Your Highness

Chapter 1

"Miss?" My maid called. I shook my head and turned to her.

"Yes." I sighed. I had just finished my lessons and was soon to be summoned for lunch.

"Miss, King Carlisle has called for you, he also wants your father, Lord Charles. He said it was quite urgent."

I sighed again, the life of being a lady was wonderful, my family was the second wealthiest family, first being the Royals. Carlisle had been my mother's best friend, other than my father, and when my mother had passed on he had had us summoned to the castle to live. That had been seven years ago.

"Yes. Call my ladies-in-waiting, and tell them that they must arrive quickly to get me suitably dressed. And hurry." As soon as the words were out of my mouth, she was scurrying off to get help to dress me..

Some said I was a princess that had been taken away at birth, but no, I am the dutchess. And if my uncle was commanding to see me I needed to be dressed and fast.

One by one, my ladies-in-waiting rushed in. Two flew into my closet, two went on to my vanity, one went straight to my hair, and the four others started to undress me.

"Miss, what dress have you planned on wearing?" Caroline asked me in my closet.

I sighed once again. "The blood red one, with the gold. Hurry!" I answered. The dress I was going to wear was a very beautiful, blood red gown, with gold strings for the corset and thread. It was beautiful. As soon as I was dressed I was off to the throne room where Carlisle would reside.

As I walked in I found everyone else already in there. Blushing, I quickly bowed. "I am very sorry for being late, Your Highness. Please forgive me, I was not dressed properly when you summoned me."

I heard Carlisle sigh, and he said, "Lady Isabella, you are fine, but please try not to be so late again." He said all of this with a smile on his face, and I knew he was only saying this for the others in the room.

"Well, I, King Carlisle, have called you all here today for to matters of business. First off, I would like to annonce which of whom of my many children will be taking the throne. It shall be Prince Edward, and he has agreed with one exception. He may rule with no Queen until he finds a suitable match." Soft mummers slowly growing louder started from the inside, it seemed, from the other nobles, which soon turned into fighing and yelling. One man, Lord Black, I believe, even threw a quick punch. And I'd had to quickly jump back, for he had been right beside me.

My father, seeing this puch be thrown, quickly turned to the guards in the front of the room next to the Royals, and commanded them to do something.

They both came running at me, and one walked in front of me and one behind. They walked quickly with me to the table where my father reside, and stopped then. One walked away, but the other slowly bent to my ear and whispered, "If you ever need any help, call me. I am soon to be your personal guard, Miss, but just call if you need anything at all." He winked and walked away slowly. I then shivered at the idea of having that creepy man as my guard.

Once seeing that I was safely seated in the booth for people of high importance, Carlisle yelled, "Silence!" No one dared speak another word. Happy with this, he continued, "And I have agreeded. My son, eldest born, will become king, queenless or not when me and my wife, the queen, retire of our duties."

"The other matter I would like to discuss is, that I have finally found a suitable match for Lady Isabella Swan. It shall be an arranged marriage, and she will be betrothed to Lord Black the second. The wedding will be in two nights. And I would like to congradulate this wonderful match." There was a course of "Here, here"'s and many cheered. But I frowned inwardly at the idea of the arranged marriage I had been dealt when I had become the dutchess as my mother had been before she had went on to the heavens."

"That will be all, you all may leave." He stated and sat back into his throne.

I slowly got up from my chair, "Your Highness." I said as I curtsied. Then I walked out of the throne room on my way back to my own quarters.