Title: Captive Conversation

Author's Note: This is just something I kind of did because of all the times people in Pegasus talk bad about the Atlantis people. I want them to argue in their own defense and so I kind of wrote this as a platform for making the arguement and it just grew from there.

Featured Characters: Rodney McKay

Other Characters Include: John Sheppard, Teyla Emmagen, Ronon Dex, & Dr. Keller.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Stargate Franchise. I have no rights whatsoever and am just writing this for the fun of it. This is for grins and giggles not for gold. So, please don't smack me with the backhand of the US Civil court system.

Rodney McKay was not having a good day. But then, he reflected, he hadn't really had many of those since taking up his position in the Pegasus Galaxy.

"This is all your fault!" A sharp feminine voice barked.

That was really too much. "Excuse me? If I remember correctly I was rescuing you."

"That's funny," The young blond replied, her voice dripping with venom, "I could have sworn you were getting in my way!"

"Maybe if you and your little friends had left when Sheppard and I told you to," Rodney shot back.

"Well, if you and your friends hadn't woken up the Wraith!"

"Oh, really? Really? We're gonna go there again?" Rodney was so tired of that particular accusation.

"We've got to go there, Lantian," the girl poured as much disdain as she could into the word, "The Wraith are awake and we have no where else to go!"

"You know, it's not like the Wraith weren't going to wake up in another 30 or 50 years even without us." Rodney retorted.

"Yes, Lantian, but without you and your friends they wouldn't be awake now." She yelled.

"Oh, so you're not upset the Wraith are awake. You're just upset that it's you that has to deal with them instead of your children and grandchildren."

The girl opened her mouth as though she were going to fire back another remark but then stopped. She seemed frozen for a moment, frowning but with her mouth still hanging open.

At least she shut up. Rodney thought and was quite pleased with his accomplishment.

After a blissfully long silence she spoke again but her voice was subdued.

"I suppose I never thought of it that way."

"Well." Rodney said, because he felt something should be said but had no idea what that something was.

The girl sat down in a corner of the Wraith cell in which they were imprisoned and relapsed into silence. Rodney thanked whatever fates had decided to smile on him and shifted his focus back to examining every inch of the cell. There was always a way out. There was always some bit of technology, some hidden control panel. There was a way out hiding in here somewhere, he just had to find it.

Rodney looked and looked. For over an hour he examined every square inch of the cell and found, "Nothing!"He shouted and sat down folding his arms over his chest in frustration.

The girl jumped a bit, startled by his sudden outburst.

"There is absolutely no way out of here." He said in disgust.

"I could have told you that." The girl said sourly.

"I am not going to dignify that with a response." Rodney said haughtily.

"You just did." was the flat reply.

Rodney reddened, realizing she was, of course, correct and relapsed into silence.

After a long pause the girl spoke again quietly.

"Is it nice?"

"What?" Rodney really wasn't in the mood for cryptic questions. "Is what nice?"

"Your home." she said simply.

"Atlantis?" Rodney started to consider the question but she interrupted.

"No," She looked at him with exasperation. "Are all your people this dense? No, idiot! Your home, in your galaxy. What is it like to live without the Wraith?"

"Oh," Rodney paused. "Well, it's, um, it's quite nice."

The girl continued to stare at him expectantly.

"What?" Rodney was extremely uncomfortable. "It's nice. What do you want me to say? People live their lives. There are rivers and mountains all the things you find all over the Universe."

"But no Wraith?" the girl asked.

"Well, yes, except for them, yes. I mean, no, we don't have them."

There was another long pause. For some reason, Rodney felt compelled to ask a question.

"So, um, what is your name exactly? I'm afraid I wasn't quite paying attention when the, uh, the introductions were being made."


"Huh." was Rodney's simple reaction.

"You are McKay?" Alarette queried back.

"Rodney, actually. Rodney McKay."


"You know its not all fun and games." Rodney said after another long pause.


"The Milky Way. That's what we call our galaxy. It's, I mean, we don't have the Wraith but we've had our share of problems." Rodney didn't know why he felt the need to defend himself to this girl but couldn't seem to help it.

"Okay," Alarette responded, and Rodney swore he heard indulgence in her tone. "Are there aliens like the Wraith in Milky Way?"

"Well, no, not like the Wraith exactly." Rodney sighed. "They're called different things. There are the Tok'ra, which are actually supposed to be good and then there are the Goa'uld. But there are also the Jaffa, the Asgard, the Nox and supposedly the Furlings though I've never even heard of anyone who's actually met one of those guys."

Alarette made no response and when Rodney looked quizically at her, he saw that she was staring.

"You have that many alien races in your galaxy?"

"Yes, oh! No! What I mean is, they're not all bad." Rodney said quickly. "The Asgard and the Nox are very good, um, people. The Goa'uld, not so much."

Alarette leaned forward, her interest peaked. "Are they like the Wraith?"

"Oh no. They're nothing alike. Well, except for the whole sadistic lording over humanity part." Rodney explained. "No, they're actually snake like creatures that live as parasites of humans."

"What does that mean?" Alarette asked.

"Well, they, um, they kind of burrow under your skin and take over your body." Rodney said and saw the girl pale appreciably. "Someone who is inhabitied by a Goa'uld is much stronger than a normal human and will have the ability to use technology that humans can't."

Alarette seemed horrified. "I think I understand why you fled to our galaxy. You must have been disappointed to find the Wraith waiting."

"We didn't flee." Rodney said huffily. "If you must know. We defeated the Goa'uld. In fact, we've pretty much wiped them out." And Rodney allowed himself a smug smile.

"You did this?" Alarette actually sounded impressed.

"Well, not me single handedly but I did my part, yes." Rodney said. "Actually, the currently leader of the Atlantis expedition, Sam Carter, was one of a team that is most responsible for the defeat of the Goa'uld."

"He must be a very brave warrior." Alarette said, and there was actual respect in her voice.

"She is quite brave, and I guess you could call her a warrior but she didn't defeat the Goa'uld by shooting at them. Well, not just by shooting at them", Rodney amended. "There was quite often shooting involved. But that's not the point. The point is that most of the time she defeated them by outsmarting them. You see the Goa'uld and the Wraith have the same weakness."

"What?" Alarette asked. "What is it?"

"They just can't entertain the concept that humans might actually be smarter than them. But you know what? We are. In fact, I am. And one of these days this brain of mine is going to come up with an idea and we'll wipe out the Wraith just like we wiped out the Goa'uld."

Alarette regarded him seriously for a long moment.

"I believe you."

Rodney was surprised and a bit embarassed by the intensity of her statement. "Oh." He said lamely. "Well, um, thank you?"

"You said you have defeated the Goa'uld in your homeland?" Alarette asked.


"What is it like? The Milky Way? I'd wager it's very beautiful there." Alarette's voice took on a dreamy tone and Rodney reminded himself that she couldn't be more than fifteen.

"It's actually quite nice. My world is actually very beautiful." and Rodney sighed thinking of snow covered mountains and the sweet smell of damp fir trees.

"Rodney!" Rodney jerked out of his reverie hearing the fear and dread in Alarette's voice.

"I know. I can hear it, too." Rodney and Alarette stood and faced the strange web like door to the cell.

The Wraith were coming.

(to be continued...)