This is a story for my bud Duskblood(I promised it to you, and here it is). I really hope that everyone likes it! On with the story! Get the monkeys' opinion at the end of each chapter!

Also, I'd like to say that there are two ways of torturing the Monkey Team. Mentally and Physically.

Mentally is like making fun of them like those truth or dare stories. They don't cause them physical harm.

Physically is actual harm such as scratches, bruises, etc.

So, a warning. This story will included both of these tortures. And the physical stuff will be more than just a bruise. But I'll try to make it low key.

I also apologize for this long authors note, on with the story!


It was peaceful day in space. The Super Robot was flying toward Shuggazoom. Chiro and Sparx was playing a video game, Nova was doing battle practice, Otto was building a moon buggy, Gibson was performing an experiment, and Antauri was meditating. Then the alarm went off, and the Super Robot started shaking from the impact of a missile. The video game screen was replaced with an image of an attacker.

"What's going on?!" Chiro shouted.

"There's a warship attacking us!" Gibson replied.

"Hyper Force, Go!" Chiro said. "Prepare to disengage."

When the Monkey Team faced the warship, it was bigger than they thought, bigger than the Super Robot in Shinder Mode.

"Whoa, that's big," Sparx said amazed.

"Perhaps we should attempt to communicate," Antauri suggested.

"Warship! We are the Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force! Why are you attacking us?" Chiro said.

"Robot Monkeys, eh?" was the reply. Then, they started firing more missiles at the Monkey Team.

"Not exactly a friendly hello!" Sparx said, dodging.

"I'm going to try to destroy their missile launchers! Gibson, cover me!" Antauri said, also dodging.

"Roger!" Gibson said. They flew by the warship, which automatically started attacking them. Many missiles flew and Gibson started to blow them up. One of them didn't get destroyed and ended up hitting close to one of Antauri's engines.

"Antauri! Gibson, get out of there!" Chiro shouted. Gibson got away quick but Antauri circled around the warship, then went to Chiro.

"Monkey Team, I saw something. There're were other robot monkey's in there," Antauri said, sidetracked.

"Never mind them. They're probably helping them attack us! I'm going in Otto, Nova, watch my back!" Chiro ordered.

"Got it!" They said.

They went to the warship, and started attacking. Then, I giant claw come out of the side of the warship and grabbed the Torsal Tank.

"Chiro!" The monkeys yelled. A large speaker came out of the warship.

"Surrender! Or the boy will experience more pain that he has ever imagined!" The voice said. Wires connected themselves to the Torsal Tank and a great electric shock went though the wires and into the Torsal Tank and Chiro.

"Monkey Team! Don't do it!" Chiro screamed. The pain was unbearable, but losing them would make death look like a holiday. Though against his orders, the cruisers and flyers came to a stop.

Other giant claws came out of the warship and grabbed the monkeys. The warship reeled them in, but the Torsal Tank went into a different area then the others.

And that was the last time they saw him.


The vehicles came to a stop and the monkeys got out, their hands above their heads in surrender. More metal claws came, only this time, they were smaller. They stripped the monkey's of their jetpacks and put electric metal bands an their neck and wrists.

They were taken, by guards, to a prison room and put in separate cells, all facing each other so they could speak. When the last guard left and stationed himself in front of the door, they began to speak.

"Now what!" Sparx said.

"Antauri, can you use the Power Primate to find Chiro?" Gibson asked.

"Yeah, we need to find Chiro!" Nova added. Antauri closed his eyes and things went silent for a while, then he opened his eyes.

"Did you find him?" Otto asked. Then Antauri said the unthinkable.

"I…I no longer sense Chiro's presence. He could be…"


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