Hey everyone! Its me! I'm just posting this to imform you of the update days for the rest of this month after I start up again.

Project Hope -21st 28th and the 7th

No one left to protect me no one left to care – 22nd 1st and 8th

The long awaited sequel of Broken Angel co written by Kellan-Should-rule-the-world -23rd 2nd and the 9th

Lost Love – 28th and the 7th

Your highness- 1st and the 8th

Once apon a friendship – 2nd and the 9th

Back Again – 7th

He may think this isn't his kid, but he's wrong – 8th

He's gone, She's Dead & pregnant and there in love – 9th

So that's the plan but I might put some stories in hituas for a while. Idk yet, I'll let you know! I'd also like to thank you all, it is because of you all that I won the oratorical or speec h giving contest, its thanks to you because you guys gave me the time I needed. Also the first week if updates is the week o the next level of copetion so please keep my winning in you prayers, it would inspire me ever so much! Thanks again.

Your favorite author,