X Evolution: Ragnarök

Chapter 6 – A Common Enemy

It's time to purge this land of all the unclean – Magnamon

WarrioressGreymon and Gaiomon arrived back at their house in Enihcam. The two mega digimon landed, and Tokomon X hopped down from WarrioressGreymon's shoulders. "Very Big!" Tokomon X said in amazement.

Gaiomon looked down, "Not quite. A lot of it is just empty space for Spinomon. Big lug takes up most of the room." The two megas walked into the house, Tokomon X following behind them. Tokomon X was surprised at the vastness of the room.

"Oohhh," he said, standing looking at it for a second and then shot towards one of the walls. It took him a good forty seconds to get there, and then ran his heart out towards the other one.

"Are you guys finally home?" Spinomon called out from the back. He walked through the large opening in the wall. Tokomon X was surprised at just how large he was.

"LargeDinomon..." Tokomon said, his mouth hanging open at the sight of the digimon.

Spinomon looked down at the in-training. "You find another one?" he asked.

WarrioressGreymon shook her head, "No... this is Tokomon X, one of four survivors of Omegamon. He ran into the Royal Knight twice actually."

"I must say I'm impressed," Spinomon said, eying the kid's size.

"Where are all the little ones?" Gaiomon asked, surprised to find that they weren't running all over the place."

"Babamon and Jijimon put them to bed about half an hour ago," Spinomon said.

WarrioressGreymon looked down at Tokomon X. "It is pretty late," she stated looking at the clock. 9:00.

"Not tired," Tokomon X exclaimed, bounding up and down.

"You still need to go to bed," Gaiomon told him, not wanting to deal with any little one's tonight.

Before anything else could happen, WarrioressGreymon scooped him up and started to bring him upstairs.

Spinomon watched them go, and then turned to Gaiomon with a question. "Where's Z'dGarurumon?"

"He had some business to take care of. Setting up a council to run the city."

"All Perfects?" Spinomon inquired.

"You expected that."

Spinomon snorted. "Sure wouldn't trust any of the megas on it," he said. He studied the Mega's face. "I'm not one to know much about facial expressions, but it worries me that you actually have an expression on your face."

Gaiomon turned to him. "I need you to be prepared... things went smoothly today. Far too smoothly. Most would take that as a victory of progress..." his body shifted in a worried manner. "I don't trust them though."

"You sure you're not being paranoid?" Spinomon asked inquisitively, his great spines turning towards the warrior.



Gaiomon leaned up against the wall. "Enjoy your next few days. I'm not sure if they'll be too many of them left."

WarrioressGreymon brought Tokomon up the stairs, the little one protesting that he wasn't tired and yawning that whole way. More often then not, doing both at the same time. WarrioressGreymon brought Tokomon down to one of the end beds and placed him in it, bringing the covers up over his body.

She sighed - it had been a long couple of days. She turned around to find thirteen pairs of eyes staring at her. "What are all you doing awake?" she demanded.

"We just want a story... HeroWarrrizGreymon." A shy little Wanyamon X said.

She grinned and pulled up a chair. "Very well," she said, as Tokomon X looked on with confused interest.

"So, what one do you want tonight?" She asked.

"How about the one about the Deva and Rapidmon?" A Cocomon X asked.

"That one's too mushy." A Koromon X protested, "Lets get some action, like the story about the Great Demon Dragon Megidramon!" He did a back flip to emphasize his point.

"There are those of us who don't like scary stories," Yokomon X berated him.

"We still want an action packed one. None of that mushy love stuff," a Tsunomon X told all of them.

"How about the one about Leviamon and Beelzemon, and how they destroyed all the other demon lords?" a Petit-Meramon called. All eyes turned to him and glared. "What?" he asked innocently.

"How about a new one, WarrioressGreymon?" a Nyaromon X asked.

WarrioressGreymon smiled at the youngster, "I would, but I don't know anymore legends. You guys have heard them all."

