X Evolution: Ragnarök

Chapter 1 – Stormy Weather

"Yggdrasil's dream shall be fulfilled, by me or another." Magnamon

(If you've read X Evolution: The Ark Project, see notes at bottom)

WarGreymon X knelt down, dragging his claw through the dirt. It was hard, but easily gave way to the strength of his Orange Chrome-digizoid weapons. He looked over at a rift in the canyon ground, a long line of disrupted dirt. He remembered the look on Blossomon's face as he showed his strength. "Some strength." he muttered to himself, "I couldn't even save Garudamon and Kokowamon." A rage built inside of him, and he slammed his claw into the ground, straight into the same rift as before. Deaths of friends had always affected him, but during the conflict he didn't have time to honor or mourn them. Now that it was six months since the day of rebuilding, he had finally come back to this spot. He looked up into the sky, remembering as Omegamon's beam lanced through his comrades. His eyes cast grievingly to the weapon in the dirt, the spear of Garudamon when in her last moments she tried to desperately to attack Omegamon.

WarGreymon X knelt down on the hard packed dirt, a few scratches were indented into the dirt as his armor jabbed into the ground. He stayed there, and muttered a prayer on Garuadamon's spear to those digimon who had fought beside his side. His respects paid, he lifted his head to see a shadow coming from the canyon at top. "Deja vu." he muttered looking up at the top of the canyon. Magnamon stood there, in the same position Omegamon had. WarGreymon startled in surprise as the Royal Knight lifted up his arm.

"Magna Blaster." He said calmly, a golden energy formed in his hand. WarGreymon claws came up in a defensive position, the golden glow slamming into the mega. WarGreymon shook the blast quickly off and WarGreymon leapt up into the air, his claws flared in the sunlight, as the reflecting rays acted like a Solar Panel to WarGreymon's core, energizing him from the pain of his soul.

"Do not desecrate the place of my comrades!" WarGreymon growled fiercely, the rage that the canyon brought to him evident in his voice.

"Your comrades, eh?" Magnamon asked smugly, his body tensed into a stance position of fighter. A stance ready to counter any style of attack, and a strength and agility to back the stance up. "Don't worry, you'll be joining them along... with the rest of the digital world." The eight foot dragons leapt towards, both their arms ready to strike the other down.

WarGreymon's eyes narrowed. Magnamon was against us still, even after Alphamon had appeared. We have searched for these past two months among everything else, but we have found no trace or sign of him. Omegamon's words echoed within the warrior's mind. "You're going to kill me?" WarGreymon asked catching Magnamon's outstretched arms.

Magnamon used WarGreymon's own momentum against him to launch him to the side. "No, I'm going to finish Project Ark." Magnamon rushed forward towards WarGreymon X, his fist streaking towards WarGreymon's stomach. The mega's claws came down and threw Magnamon's attack downward. Magnamon quickly brought his left arm, slamming it into WarGreymon's chest. WarGreymon was thrown backwards from the force of the punch. Gravity took a hold of the Mega dragon, careening him towards the edge of the canyon.

WarGreymon back flipped landing with his claws digging into the ground as he slid backwards, slowing himself down. "Gaaaa!" he cried, his momentum slowing "iaaaa Force Zero!" he roared. Pulling the energy out of the ground, the golden brown energy starting from where his claws hit the earth. WarGreymon X threw the ball of energy with all his might towards the Golden Knight.

Magnamon casually moved to the side, "Pitiful." he muttered, "All that wasted energy." The attack went bye and Magnamon's eyes went wide as WarGreymon X was coming up fast on him.

"Dramon Claw!"

Magnamon, in surprise, flew back and smacked away the two claws as WarGreymon launched them off his fist. Magnamon gasped as when he smacked away the second claw, WarGreymon drove his claws into the Armored Digimon's chest. The Orange mega twisted his claws, grinding them against Magnamon's data, and pushed off. Magnamon floated back and fell on the ridge of the cliff, in obvious pain from the large claws sticking out of his chest. WarGreymon glared at the Royal Knight as Magnamon ripped the claws out of his chest and threw them over the cliff. WarGreymon watched as they clattered against the ground, next to the black mark of Omegamon's attack.

"Tell me." WarGreymon said, a small hint of smugness in his tone, "If you mean to continue Project Ark, how did you plan to remake the world without Yggdrasil?"

"Who says I'm without Yggdrasil?" Magnamon gasped out, his wound beginning to heal slightly, "How is it that you've became so vain? Do you honestly think you can kill a god?" Magnamon stood up and laughed, his wound healed some, "Did you think some faulty X like Dorumon could actually destroy Yggdrasil! He will remake the world when the Ark is ready!" Magnamon's laugh rivaled any man in an insane aslym.

"Yggdrasil... a god?" WarGreymon X laughed, his a hearty low guttural laugh for his high voice. "I've seen Numemon more worthy of that position."

Magnamon's data began to run, a fiery furnace of rage, as the X scum insulted Yggdrasil. He would not tolerate a comment like that. He shot forward "Magna Kick!" he shouted, his body twisting and his foot slamming into WarGreymon's chest, sending the mega crashing into the side of the canyon. Baihumon it. Magnamon thought, His attack took more energy to heal then I thought. I don't have enough strength to defeat him right now.

