Author's note: Just for your information, this story may be a little...different than my usual. I feel, (of course, sometimes my feelings a tad off-course) that this is a little darker and out of character for Max. I can't judge how well I handled the situation I put her in, so let's just see how it all goes, shall we? Oh, and each title is, from what I feel to be (or perhaps just my favorite), the main song for each chapter.

Music suggestions: 'Broken road' by 12 Stones, 'Bad girlfriend' by Theory of a Deadman, 'Scars' by Papa Roach, 'The diary of Jane' by Breaking Benjamin.

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Chapter 1: Bad Girlfriend

"I'm sorry, Max." Logan said quietly, remorse and pain lacing his words. He took a step towards her and reached out to touch her arm, but hesitated and backed away when her usual reaction of recoiling away from his touch mixed with his declaration in the expression on her face.

Whenever she thought of breaking up with Logan, she was always the dumper, for lack of a better word. It made a weird sort of sense that the tables were turned on her for once, but never had she thought that she would be on the receiving end of an 'It's not you, it's me' speech.

"You're breaking up. Breaking up with me." Max asked more as a statement, astonishment gracing her features with a frown appearing and a hand held up in front of her as if to ward him off even though he hadn't made a move. Shaking her head and laughing at the irony of the situation sardonically, her gaze then lifted from the floor to his and met it squarely.

"You know what? Nevermind. I've gotta blaze." Max said smartly before he could reply. With that she turned on her heel and left, Logan's voice calling out after her and the slamming door.

There were other ways to deal with the pain.


Alec stared on in a mixture of confusion and fascination as he stared out at the dance floor at a sight that he was sure would guarantee his being unable to get it up for any other woman except for the one currently holding his attention.

Max was out at the center of the dance floor, drawing all eyes to her and the three guys flanking her. She was grinding up against each and every one of them all in turn. He'd have thought that she'd long been pissed off by all the grabbing and groping and messed them all up for even breathing the same air as her. However, she seemed to be quite the opposite, reveling in it and sharing whatever part of her body they wished to touch.

She had to be drunk or high. Both. Definitely both. Somehow she'd found a way. There was no other explanation for such un-Max like behavior. He could honestly say he'd never seen, nor even considered, the Max that was currently gyrating her ass almost indecently against the guy with shaggy blond hair standing flush behind her with her arms draped over the shoulders of a well-built guy with close cropped brown hair in front of her, losing herself to the pulsing beat of the classic early 21st century rock song as the third guy in the group merely groped at whatever he could get his hands on while moving around enough to still call it dancing.

The only thing stopping him from storming over and breaking up the fully clothed orgy was the aching hard-on he was currently sporting and what that all lead to.

He was jealous. And horny as all hell for the one woman that refused to look at him twice without scowling and cursing him.

Deep down he liked to think she really did care...but he wasn't about to hold his breath.

He tried to look away, he really did. Especially since he could hear something that remotely resembled his name being thrown out from somewhere, but that sense was being redirected at the moment. He knew full well that if her attitude took a one-eighty, extracting herself from the situation would not be a problem. It was Max after all. She didn't need his protection. Or his preoccupation. If he didn't look away, his situation wouldn't go away after all, but his eyes weren't listening to his brain and continued sending feedback directly south.

That is, until OC suddenly appeared in his line of vision blocking his view. Frowning, his gaze was finally forced upward to look at OC expectantly, waiting for her to speak.

"Is there something you needed to say, or were you just looking for some action and finally came to your senses about which side you should be pulling from?" Alec said lightly, both irritated and glad for OC's interruption. He would have to give her a hug someday. When he was in a better mood.

And suddenly became a hugging person.

"She's turning into her nearest and dearest fellow X5." OC said shortly, ignoring his response and the fact that it'd taken her nearly five minutes to get his attention, instead giving him a look that left little doubt as to who she was referring to.

"Really?" Alec said, totally confused as to what she was going on about. Had she been talking to him before she made herself visible? Had he really been that distracted? "Who? I'm totally lost."

"Max, you fool. She's turning into you." OC said in a frustrated tone. Really. What was it about her that attracted all the attention-deficit X5s?

"Oh, right. I hadn't noticed." Alec said, slightly sarcastically but still not understanding the point of the conversation.

OC rolled her eyes in exasperation. "She's trying to break your Guinness book record in the sex department."

"Oh, you mean my 'Whore of the year' award is up for challenge?" Alec jaunted in a mock-worried tone, his tone definitely dripping with sarcasm.

"This ain't no joke, pretty boy. I don't know why she doin' it, but she actin' like she in some uncontrollable heat cycle. And I know for a fact that she isn't. She's been goin' like this for weeks nonstop. Now I understand scratching an itch. Hell, I even advised her to get back in the game and have a few fiery flings. But she's been bringing a different man home just about every night she decides to come back to the apartment. And I don't wanna know what she's up to when she doesn't come home some nights. I'm worried about her. She can't keep this up, she's not the 'party all night, chasing tail' type." OC explained in a chastising tone, her expression dead-serious.

