Air!"

Al and Ny laughed. Al leaned back against her couch. "You're both brats. Want breakfast, kiddo?"

He nodded and Al pressed a nearby button to order food from the kitchens. "After we eat, we're going shopping again." She smiled at the curious look on his face. "You need more than just furniture, munchkin. We need to get you clothes, too."

He frowned, "But you've already given me clothes."

Ny laughed. "Three changes does not a wardrobe make. You need more than that. Besides, we have a concert to sneak out to tonight and you need to blend in."

Harry blinked. "A concert?"

It didn't take long for the three friends to lead Harry into a less-than-reputable shopping district. There wasn't anything really seedy about the area, but it wasn't exactly flooded with designer wear and the Emperor would definitely not approve. He really wouldn't like the black leather dress that Al was eyeing in a window before walking into the store.

Harry looked up at the sign – The Chaos Crib – before following her in and hastily reminding himself to close his mouth. The store was split into quarters. The front left and right quarter were devoted to rock bands and leather gear. The back left seemed to have a large number of costumes and the back right was filled with adult sized baby gear. Scattered throughout were displays holding everything from hair color to videos of a questionable nature.

A woman in a black catsuit greeted Al with a hug. Seconds later, Ari flew across the room into her arms with a hell. "Katie!... I misseys you!"

Al rolled her eyes at Ari's improper speech and shared a smile with Ny. "Katie, Harry here needs a complete wardrobe." She smirked at the whiny noise coming from the pink-clad brat. "And, I suppose Ari can have one outfit as well."

Katie laughed as Ari did a little victory dance that consisted mainly of jumping around happily. None of them bothered to comment on how her skirt kept flying up to reveal the nappie underneath. Ari wouldn't care and they were used to it. Katie turned to Harry. "So, I guess that you don't want babydoll dresses, right?"

Harry turned a little pink. "No, ma'am."

Katie chuckled as she led him towards the rock section. "Has anyone every told you that you're a cute kid? So, I guess Al's taking you to the Punk Wok's concert tonight." She played with his hair. "Have you ever considered changing the color?"

Meanwhile, Ny and Al were looking through a rack of leather. "Al, what are you going to do with him? I mean, he's cute and all, but you and a kid?"

Al laughed. "He's Lily's kid, Ny. I'm keeping him." She batted her eyelashes. "I'll feed him and walk him and…" She laughed. "So much for pulling that off with a straight face. Seriously, he is not going anywhere and if father thinks he can ship him off to boarding school he is out of his damn mind."

Ny grinned. "As long as you're sure."

In less than an hour, Harry was the proud owner of more T-shirts and jeans than even Dudley owned. He was also the proud owner of a vial of nanites – which Al had advised were small machines – and the control wand to make it change his hair color to a deep green with silver streaks. Alyssa had emphasized the joy of this particular method, since it was reversible in seconds and could be reapplied in the same amount of time.

Now, they were moving into the more fashionable shopping districts to get his "court and formal" wardrobe. Harry couldn't take it all in. Two days ago, he was sleeping in a cupboard and hoping that the Dursleys would feed him. Today, he was watching his new guardian spend more money than he'd ever seen on him.

He was having a difficult time silencing the voice that said a FREAK didn't deserve this kind of treatment.

Harry stared around him in shock as Alyssa greeted friend after friend. They were in a medium sized nightclub called "The Inferno." From what he'd been able to gather, the older blonde guy in what looked like military surplus was the owner. Al had introduced him as Cid and was now trying to talk him into resurrecting his band, "The Dread Senators."

Off to his left, Ny was flirting with someone who had wires and computer parts attached all over him. She kept calling him 'Cipher,' but Harry was sure that wasn't his real name. Cipher was prattling on about cracking some code or other. After the fifth attempt to change the subject, Ny excused herself and headed for the bar.

Meanwhile, Ari was surrounded by men who seemed to like her outfit. Harry wasn't sure why, but they gave him the creeps… None of them seemed to notice that her smile was predatory. Maybe they hadn't seen that edge before, but Harry had. He usually saw it right before Uncle Vernon attacked him.

One girl nearby in what was clearly brand new clothing tossed her hair over her shoulder and said something to her friends. Harry didn't quite catch what she said about Ari, but the word 'Freak' was clearly audible. He nearly fell over as a pink blur shot past him and landed on the girl. Ari was growling and silvery claws were extending out of each finger.

Al walked over and pulled Harry to his feet and then out of sight of Ari. She was flipping open a communicator as she walked with him. "You don't need to watch that, kiddo." She dialed the communicator. "This is Alyssa. I need a cleanup team at The Inferno… Some idiot called Ari the F-word… Yeah, I know. I'll tell her mother, you handle the corpse."

Harry blinked as Al turned off the communicator. "Corpse?"

Al nodded. "As a member of Imperial Intelligence, Ari has the right to kill as she sees fit. Every now and then, she uses it in a bit of an unprofessional manner. Other than that, she is a good officer."

Harry looked horrified. "So she gets away with murder?"

Al leveled a look at him. "She does. Her mind is that of an amoral child, Harry. She trusts us to look out for her, and every person here knows better than to insult her." She shook her head. "Her mother is the Intel Director, if Ari didn't kill them… Ysanne would do something far worse."

Harry nodded after a second, and Al picked a cherry up off the bar. "Aaarrriiii….. Cheeeerrrriiieeesss!"

The now pink and blood red blur came running and grabbed the cherry out of Al's hand before moving on to the whole container. All the while manically muttering, "Cherries…sweet…tasty…yum…."

Al shrugged. "Well, she is a quarter vengeance demon."

Dumbledore stood in the chalk circle with a map of the country. He chanted and tried not to cough from the irritation the incense smoke caused. Carefully, he raised a strand of Harry's hair. He watched as it liquefied and swirled in the air. He kept chanting as it circled over the map.

When it hit the ground with a splat, he frowned. Perhaps he needed a map of the world instead?

He grabbed a world map and placed it at his feet. He pulled another strand out of his dwindling supply of hair and repeated the process. This time, the liquid hair splatted in his beard.

The spell was supposedly foolproof, but Dumbledore was fairly certain that the Potter brat wasn't hiding there.

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