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Edward chuckled, "I understand what you mean completely."

"What about this Denali? Tanya?" I asked, watching him carefully as we continued our wanderings through the trees.

Maybe I shouldn't have brought her up, for at the next moment, Edward was once again scowling. "At one point in time, Tanya wanted me to be her mate. However, when I refused she became upset and tried to change my mind. Even now she still vies after me, perhaps when I do find someone, someday, she will stop. While I am single, though, I remain a prize to her."

Looking up to the sky, I noticed morning was on its way. "Come on," I told Edward, "Alice will kill us if she doesn't get to pick out our outfits for school." He laughed, agreeing, before we began our walk back to the house, the birds beginning their morning songs.


Purgatory. Monotonous. Boring. Tedious. Routine. Wearing. Uneventful. Dreary. Dull. School. They were all synonyms for what took place between eight in the morning and three in the afternoon. The list ran on and on. Today was the last day before the Denali clan was coming, and apparently, Rose, Edward, and Emmett would be going on a weekend hunt. Carlisle had called them last night, and they headed out immediately. All of them.

Now, however, I was sitting in the school I had come to detest. Somehow, though, today was a different story, and I knew it was because I now had Edward in every single one of my classes.

How Alice could accomplish things, I had no idea, but either way, it ended up with me now sitting in English with Edward paired up with me for the newest assignment: Romeo and Juliet. A classic.

Two lovers forbidden to be with each other, now why did that sound familiar? It was the exact same way right now. I figured Edward and I couldnt' be together, because I could never bear it if someone were to use him in an attempt to get to me.

"Soft. What light through yonder window breaks? It is the East and Juliet is the sun." The words rolled off of Edward's tongue, as though they had been written for him to speak.

The rest of the morning coasted through, up until lunch when we were all together. For the first few days, there had been many stairs regarding the fact that I sat with the Cullens, since we had decided to keep it a secret that Jasper and I were related. Rosalie and I looked like complete opposites, so it wasn't really plausible with the story they were going on right now. Apparently, Rosalie and Jasper always pretended to be related.

Today, something was keeping the student body very preoccupied, and I noticed the girls and guys had somewhat separated from their normal tables. Turning to my family I asked, "Okay, what is happening?" It was not like me to be this confused.

All of them looked at me with their eyebrows raised slightly, "Wait, Bella when was the last time you said you went to school?" Jasper asked me.

Slightly ashamed, I put my head down, "Back when we were human." I mumbled to him.

"Seriously!? Jasper said, shocked.

"What! Lucky!" Emmett would be the one jealous of not going to school.

"I was always on the run." I pleaded with them to understand. "Therefore there was no time for me to attend school."

"So its been a good 200 years since you last studied?" Jasper asked, sympathetically.

"Oh no, I never said I haven't learned things, in fact I spent most of my time at the library in Volterra, plus Carlisle taught me quite a bit while I lived with him. Otherwise how on earth would I have even been able to attend school?" It was a rhetorical question. T

"Well Bella, in the time since we have been kids, a new tradition evolved called a school dance." Jasper said, smirking slightly.

"Like the Ball the Smiths used to have?" I vaguely recalled.

Alice practically screamed. "You haven't been to a modern dance! How in the world could you go over 200 years without dressing up?"

Rosalie shushed her immediately, "Could you be any more indiscreet?! Do you want us exposed!?"

In fact, quite a few members of the student body had, in fact, turned their heads to look at the mysterious Cullen clan, though they were doing an admirable job of trying to pretend they were looking elsewhere. However, us being a group of vampires, it was obvious what they were trying to do; the Cullens simply never got into fights, well, at least as far as they were aware.

Alice frowned at Rosalie's reprimand, offended by her sister. Of course, she couldn't understand how anybody could not want to dress up! I, on the other hand, had to stifle a laugh at the thought of wanting to get dressed up.

"Well, kind of, except the fact that its a bunch of rowdy, out-of-control teenagers all crammed together. But, then again, it is human tradition which all must experience." Jasper said, smirking slightly as he glanced at Alice.

"So that is the reason all of the students are huddled with people they normally hate?" I asked, passively, as I glanced around the room to see no change in the student's behavior from earlier.

"Exactly!" Jasper said, as though that explained everything. It didn't.

"So let me get this straight: In order for them to be asked by one of the guys, they are avoiding them altogether?" I said, incredulous. It didn't make any sense.

Emmett, somehow, found humor in my bewilderment, and let out a booming laugh which echoed throughout the now packed lunchroom. "Geez, your funny, Bella. Why didn't you find us earlier? Or why didn't Jasper.."

Rosalie cut him off with an elbow to his ribs, chastising, "Emmett, be quiet now before the entire world hears something they shouldn't!" She said through clenched teeth. "What is with you all today?" She admonished.

"Sorry, Rose." Alice and Emmett apologized, bowing their heads.

"Anyway, now that the two of you are done," Jasper frowned at Emmett and Rose before turning back to me. "Hmm, Bella its hard to explain..."

"Basically, all of humanity is twisted upside down for the few weeks before a dance, and then afterwards, everything goes back to normal." Edward said, clarifying for Jasper.

"Alright." I said slowly, still not understanding, but maybe this was one of those weird traditions that no one really understood. Back in my time, a gentlemen called on the father of a girl he thought was pretty, and asked permission to escort her to the ball. The father gave his answer, and the girl had no choice but to comply. Simple.

"So are you all going to the dance?" I asked, curious.

"Of course!" Alice responded immediately.

From the side of the table, where Rose was examining her reflection in a spoon, she simply shrugged. Instead I turned to Emmett who winked.

"Hey Rose." he said, not so quietly but at least this time it didn't catch the attention of the entire cafeteria. She turned to him immediately. "Do you want to go to the dance with me?"

Rose smiled, "Sure." Before resuming looking at her appearance.

"What about you, Edward?" I asked.

Next to me, Edward shifted slightly. "Well there is a possibility..." he trailed off.

"Jessica Stanley planning on asking you and you don't want to turn her down, again?" I questioned jokingly, For I had now heard about the girl's insistent begging, poor thing.

"Well..." Edward replied. I gasped as he fidgeted. "Just joking." he said smiling at me, no it was my turn to elbow someone in the ribs. "Hey!" he said, faking hurt, while rubbing his side.

I just laughed. "Okay, no seriously, are you going?" I was curious, I had to admit.

"I might ask this one girl." he said seriously, looking at me. Instantaneously, I felt an unknown emotion: jealousy. Was it one of the Denali girls? I knew it couldn't be Tanya, or Irina, but that did leave Kate, could he be wanting to ask Kate?

Around the table, I heard a couple of gasps, however I ignored them.

"Oh really?" I asked, keeping my voice light with all the force I could muster. "Is she.. like us?" I questioned, turning my eyes from his, hoping to keep my emotions a secret for at least a while longer. Instead, I focused at the food on the plate in front of me which I doubt was edible even to humans.

"Yes, she is." He said softly. I didn't ask anymore questions, I didn't think I could handle it.

Thankfully, I didn't have to try long, for in the next moment the bell rang for the next class, giving me an excuse to move away from the group. Quickly, I disposed of my food and calmed myself, before heading back to the family before they grew suspicious.

"There you are." I heard Edward say, walking over to me. "Come on, we are going to be late." he said; I felt a little shock as he placed my hand in his his.

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