"She's a big girl, OC. If this is how she wants to deal with Logan breaking up with her, then all the more power to her. Sure, it blows being on the receiving end of the break-up, I'm not saying it doesn't. But what exactly do you want me to do about it?" Alec replied with a hint of irritation. Thinking about Max having sex with other men rubbed his inner animal the wrong way. "Let her mount every man in Seattle. Why am I suddenly the only one that can solve all her damn problems?"

"Boy, if I knew it would make any difference, I would so put a hurtin' on yo' smartass." OC bit out tightly, her eyes narrowing in anger. "My boo may have her problems, but you have no right to go all hypocritical on her. She may ride your ass, and you may not like it. That ain't my deal. What I do know though is that...she don't have anyone else. Right now, you're all she's got. Who else is gonna help my girl?" OC finished defeatedly.

"She just needs a little reminder of who she is." OC added encouragingly after a moment as Alec thought about what she'd said.

"You do realize that you're asking me to tell Max to lay off of all the philandering right?" Alec asked dubiously, gesturing to no one in particular with his scotch glass.

OC smiled sagely.

"It'll be just the slap in the face she needs." OC countered smartly.


"Max, we need to talk." Alec called out when he spotted Max at her front door. He'd finally decided to give in to OC and went to talk to Max. Thankfully, she appeared to be alone.

"I'm afraid you're gonna have to get in line." Max said irritably, gesturing to Logan as she attempted to unlock her door.

Or perhaps not so alone.

"Logan?" Alec said disbelievingly. Weren't they supposed to be avoiding each other? Aside from the breaking up part. Max was still fatal to Logan's health after all.

"Max," Logan said pleadingly, his hands moving around wildly in emphasis to his continuing lecture. "You can't keep this up forever. You're hurting yourself more than you're hurting anyone else. Alec's response to life shouldn't be yours as well." Pointing to Alec as he finished speaking.

"Hey!" Alec said, almost indignantly, "I resent that. It's not as if sex is all I do."

"Well, it is the truth for the most part." Logan said in an apologetic tone, barely even glancing in Alec's direction when he said this.

Alec shrugged in a semi-accepting gesture, shaking his head back and forth as if weighing the truth of the words.

"If you boys don't mind, I'd like to get inside my apartment and crash for awhile. It is rather late after all and the bills don't pay themselves. So...your leaving would be great." Max said mock-lightly, shaking one hand in a dismissive shooing gesture as she finally got her door open and took a step inside.

Almost as if it were a reflexive gesture, Logan reached out and grabbed Max's arm to stop her.

"Max, wait. I..." Logan trailed off once he realized what he'd done.

Max turned ever-so-slightly, confusion crossing her features. An eternity seemed to pass as she tried to figure out what didn't feel right. Her eyes locked onto the hand grasping her bare forearm, unable to connect what was wrong with the gesture until Alec jumped between them and split the contact, catching Logan as he fell to the floor, already convulsing and going into shock.

Time seemed to realign itself and broke Max from her trance.

"Inside. Now." Max ordered, flattening herself against the door to allow Alec to pass, dragging Logan along with his arms hooked under the other's armpits. She closed the door behind her as Alec laid Logan down on the couch. Max jogged into her bedroom and retrieved the blood transfusion kit from underneath her bed and carried it back out to the common area where Alec stood, watching over Logan studiously.

Max motioned for Alec to sit in the kitchen chair she'd pulled up on her way back out and knelt down to open up the kit.

"You have a blood transfusion kit? In your apartment?" Alec asked, at this point not really surprised by anything involving Max.

"I would say the situation called for one, don't you?" Max countered shortly, feeding the supply end of the needle into his arm. Handing the receiving end to Alec, she gestured for him to finish the process of attaching it to Logan. He got up and fed the line without complaint.

Max sat as far away from Logan as possible without losing sight of him. Minutes passed and Max sat on the edge of the couch watching as Alec's blood flowed down the line and into Logan, both sitting quietly, afraid to break the silence that hung in the air.

Slowly but surely, the tremors that racked Logan's body began to subside and the red splotches that had marred his skin began to fade.

Alec looked over to Max who had her head hung over in her hands with her fingers buried in her hair. He looked on for a moment, a mixture of pity and understanding swirling over his face.

"Max?" Alec called out gently. She looked up, her face visibly red even in the darkness. His breath hitched in his chest when he saw the pain that was getting harder and harder for her to conceal. "You should probably call that doctor friend of Logan's that's familiar with the virus. And find some way to get Logan to the hospital. Find some way to contact Asha. She should be able to help us out there. I'll finish up here." Alec finished talking and tapped at the line between him and Logan.

Max nodded mutely and looked around helplessly for a moment, looking for a phone. Alec reached into his jacket pocket with his free hand and pulled out his cell phone and tossed it to her.

"Here. Keep it for now. I'll get it back later."

Max smiled slightly, looking down at the phone in her hands. Looking as if he'd forgotten something, Alec turned around.

"Oh, and Max?" Alec said, his eyes dancing with mirth yet a serious expression on his face, "Lay off all the sex and seduction. It's making me look bad."


Well? What do you all think? As to the virus and blood transfusion kit and such, I'm making it all up as I go. I really have no idea as to all that stuff. I just wrote down what sounded good at the time. So...until next time...