WarGreymon X felt himself thrown into the wall by the surprise kick. He fell to the ground, on his hands and knees. He quickly rolled out of the way bracing for another attack. He was surprised to find that it did not come. My attack must have done more then I thought. He thought, slightly confused. He looked up, a nice impression of his body buried in the cliff. Checking the sky, he saw Magnamon flying off in the distance.

WarGreymon left a small impression in the dirt as his feet left the ground to take off towards the Royal Knight, taking one last look back at the gravesite of Garudamon X and Kokowamon. Goodbye my comrades... Goodbye Garudamon.

Magnamon could feel the wind coursing behind him, but he dare not go full speed in fear of needing to escape to Digital Space if he had to. That however wouldn't be the wisest of ideas, even though he could easily lie to the two other knights, he didn't feel like revealing more cards then he has too. Curse the Dark Zone he swore, I don't have the power to defeat this X, and now they'll know of my presence.

He took a quick glance back to see WarGreymon X catching up to him. He took off to the left, heading towards the clouds, hoping to escape in their cover. He heard a muffled yell from the filthy X and dodged to the side as a Dramon claw sheared off on his right, passing straight through what would have been his route.

WarGreymon's claw appeared for the fifth time since the battle started. Draining the data in the air to form another Dramon Destroyer, he could feel the loss of energy on his body. Magnamon rushed into the clouds, and WarGreymon followed. His eyes narrowed, taking in every little detail; unlike MetalGarurumon X, he had no heat sensors or movement trackers. That meant he had to follow in his trail in the disruption of the clouds.

Magnamon gathered a green plasma around his arm, cutting through the white fluff entering into the clouds. He launched his attack forward. He stopped and flew upwards into the cloud above him, waiting for the filthy X to follow his attack. WarGreymon would follow the hole in the cloud thinking that it was the Royal Knights trail. Magnamon gathered more green energy around his arm, a grin plastered on his face. A mere ten seconds passed before an orange blur sped through the cloud hole that had been created by his attack. His grin turned evil as he was filled with pleasure as he took off after it. He readied his attack to destroy the X digimon, until he noticed something. No! He thought, the orange blur far to small to be WarGreymon X.

WarGreymon fired his Dramon claw forward at full speed after Magnamon. He proceeded to gather the clouds into a large ball, his claws calling for a blue presence. The clouds swirled in a large vortex, a vacuum being created as he demanded the water out of them. The swirling clouds drained of liquid became a blue mass as WarGreymon's eyes flickered. "POSIDEN FORCE!" The X cried, throwing the large ball of energy through the hole in the clouds created by Magnamon. Magnamon heard the attack coming towards him and turned around.

"By Azulongmon's Beard!" Magnamon swore. He tried to move to the side, but the attack had taken him by surprise and he didn't have the acceleration to get out of the way. Magnamon was thrown out of the clouds and into the vulnerability of the clear sky. WarGreymon, seeing his chance, came up from under the Golden knight, and bashed his claw into the knights back. The attack slammed Magnamon into the air, causing his body to experience several more G's as he changed directions.

WarGreymon flew up hard to catch up with Magnamon. Reaching the Digimon their eyes meeting for a fraction of a second, and time stalled. Magnamon's eyes grew in terror, completely at the mercy of WarGreymon, and as the time stall broke, WarGreymon's foot slammed into his stomach, careening the Knight out of control and towards the ground.

Magnamon quickly formed a ball of energy in his hand and launched it at WarGreymon. The X digimon easily dodged to the side, and started to create another vortex in the clouds, as his claws crackled with energy. Magnamon didn't wait around as the attack dashed towards him. He quickly created a entrance to Digital Space and flew into it. WarGreymon landed on the cloud and looked at the spot at which Magnamon had entered Digital Space. "By Fanglongmon's name!" he swore. He glanced at the place for another second, and took off.

Magnamon stumbled as he entered Digital Space, ... Curse... that blasted... ... X... he thought as he collapsed on his knees, the energy required to enter Digital Space draining him of all energy he had. His body collapsed on the ground, passed out.




Dorumon let out a yawn as he woke up. He looked over at the small clock that he had been given by MetalGarurumon. It looked like a digitama with purple spots decorating it. In the middle was a small black screen with green letters on it. 5:45. The rookie stood up and stretched, his tail extending from his rear end. "I slept in." Dorumon said to himself, a little surprised. Normally he would get up between 5:00 and 5:30. Dorumon shook his body and walked over to the steps of the inside of the cave and out into the daylight, the sun just barely peeking over the ridge. He looked at his farm that he owned, and was quite pleased.

The farm stretched two miles east and west, and went three miles North from his cave. Running through the middle of it, parallel to his cave was a river. The water was crystal clear, and felt good after a long day of work. He had chosen this spot for the availability of the water to grow his crops. Currently he had divided his farm into two sections, the north section on the far side of the river just had been planted with Laemtao, a sort of bland wheat like product that was supposed to be very healthy. It wasn't the most flavorful of produce, but it could withstand lots of different climate conditions and grew very fast. With the world being completely destroyed, he had decided that Laemtao was the best product to grow for awhile.

