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Chapter 20

"Ready, one, two, three," She said as they all apparated together towards their destination.

Outside of a manor in the country soft pops were heard as the night shifted to reveal 50 figures clad dark, blood red robes. Selesta had arrived first and stood looking at the home of Albus Dumbledore's family. She sneered at the house thinking about Dumbledore and all that he had put her through as the rest of her men apparated into position behind her.

"Listen up, first we need to lock down all forms of travel in and out of this place, anti-apparation, anti-portkey, anti-floo if they can use it, I want it locked down."

"I don't want any of these Dumbledore weaklings to get away, understood!?" Selesta said in a commanding voice.

"Yes, your majesty," was the response she got back. All of these men were loyal and she suspected that Eline had picked them in order for her to see their skills in action. Selesta appreciated that because she had never seen any of these men in a fight and wanted to see how they would handle themselves in a real fight.

A team broke off of the main group and started locking down the house. Selesta started handing out assignments to the men.

"Each team will consist of 5 people, Dimitri, Straza you will take your teams and clear the third floor. Shwartz and Lenka will clear the first floor. Finally Weinerov and Oscar will clear the first floor. Remember let's make this event memorable for Dumbledore!" She said with a huge smirk on her face.

The team that had broken off of the main group returned and said "all ready majesty, there will be no getaways from those sheep."

"Marvelous, you five will stay with me," She said taking into account the amount of power it must have taken to raise the wards required to keep the rats inside of their comfortable trap.

She turned to the rest of the teams and said, "go get 'em".

Smiles formed on the mens faces as they paused and then took off running like children towards a playground. The playground being the manor they had just buttoned up. The remaining fifteen men were assigned to watch the entire perimeter just in case someone decided to drop by unannounced.

"How do you feel?" She asked the five men that raised the barriers.

"Tired but fine, my lady," they answered.

"Do not worry about us, we are just out of practice and we tire easily right now. Don't worry though, we'll be back in shape in no time," they all said with a smile.

The sound of an explosion reached their ears as they turned to look at the manor as the front door was blasted away by a very enthusiastic Dimitri who cackled the entire time as he and the rest of the men flooded into the manor. Soon after the distinct sound of spell fire could be heard as well as the frightened screams from the family inside. Loud explosion and screams of pain could be heard until finally Dimitri walked out of the manor with an extremely satisfied look on his face. Behind him came the Dumbledore family being dragged outside. As soon as everyone was clear of the house Shwartz turned and in Bella Lestrange fashion pointed his wand and yelled Fiendfire setting the manor on fire gleefully.

The family was dragged in front of her and forced to their knees.

"Well, well the family of the great Albus Dumbledore," Selesta said with a sneer staring down at them.

"Why are you doing this, monster," yelled the woman.

"What's your name?" Selesta asked ignoring the name calling.

"My name is Vera and when my grandfather finds out about this you'll regret it," the woman yelled with confidence.

Everyone laughed loudly at the what Vera had said.

"Well, sorry to be the bearer of bad news lady but your grandfather will not be doing anything at all and in fact he will be joining you real soon," she said.

Turning away from them she said, "the witch hunts that killed many of our brothers and sisters were carried out by muggles. The same people that your grandfather protects so earnestly. Now, that filth abuses magical children. This will be a lesson to him, your deaths will be a lesson to him."

"Light them up," she said looking at her men.

"What?" Vera asked confused.

While Selesta had been talking to the captives her men had prepared five pires. The family looked at the pires and their eyes widened as the information clicked in their minds. They started screaming in fright as they were dragged towards the pires and tied to them.

As a mercy stroke Selesta used the Avada Kedavra curse and killed the youngest before Shwartz set all of the pires on fire. Soon the flames were roaring and started to burn the five people tied to the pires. Screams filled the night air until it all went silent except for the sound of burning wood.

"It's done," Selesta said turning away and apparating away. The fifty men that had come with her apparated after her leaving the home burning. Let Dumbledore wonder who was responsible for the attack on his precious family.