Impmon, who spoke softly from a corner of the room, the only Child level digimon in the room muttered a few words. "Then tell us one about yourself." WarrioressGreymon turned to the small digimon, looking him up and down, he had an air of a hidden past, one that few knew and even less understood.

"Yeah, HeroWarrizGreymon, one bout self!" A recently digivolved Bukumon X spoke out.

"Puuu, Puuu!" Botamon X agreed.

The children then proceeded to cheer for WarrioressGreymon to tell them a story about her. All thirteen - fourteen including Tokomon X - eyes directly on her. "I guess I can do that, but don't expect for me to do this often. We've got a guest so I'm being leniant.." Several of the digimon glanced over at Tokomon X, seeing him for the first time.

"Oh." Koromon X said out loud, "We had thought you had come into to tell us a story."

"You're talking out loud again," Cocomon X told him.

"You can just go and eat Numemon poo..." Koromon X said "... ... ... Oh... Sorry." he said, realizing that he actually was speaking his thoughts again.

WarrioressGreymon gathered her thoughts, "Why don't I tell you guys about the time I met Gaiomon."

Instantly all the female digimon cheered and the guys moaned. "Aww, we don't want none of this mushy stuff." Tsunomon X complained.

"Oh, don't worry, back in the old days you fought with each other to tell them that they loved you." WarrioressGreymon told them grinningly.

"Really?" Nyaromon said disgusted, as Tsunomon's eyes instantly became more interested.

"No, but that certainly seemed to be the idea behind my mate's thoughts." WarrioressGreymon smiled thinking back to it.

"Go Gaiomon." Koromon and Wanyamon X said as they high fived with their antenna and tail.

"You going to let me tell the story, or should I just put you to bed now?" WarrioressGreymon warned them.

The digimon quickly quieted down and set themselves down to listen to he Orange Mega. "This was back when me and Gaiomon were just of the Rookie level. Now this was during the reign of
Great Dragons, many years back. I had just started to live on my own as an Agumon in the Realm of Magnadramon, and Gaiomon had been a BlackAgumon at that time, under the jurisdiction of Megidramon."

"Wow, you guys are old!" Koromon X said bluntly.

"Yes, we are. I'm older then even Yggdrasil. Much older." WarrioressGreymon smiled at them.




Spinomon walked in place, turning his body until he could face Gaiomon straight on. "Now, you going to tell me what's bothering you so much or am I going to have to find out the hard way."

Gaiomon snorted. He said nothing, for the longest while before speaking up. "It's a distraction. You know it is, this nonsense about councils is just a ploy. Neither Murmuxmon nor Ravemon have any plans with it, for it forces power out of their hands. They will not be so swift as to give that power away."

"No, they will not." Spinomon agreed, "That still doesn't explain why you distrust Murmuxmon so much."

"No, it does not, neither does it explain why Murmuxmon was easily coaxed into accepting this plan. Nor does it explain Ravemon's hesitation in speaking until he could see what Murmuxmon and HiAndromon thought of the plan, nor does it explain why the Royal Knights are so foolish as to propose a plan like this." Gaiomon released to him. He snorted, "To many fools in this society. I thought we did away with them when the Great Dragons fell."

"Your an easy going type, Gaiomon. You would be happy with a mate, a farm and be ninety miles away from the nearest settlement where you can do things your way without any interference from anybody. I understand that, but you're a Mega, and we need you." Spinomon informed him harshly.

Gaiomon glanced at his friend, "I know. Has their been any word from Njoror?" He thumbed his swords subconsciously.

"Actually, yes." Spinomon told him. Gaiomon's interest instantly heightened as he looked at the Dino. "And it's even better then we could have hoped."

"Do you mean?" Gaiomon's voice resonated with hope and energy.

