The Slayer and the Saiyan

Chapter 1: The New Kid

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Buffy gripped the stake more tightly as she moved though the graveyard. It was one of those night when she was sure something was going to happen, but so far nothing had. It was really grating on her nerves. She got to the other side of that graveyard and pushed open the gate, with a sigh, yet another dead end. Not a single vamp tonight, but there was still that feeling. She leant to trust those feeling. She frowned as she left the graveyard. She glanced at her watch, it was well passed midnight, and it was a school night, she really should head home. She put her stake away and turned in the direction of home. She didn't get far before she heard a scream.

"Sounds like my night not over yet." She muttered as she ran towards the sound. As she got close to the ally where the scream had originated, there was a bright flash of light. When she rounded the corner, she stopped and gasped at the sight. There was as she expected vampires, five of them and they were surrounding a teenage boy about her age. But what she hadn't expected was that this boy seemed to be glowing. His hair was standing straight up into the air, against the law of gravity and was glowing a bright gold. He was calm and just stood there surrounded by the vamps, but didn't seem that bothered by them. He either didn't know what there were or didn't consider them a threat, he even had his eyes closed! This guy was either incredibly brave, or incredibly stupid. At the moment Buffy was betting on the latter.

"Hey." She said, hoping to gain the vampires attention so he could get away. It worked all the vampires looked at her. The boy's eyes snapped open and he looked at her as well. They were bright teal colour without any pupils, very weird. They wasn't any fear or panic in them either. Instead there was annoyance, directed at her, like she'd interrupted something she shouldn't have. But it disappeared quickly to be replaced by concern.

"You shouldn't be here." He said, his voice held strength well beyond his years. "It's dangerous!" Hey, Buffy thought, isn't that my line! One of the vampires behind the boy, took advantage of the distraction to attack him. But without seeming to move he had the vampire by the throat, he almost lazily turned his head to look at the struggling male vampire.

"That wasn't very nice." He said and with barely a flick of his wrist he sent the vampire flying across the ally. It landed on a pile of broken pallets and one piece pierced him through the chest. It barely had time to look at that, then back at him, before it burst into dust.

"Huh? That's new." The boy said. So he didn't know what he's dealing with then. That could prove dangerous for both of them. But she didn't have time to think much else as two of the vampires advanced on her. One was male and the other was female. They were both looked in there teens, why are vampires always so young looking? The female one went to hit her, she dodged and went to grab her stake, but had to stop to block a kick from the male. They were clearly not going to let her reach it. So she jumped to the side onto a rubbish bin and lept over them, twisted in the air and delivered two kicks in their backs sending them stumbling forward.

She landed and heard a small explosion behind her along with some heat. But she didn't have time to think about that. She grabbed her stake and rushed forward. She dusted the female before it had a chance to turn. She turned to face the other vampire, it was ready for her, grinning like a maniac.

"Slayer." It hissed, as it sent a fist in her direction, she dodged it. The vampire went to hit her again, it hit home on her jaw, sending her head to the side. She looked back at it and smiled. The vampire looked confused, she looked down, it looked as well to see the stake embedded in it's chest. It looked back at her just in time to explode into dust.

"Didn't your mother tell you not to hit girls?" Buffy asked to dust on the ground. She straightened and flicked some hair out of her face, as she put her stake away. She turned to see what happened to the glowing boy. She didn't know what she expected, but it certainly wasn't what she saw.

He was watching her with an amused smirk on his face. He had his right elbow on his knee and his hand was on his chin. That wasn't the surprising thing though, it was what he was sitting on or rather what he wasn't sitting on, he was floating in the air about four foot off the ground. He chuckled alittle at her shock and uncrossed his legs, seeming to stand on the air before floating down, till he was standing normally. He was almost six foot tall, excluding the hair, well built and quite handsome. He was also looking her up and down in a most uncomfortable manner. Buffy crossed her arms.

