Just a silly thing that popped into my mind. Enjoy!

There it was, right in front of him. He could press it if he just reached out with his hand. His fingers tingled and he opened and closed his hands in anticipation.

What would it do? Open a door? A passageway? Activate a mechanism of any sorts?

Maybe it was a panic button... or it called a butler? Room service?

So many possibilities... The voice in his head screamed to press it. Find out what it is for! Make a huge, magnificent discovery and impress Rose with it... Go on! Go on!

It was red. A big and glowing red button in the middle of a white room. On a white column. It had to be important. But the sign... It said not to press it... to leave it alone. But it stared at him, challenged him.

What should he do?

Rose said, he should leave it alone... She went back to the TARDIS to get her jacket. It was cold in here... that was what she said...

Now, it laughed. Called him a coward... he wasn't a coward!

His hand reached out... but he stopped. Just above it. They set the TARDIS on 'random'... This could be anywhere... What, if something happened? Something bad?

But why should it? Surely, who ever built this would have used a more detailed warning than 'Do Not Press' if that was the case. Maybe it was forbidden? A button to call the locals' God or something?

Would it impress Rose if he called a God? He was often called a God... Even Rose was known as a Goddess in some systems... But, a real one? Would that impress her?

Rubbish! There were no real Gods or Goddesses... only creatures with special abilities!

Or... were there?

His fingers tingled. Just a few inches and the mystery would be solved. How dangerous could it be? Pressing a button? Buttons are meant to be pressed... especially red ones... Buttons which are challenging and calling him names.

It wasn't like it would destroy the whole planet or something...

He just had to-


Rose's voice took him by surprise. He turned around and feigned innocence, while leaning coolly on the column. Wait... on the column?

"Oh, !"


The Doctor ran on the fluffy ground. His pursuer was close behind him, threatening him with her golden weapon. He apologised... even begged but that wasn't enough. She wanted to kill him... and since he... they... were already dead, that could take a long and painful time.

"Rose, please! I'm sorry, really! It was an accident... even he forgave me." He had been quite surprised that pressing the button really did get him to meet a God... though, he would have thought that God came to him and not like the other way around. "A button to destroy the universe... That's silly, really. Who gets an idea like that? Weeell, there is this one scientist who would have loved to build it, but other than him..."

Rose growled and sped up her pace, wings flapping angrily in the wind. The Doctor gulped. "Look... I even found us a nice fluffy cloud! Alright... we had to get a mortgage, but it doesn't have doors or carpets or windows... isn't that great?" She threw her halo at him. He barely managed to dodge. "Oi, be careful with that! Without it, you won't be able to enjoy the benefits of Heaven. And anyway, what ever happened to 'stuck with you, that's not so bad'?"

Her harp hit him in the face and he fell flat on his white wings. While seeing angels flying around his head, he only had one thought: Afterlife sucks!