"Yeah, A portal to the Great Server. Even better, the place is a Garden of Eden of types. There is no large land mast, but simply scattered land among wire space." Spinomon's voice gave hope to Gaiomon.

"What about the kinds of Digimon in the Sea, are they Chosen or X's?" Gaiomon asked quickly.

"73 X's, 3 Rebels. No Chosen among them. According to Togemogumon, they are down to less then two percent of what was initially there survivors. Those who did survive held out against the DeathXDorugreymon's with little or no water to fight in." Spinomon informed him.

Gaiomon just thought for a few moments, his mind dealing with everything this knowledge brought to him. Spinomon just waited, and glanced over as Z'DGarurumon walked in. Gaiomon threw his gaze to the four legged Mega, before speaking his mind. "Alert the X's. We have our retreat point." He told them. Then as a second thought, he added, "Also, get me Togemogumon. I want to meet these Njoror X's for myself."




WarrioressGreymon finished telling her story about how she and Gaiomon carried an digi-tama from Magnadramon to Megidramon, it being their first date and mission.

"Hey, if you met Megidramon, you must know all about him." Petit-Meramon said excitingly, "Is the legends true about him being one of the Chosen Digimon and that he helped destroy the D-Reaper?"

"Don't be stupid. Haven't you heard the legends, Megidramon is supposed to be Dukemon. It's just stupid." Koromon X told Petit-Meramon vigorously.

"Facts in myths," Tokomon X told him.

Koromon X looked over at the little digimon glaringly, yet again undermined by the little digimon. "Off to bed now. I don't want Babamon yelling at me because you can't stay awake tomorrow," WarrioressGreymon told them.

"All right," the group mumbled and crawled back under their covers. WarrioressGreymon put her chair back and walked over the door, taking one last peek around the room. She closed the door, and walked up the stairs to the third floor in the building. She walked down the hall, her sword scraping up against the wall. She shifted it and went in through the door to her and Gaiomon's bedroom.

Gaiomon was standing next to the window, his eyes gazing on the moon. He looked over as his mate came into the room. "How's he adjusting?" he asked.

"He's a smart one," WarrioressGreymon answered. "You wouldn't know it by his vocabulary though. And he's already made rivals with Koromon."

"In one night?" Gaiomon said slightly surprised. "Then again, Koromon is one to take offense at things easily."

"It's not Koromon take offense though," his mate told him. "Tokomon is actually undermining him."

Gaiomon chuckled, then looked up at the moon again. "It's really quite beautiful... isn't it?" he asked.

"Are you telling me that the moon is more beautiful then me?" she asked, "That you'd rather stare at the moon, then me?"

Gaiomon looked over at her and laughed softly. She walked over next to his side and looked up at the moon with him. He put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her close. "So, you going to tell me what's wrong... or do I have to blackmail it out of you?" she whispered in his ear.

He looked down at her. "Exactly what do you have on me?" he asked.

She smiled. "You don't want to know."

Gaiomon let a mischievous grin cross his face. "I'll leave it at that." He turned back to her. "If you must know, I'm worried about today's meeting. Murmuxmon has something planned," he explained softly.

WarrioressGreymon's arm snaked around his body. "We've known that for awhile. I thought the meeting went fairly well... even though Murmuxmon seems to have something planned, Ravemon and HiAndromon don't seem to be in it."

"You're not worried about your brother?" he asked. "He does live in Urd, the home of Murmuxmon."

"WarGreymon can take care of himself," she said.

Gaiomon leaned on his mate and sighed, holding her close, "We probably won't be able to spend much time with each other," he told her.

WarrioressGreymon grinned at her mate. "Still pulling cheesy lines?" she asked.

"Hey... I use what works," he told her. She grinned as he pulled her mouth to his.




Dorumon sat down in his chair, a hard day of work behind him. He had been surprised at how much he had been able to get done. He dug another irrigation ditch, weeded six rows, laid the foundation for his house and pruned the trees in his garden. It had been a rather unusual day without Tokomon around, but he quickly lost himself in his work. It stopped him from thinking about Ryudamon or Tokomon.

