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Alyssa didn't wait long before Susan and Lucy came back in with the seamstress. And it wasn't long before I had an entire new wardrobe ready from me.

"Want me to show you around the grounds?" Lucy asked, as Susan bustled away from us. Alyssa nodded.

Lucy grabbed her arm and pulled her down the hall, towards the stairs. "Where are you two going?" A voice called.

"I'm going to show Alyssa around!" Lucy smiled at her older brother, who came over and threw his arm around her shoulders.

"Ah." Edmund said, giving Alyssa a half smile. He then looked at his younger. "Mind if I tag along, Lu?"

Lucy smiled up at her brother, her eyes shining. "Oh! Yes, you should come!" She then grabbed Alyssa's arm with one hand, then grabbed Edmund's with another, then pulled the two towards the stairs.

"This is the library." Lucy said, stopping at the first door. Thousands of books stared at Alyssa. She smiled, looking slightly in awe, and started to move forward. Edmund grabbed her arm, smirking.

"I guess you like to read?" He smirked.

Alyssa blushed slightly, immediately thinking of Chris, but she nodded again. Edmund kept smirking. "I do too." He told her. "But you have plenty time to look through all of them later." He looked back at his sister. "Continue."

She walked down the hall, "this is our personal dining hall-" the tour continued, taking longer than Alyssa thought it would. It really was a huge castle.

Edmund followed Lucy the entire time, though he had to have been bored. "Lets go outside!" Lucy finally announced.

Alyssa followed her, shaking her head and smiling. Edmund smirked. "Lets go." He told her, following his sister.

Alyssa followed the teenage boy, the very attractive teenage boy, outside. Lucy was still talking, pointing things out. Then they came upon the training grounds a few minutes later, and Edmund watched a couple of his soldiers sword fight. "His aim is off." Edmund muttered, mostly to himself. "And he is leaving to many openings…" He walked towards the two men, stopping their fight and demonstrating different moves.

"Edmund likes you." Alyssa jumped, looking towards Lucy as she also watched her older brother.


Lucy shrugged. "Edmund doesn't like many people." she told Alyssa, smiling brightly. "Actually, he doesn't really like anyone."

Alyssa frowned, slightly confused. "Really? He seems fine to me."

Lucy shrugged. "It is slightly strange. Like I said, he must like you."

"Who likes her?" Edmund asked, coming back over to the two girls.

"Everyone." Lucy answered promptly.

Edmund gave her a funny look and she just giggled. "Its almost time to eat!" Lucy said brightly. "We should all go change!"

Alyssa laughed, Edmund chuckled, then they both followed Lucy back to the castle.


Alyssa changed into one of her knew dresses, and ran a comb through her hair, then there was a slight knock on the door. Alyssa smiled at her reflection, then walked over and threw open the door.

Edmund looked slightly startled, then smirked slightly. "Want an escort to dinner?"

Alyssa nodded. "Of course, King Edmund."

He rolled his eyes. "Don't call me king please."

Alyssa just laughed and the two of them made their way towards the dining hall. "Okay, have fun in here." Edmund muttered.

"Why do you say that?"

Edmund shook his head. "High King Peter, the Magnificent."

Alyssa smirked at him. "Some unresolved issues between brothers."

Edmund shrugged. "He's just…to much sometimes."

Alyssa thought back to Megan. How she always treated her… "I understand that."

Edmund smiled at her, the first real smile she had seen . "Good."