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Diagnosis Murder: Savage Love

Steve/Jesse slash

Genre – slash, PWP

Steve growled and pushed Jesse up against the door, taking the young man's mouth and ravaging it with his own. He raised Jesse's arms above his head and held them there in one hand while his other reached down to fondled Jesse's hard cock. "Mine!" he snarled as he pushed Jesse's pants down.

"Yours," Jesse moaned in agreement, knowing that Steve needed confirmation. "Yes, oh yes! Steve!" Jesse's climax ripped through him.

Steve picked up the smaller man and carried him to their bedroom, his mind still showing him pictures of Jesse with a knife at his throat. I almost lost him.

Jesse's found himself thrown on their bed. The look Steve gave him made him shiver. His normally gentle mate gone, replaced instead by a primal male intent on claiming what was his. Jesse kicked his pants the rest of the way off and spread his legs in submission.

Steve ripped his own clothes off, not caring where they landed. He quickly grabbed the lube from the bedside table and then covered Jesse's body with his own.

He once again claimed Jesse's mouth while his hand moved lower to prepare his lover for his aching cock. Even in the feral mood he was in, he was cognizant of the fact that he could hurt Jesse if he wasn't careful. He didn't want that, but the need to mate was running strong in him so he hurried as much as he could.

Steve picked up Jesse's legs and put them over his shoulders. He looked deep in Jesse's eyes as he thrust deep and hard into the tight heat of the body below him. Neither man spoke at Steve fucked his mate; claiming, marking what was his.

"I love you!" Steve shouted with savage love, filling the slender body with his seed.