The Sun had gone down though, and he didn't have any other light which to work by, so he ate dinner of a fish he had caught in the stream. The chair folded under his weight, as he looked through the stack of books next to the chair. He picked up the first one and looked at the title Wandering Data: A Collection of Short stories about Heroes of the Digital World. Dorumon contemplated it, but set it down and grabbed the next one. Dragon Fury Volume 3 WarGreymon's Claws. He looked down at the next to books, seeing the first to volumes of the story. Dragon Fury Volume 2 The Great Dragons and Dragon Fury Volume 1 A Flamdramon's Quest. He set the three fiction books aside, looking for a certain book.

He also passed by Demons, Dragons and Oh Crap – A Guide to the different kinds of Viral Digimon, Red Hazard, Dragon Data, Megidramon's Roar and, The Demon Dragon: Facts and Truth. The last one really caught his attention though, and it took him a few moments to set it aside as well.

The young rookie finally found the book he was looking for Digital Arms Race. Dorumon looked down at the bottom, a strange author he did not recognize. Taichi Yagami. He had been particularly looking at this book, wondering if this Taichi Yagami was a name Yggdrasil had used at one time. If so, it might provide some answers he had been searching for. If not, then it would be interesting to see what another program that's taken form wrote. He had never heard of any other programs existing in the digital world except for Yggdrasil and the few mindless ones he had created, but he wouldn't doubt if there had been some in the past. Yggdrasil would probably have wiped them out, being very jealous of his position.

Dorumon settled down in his chair and flipped to the first page. Dedicated to: Agumon, Biyomon, Sora, Yamato, Jyou, Hikari, Takeru, Takato, Ruki, Suzie, Henry and everybody else in the group and all their Digimon.

Dorumon was surprised to see such a list of programs that weren't digimon, and that there were more in the group. There must have been a whole section of history that held these programs that he never knew about. He flipped the page and his eyes scanned through the contents.


A Remarkable Adventure

Watching Over

The Tamers


The Power of the Digimon

The Digital Arms Race

Government Horror

Protecting the Digital World

My Vow

Dorumon settled down to read; the dinner fire flickering enough light to cast dancing shadows around the room and a cozy environment.

Digital Arms Race


Dear Reader; Digimon or Otherwise

I'm not much of a writer with fancy flowering or anything, but I'll tell you what I've been willing to put down on paper. My name is Taichi Yagami, and I am a person. A person is somebody from the real world who is either a descendant of a human from the south quadrant or a descendant from the Digi-Destined. Humans from my Real World have destroyed any right to be called a human, and have become humons. They really are monsters. So, Humons are creatures from the Real World. Persons are creatures from the Real World that have not lost their status.

Now that I have distinguished what the difference is between creatures of the real world, it would be wise that I tell you what I'm writing this book about. In the first chapter you will come across, A Remarkable Adventure, you'll learn of how my six friends and I, and later my sister came to save the digital world against the Dark Masters. I'll introduce you to Yamato, Sora, Koushiro,Mimi, Jyou, Takeru and Hikari. The chapter after that will tell you about the story of Takeru and Hikari and their friends, Daisuke, Iori, Miyako and Ken. The proceeding chapter covers the next year and the rebuilding of the digital world after Malomyotismon. The fourth chapter is about the time when we met another group of digi-destined, Takato, Ruki, Jen-lee, Shuichon, Jeri and Ryo. Note to all digimon reading this, do NOT put Terriermon and Gomamon together. I thought one of them was bad enough on their own, but I swear, they're worse then demon lords together. The next few chapters cover my time watching over the digital world. I explain it more in the chapter.