That wasn't to say he didn't have different ideas for the future. He wanted to turn half of his farm into a nut farm, but with the current conditions of the world, he didn't see that happening anytime soon. He gazed out over the barren south field. He just picked his first crop of Laemtao two weeks ago. Since then he's been planting more on the north field, so that the south field could have a little bit of time to return some of the nutrients to the ground.

He much would have preferred to do a three crop rotation system, but demands for food didn't allow him. In order to solve this problem, Apemon had told him about a weed called Larenim that actually put metals and such back into the ground, allowing for a two crop rotation system. The main problem was that he would have to pick all the Larenim out of his field before he planted again. Larenim sucked up more water then a Digitamamon did money. Which wasn't very good if Dorumon was going to be growing crops in the field.

That was today's project, he needed to plow it and churn up all the soil before he planted the Larenim. He sighed and walked over to his little orchid that he owned. He picked a few Ananab's, a long thin yellow fruit that was often used to increase the flavor of other foods. He climbed down the ladder and walked back to the cave and placed the Ananab's down.

He walked into the cave and went over to the hose that he had connected to the river. Pouring some water into a pot he placed a lid on it and walked over to the fire block, where he set the pot on the red block. "Sometimes I wish I had fire breath..." he said as he stood at an angle to a metal block next to the fire block. "Metal Cannon!" he shouted as he launched his attack. The attack slammed into the metal block at an angle and careened off to the side. The struck metal sparked and ignited the small fire block.

Dorumon went to the pantry and got out two servings of Laemtao. He mashed them into a powder and poured it into two bowls. Walking over to the table he had built, he placed the bowls on the table. He walked back over to the water and brought it over to the bowls of Laemtao. He poured the water into the bowls, and placed it back on the fire block, and blew the fire block out. He looked over as Tokomon started to stir from his sleep.

"Good morning Tokomon." Dorumon told the young in-training.

"Morn!" Tokomon X said as he hopped straight up. "Food!" he cried and ran over to the table and hopped up onto it, eager to swallow the food and bowl whole with his large mouth.

"Not so fast there." Dorumon said, grabbing Tokomon and placing him on the ground. Dorumon went out and grabbed the Ananab's, and when he came back in, Tokomon was already back on the table and digging into his food.

Tokomon X looked up, a slightly guilty grin covering his face, Laemtao covering his body. The pale substance caking his large grin. "Mon!" Tokomon X said happily.

Dorumon shook his head, "Tokomon... what am I going to do with you?" he asked. The in-training smiled a little baby smile. Dorumon sighed, before chuckling slightly.

A little while later after they had eaten and cleaned up, (Tokomon had leapt onto Dorumon afterwards, covering the Purple Rookie with the sticky substance that the In-training had been covered with), Dorumon got out the plow and got to work, while Tokomon opened his huge mouth and filled it with the larenim seeds and spat them into the ground behind the purple digimon. Dorumon was sweating by the first hour of pushing the plow, but continued on. Three hours later after they had started, (it was currently 11:00) Dorumon took a break. Tokomon continued to spit seeds in all the plowed area's, making a game of trying to see how many seeds he could spit at one time, or how far he could spit them or if he could spit two seeds parallel to each other. Having a tough time with the last one.

Dorumon chuckled a little at the in-training as he drank from his water bottle. "Oh... that's right." Dorumon said remembering something, "MetalGarurumon was going to take me to Neweniac to get supplies." he said out loud. Dorumon called to the little X digimon, who replied by looking towards him and spitting out two laernim seeds parallel to each other. He chuckled a little, but soon Tokomon and him had taken a bath in the river. Dorumon shook himself off letting himself airdry, as Tokomon immediately went to play in the dirtiest part of the field.

"Tokomon don't!" Dorumon cried, but it was to late. The in-training jumped into a dirt pile covering his body with dirt, which caked almost instantly against his body in the hot sun. Tokomon grinned his mischievous grin and ran over to Dorumon. Dorumon sighed as he held the In-training to his chest, which was now covered in dirt and grime. Dorumon sighed again and hopped in the river once again with the in-training.

After the bath, (and being splashed many times by Tokomon), he and Tokomon walked the mile and half back to their cave house. Tokomon was playing all along the way while Dorumon was thinking about the city, Neweniac. It was the largest town since the X program, but it still only held 2580 digimon. He was going in today because he needed to do some more research on the larenim plant. He also was going to get another piece of furniture, perhaps a bed, and he wanted a chance to see Ryudamon again. She was a friend of his that he had met in a rather odd way, but that was a story for another time, and he chuckled to himself as he thought of it.

He arrived back at the house to see MetalGarurumon waiting. "You ready?" the wolf mega asked.

Dorumon nodded, "Let me just get my money." he said running into his cave. MetalGarurumon picked up Tokomon and waited for Dorumon.




Betamon X: So, for all of those of you who read X Evolution: The Ark Project, yes this is a redo of it, but a lot of important things that happened in the old one are changing. So, it's not just a clean up of out last story.

Gomamon X: Although it is that too... ...

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