"What is it?" She demanded. Suddenly his demeanour changed completely, as he seemed to go quite childlike. He grinned and rub the back of his neck.

"Well, I was thinking that you could be a decent fighter, with a bit of training." He said nervously. Buffy was dumbstruck, she couldn't seem to find any words after that sudden change in character. There was a whimper from down the ally, the boy was instantly further down, where the sound came from. How did he do that? She wondered. Buffy cautiously move forward. He was helping a young women up.

"Are you alright ma'am?" He asked. The woman just nodded. "It's okay they're gone now, you should get home."

"Than...thank you." She said. The boy smiled.

"No problem, just be more careful in the future, okay." The woman nodded again and hurried away. Buffy collected herself, she was the Slayer, she shouldn't be this intimidated, especially by a boy, even if he is glowing.

"Where are the other vampires?" She asked him. He looked at her, seemingly surprised that she was still there.

"Vampires? Is that what they were?" He asked, looking alittle innocent now. Who is this guy? Buffy thought. But before could come up with a suitable response, the boy smirked again. "They couldn't take the heat." Gesturing at the ground under Buffy's feet. She looked down to see that she was standing on very fresh looking scorch marks and there was dust in the shape of two bodies nearby. She remembered feeling heat earlier, did this guy really do that? She looked up again to see him turning as if to leave.

"Wait!" She said, he looked back over his shoulder. "Who are you?" He smiled.

"A friend." He said and vanished. Leaving Buffy completely confused.

"He vanished?" Giles asked. It was the next day, they were in the library. Giles was standing, biting on the end of his glasses, as he always did when think about something. Buffy and Willow were sitting at the table in the centre of the library and Xander was sitting on the edge of the table.

"Yeah." Buffy said. "One second he was there the next he wasn't."

"Seems like a pretty cool thing to be able to do." Xander said. "Think of all the things you could do with that." Buffy gave him a look. "What? I'm just saying." Buffy turned back to Giles.

"What do you think?" She asked. "Some kind of Flash deal?" Giles looked at her.


"The Flash." She said. "As in moving fast than can be seen."

"Er, that's certainly a possibility." He said. "But unlikely. What else did you say he could do?"

"He was floating on air." Buffy said. "And I think he used some kind of fireball or something to destroy those vamps."

"Oh oh." Xander said. "Could he be a Witch?"

"Warlock." Willow corrected. "A male witch is called a Warlock."

"Possible, but again unlikely." Giles said.

"Why's that?" Buffy said. Giles pinched the bridge of his nose as he said.

"Because, it takes years of practice in the arts to do the things your describing with such ease and if he's a teenager, he couldn't have the experience to do it."

"Well that doesn't leave many options." Willow said.

"Was there anything else odd about him?" Giles asked.

"Apart from him glowing with some sort gold light, his hair glowing gold and not having any pupils, no nothing at all." Buffy said.

"Hmm." Giles said, put his glasses back on and started to looking though the book he was holding.

"Not having any pupils, that a bit strange." Willow said.

"The whole thing was a bit strange." Buffy said. Giles suddenly snapped the book closed.

"Well that's it." He said, taking off his glasses. "Unless he's some kind of demon we've never encountered before, I have no idea what he is."

"He didn't look very demonic to me." Buffy said. "Just odd."

"Does it matter?" Xander asked, they all looked at him. "I mean, he killed those vamps and help Buffy out. Maybe he's on our side."

"I'd like to think so, but I'm still contacting the Council about this." Giles said.

There was the sound of someone clearing their throat, they all turned to see a teenage boy standing near the counter, looking a bit nervous. He had black untamed hair that seemed to defy gravity and black eyes. He also looked quite Japanese in appearance.

"Yes?" Giles asked.

"Er, this is the library right?" He asked. "I'm new here and I need some text books." Giles quickly moved behind the counter.

"Yes of course." He said. "What is your name?" The boy smiled and relaxed a bit.

"Gohan, Son Gohan." He said.

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