It is the next few chapters that I write this book for. Some call it the Digital Arms Race, the Humon Conquerers, Data Strip. Personally... I call it Hell. Not a word I use lightly, it's the human equivalent to the dark zone, but has more meaning behind it because after you go there, you can't get out. It came to the attention of the authorities of just exactly how powerful digimon were. These humans tried to find a way to get into the digital world, trying everything they could to break down the barriers so that they could move from the real world over to here. Their whole objective was to get digimon to join their side so that they would have a more powerful weapon then the other nations. Genni and his team of Bit-men worked hard to prevent the humans from crossing over, and they soon made an impenetrable firewall. I was twenty-two when the first nation decided to try a different tactic. America turned towards Mimi and Michael, and the other digidestined in their land. Mimi and Michael had just had their first baby child. All the digidestined were treated horrible as the government propagandized them as freaks of nature. As the people turned a blind eye to the government, they took the digidestined by force.

Quickly after America's act, the other countries realized the threat of a country with digimon under its control, and started to go through the same process as America. Japan's propaganda had a different strategy then the rest however. They hailed the Digi-destined as heroes and the saviors against the upcoming war. Behind the lines though, my friends and I were forced to do as the government said, the life of our children were what they hung in balance. The digi-destined were forced to live a lie, otherwise their children would die. The government had taken their children, and not only used them as leverage against them, but were raising them to use their digimon as weapons, training them to be warriors. The digidestined could do nothing, and I was stuck in the digital world, we had no clue of Mimi or Michael, and contact with the tamers became far less frequent, the government having banned any one going to or from the digital world. This is how life was for two years... on the day of my twenty-fourth birthday, something happened to change the world. Yamato was killed for spreading evil ideas in his songs.

Yamato was a singer in a band called The Wolves. He had been able to find away past the governments lies and propaganda by lyrics in his songs. At first they had been subtle, but as the songs became more and more popular, he started to sing more of what was happening. The Government was not blind to it, but they couldn't do anything about it. The fanbase for his songs was too large, spreading internationally. He never had a song out of the top three for the two years he started singing of what was happening. Even threatening to harm our children did nothing to stop him. People started to really listen to his songs, and become aware of what he was singing about. The Government finally did something though... and Yamato was killed. Murdered in cold blood because he didn't like the fact that his younger brothers kid had been taken away.

It's hard to write this, so I'll just go on. There's a better explanation in the later chapters. It's what I did that matters. I'm sorry, but it's my fault that you digimon don't get to know the virtues of children, but by the Demon Lords... I had no other choice.

I fled to the digital World, taking all the Digimon with me, then, I sealed the Digital Gate off, so that no Humon could ever access the digital world again, cutting off their monstrosities. Never had anything been so hard, I lost my wife, my Kid, and my little sister. All my friends. I know not what will happen to me when I die, whether I will form into a Digitama or I will go the the Person Heaven, or Hell. I write this book as my legacy, remember my name and the sacrifice I made for you, for I will do my best to always watch over you.

- Taichi Yagami -

Dorumon put the book down - the introduction finished.He really didn't know what to think of it, a lot of it didn't make sense. He checked again, surprised to see that it was a Non-fiction book.

"Humon's eh?" Dorumon said, his voice quiet. "I wonder if he still watches over us today?" he asked, as he looked up to the ceiling. He placed the book down and grabbed The Demon Dragon: Facts and Truth out from the pile of books and began to read it.




Noitavacxe was a nice little mining town in Urd, holding thirty-eight digimon, everyone knew everyone and got relatively along with each other. All thirty-eight were rebel digimon - thirty-five were champions and three were ultimates. The mine produced a common steel, so the inhabitants weren't too rich, and lived fairly moderately. They often ate large portions of Laemtao since it was the least expensive food to be produced. Thirty of the digimon worked in the mine, and the other eight champions were more humanoid type, so they worked in a little field producing about thirty percent of what they ate. It was a nice night, and Magnamon hovered over it in the moonlight, a crazed look in his eye.

He sat there watching them for an hour, plotting the most enjoyable way of deleting them. He dearly hoped at least some of them would break into data particles, so that he may indulge in the pleasure of being surrounded by their data. It was quite a high and sensation. The moon rose to its full height, signaling that it was two o'clock. There wasn't any digimon up except for the single ultimate on guard duty. He flew down to the edge of the town and started walking towards the first building, when Karatemon came out to meet him.

"From where do you hail stranger?" he asked, as he came in front of Magnamon and the first building. It was an Ore Processing plant. Magnamon eyed the digimon, and walked towards him. He paused for a second, and their eyes met in the darkness, the pale moonlight reflecting off of Magnamon's armor giving him a holy glow about him. His hand snapped out towards the Ultimate's neck and grasped onto it.

"What... iss... thisss..." Karatemon gasped, his vision starting to blacken.

"This is the Ark Project... This is Yggdrasil's will." Magnamon said with pleasure, without pain, without anything but pure hatred and anger. He twisted his hand and snapped Karatemon's neck. The digimon slumped to the ground, dead. Magnamon turned towards the building, as he started to charge up energy in his hand. "Plasma Shoot!"

The attack shattered through the building, leaving a large hole. A minute later, the building erupted in an explosion, two Digimons' data floating in the air as the attack had struck through a boiler. The sound and force of the explosion caused the digimon to wake up and come outside. The first out was a JungleMojamon, he didn't even have a chance to react before Magnamon slammed his elbow into the digimon, sending it flying into a concrete wall. A definitive snap was heard as his back shattered into pieces. A Triceramon X came charging at him from the side, his horns slammed into Magnamon, carrying the digimon slamming into the building. Magnamon didn't make a sound as the horns pierced his armor. "You will all fall. It is the will of Yggdrasil," he said.

Triceramon X wasn't in the mood for it though. "Yggdrasil can go to the Dark Zone. He's no God... he's a Devil worse then Lucemon."

Magnamon's eyes flared at the insulting of Yggdrasil. "DO NOT INSULT YGGDRASIL!" A Large amount of energy was gathered into his hands. "PLASMA SHOOT!" he cried, the green glob of energy tore right through the Triceramon X. He gasped as he was turned into data.

Magnamon laughed manically in the scene, and let a large ball of plasma enter another building, slaying three digimon on its way. He continued his scene of carnage, and before long, the whole town had been decimated. The third ultimate fell quickly under his hand and all the champions soon followed. He enjoyed ridding there data from existence, laughing manically and telling them they could not stand up to Yggdrasil's will.

He flew up into the air, the buildings destroyed, a complete and total destruction. "NONE SHALL STAND AGAINST YGGDRASIL'S WILL!" he shouted, and proceeded to fire some more plasma shoots at the buildings, causing them to fall apart.

He eventually stopped, and then silently muttered to himself, "Thirty-seven out of thirty-eight. Perfect score."

Gatomon X glared as the Royal Knight flew off, a building of feeling of revenge coursing through her data.




**Sonic the Hedgehog SatAm series reference.

Just a note on Digimon mating. I have come to the conclusion that digimon would have to mate through the mouth, being the only appendage that all digimon have. Thus a kiss becomes more then just a kiss, as data is transferred from one digimon to the other.

Betamon X: Are you kidding me? Why is it that when I get an X, I have just as much trouble getting a girl, and they are all flocking to Gomamon?

Palmon: Don't be jealous.

Floramon: Yeah, nerds are so hot.

Biyomon: I don't know how we haven't been fighting over before this.

Renamon: Back off girls he's mine.

Betamon X: How the Dark Zone?

Gomamon X: Well, Betamon. It goes something like this. [Really annoying music] I'm to sexy for my X. To sexy for my X, so Sexy it hurts. [/Really annoying music]

Betamon X: How about you continue trying to get that X antibody out of you.

Gomamon X: Why... jealous?

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