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Warning: Cursing.


A voice of a prisoner can be heard if you listen hard enough. The warden's guards always come closer to hear it, but they never understand it. It's only one word.


None of the guards knew what it meant, and the word was only said once every night. It would be followed by a very faint rustling sound and a sigh. Then the cold silence returned again. Same word, every night. The guards didn't know what to do. Should they tell the simian to keep quiet? Should they just leave him alone? They decided to just do nothing. They would find out eventually.

"Now?" the voice asked. The guards expected that question. What they didn't expect was an answer.

"Yes Otto, it's time."


The warden was lounging in his luxurious quarters, doing nothing but sipping a shot of vodka. Then, a loud explosion was heard, rocking the warship. The drink spilled on him, and he stood up angrily. A guard came in, looking flustered. He made a curt salute.

"Sir! The slaves a rebelling!" he said quickly. The warden looked at him irritated.

"Is that why you are interrupting me? They have collars! Just order them to stop!" he said as if the answer was obvious.

However, the guard showed him four collars. The warden noticed that the number of monkeys and the number of collars wasn't the same. That could only mean one thing. He growled.

"Not anymore sir." The warden grabbed a laser gun and strapped it to his side.

"Then I'll kill them myself."


Antauri sighed as he looked at the screen before him. No word from Nova, Otto, and Zena. He was sure they weren't dead, for he could feel the Power Primate coursing through them. Gibson was typing furiously onto the computer of the Super Robot.

"Gibson, don't strain yourself. You're still recovering," Crystal said. Gibson continued to type.

"I've found them," he said. All heads shot up toward him. The screen changed to see a picture of their living hell. Surprisingly, they could see smoke coming off of it. Then, there was an explosion.

"Well, I guess that their sigh," Sparx said. "Let's go help them!"

"Setting a course to the warship."


"Move your tail human!" Zena yelled as gunfire went passed her. Chiro dodged before beams were going to hit key points in his body. He took out the guard gun strapped to his side and started shooting, hitting every time.

"Whirling Destructo Saws!" Otto shouted as green blades whirled passed Chiro, expertly hitting the guards.

"Torpedo Hammer!" Nova responded, clearing out the hall.

"Pathetic, human. You can't shot someone if your life depended on it, which it does," Zena said, looking at the guard who was getting up, groaning. There was a bullet wound on his side. Chiro put away his gun.

"You want me to kill them? Besides, I didn't see you do anything," Chiro stated. Zena narrowed her eyes and walked over to the guard. He looked up at her right before she kicked him squarely in the face. He fell back and was unconscious. She held up her for a second before placing it down.

"Unless you want the same, human, stay out of my way," Zena said.

"Hey, you wouldn't even have this chance to escape if it wasn't for me!" Chiro yelled at her.


"Okay, so the biggest problem are these collars," Nova said simply. "How are we going to get them off?"

"Hey, don't forget, you've got an inside guy," Chiro said, pointing to himself with is thumb. "All I have to do is act as if I'm on his side."

"Why would you need to act, human?" Zena said scornfully. Chiro stared at her and she stared back, challenging him.

"Aw! C'mon guys! There's no need to fight!" Otto said. Zena did nothing but look away. Nova sighed.

"Okay Chiro, we'll count on you," she said. "After that, the plan will be much simpler."

-Two Months Later-

Chiro walked down the corridors of the Warship, saluting to his 'superiors', and made his way to the prison cell. The monkeys were stretching, ready to do battle activities. Chiro threw them a set of keys. The monkeys immediately started unlocking their collars and throwing them to the ground.

"I couldn't get the keys to the cell, so we'll have to use this." Chiro held up an object and Otto grinned.

"Dynamite. Sweet." Thus starting the battle with a bang.

-End Flashback-

"A lot of good that did. The objective was to make a small of an impression as possible," Zena said coldly. "But you just had to create the loudest noise possible. Round of applause human. You win the 'making-an-ass-of-yourself' award." Chiro's hand sparked green energy and blasted it toward Zena. She hit a wall, then fell. Taking a couple deep breaths, she got up slowly, glaring at him, but saying nothing.

"If anyone here is an ass, it's you!" Chiro growled at her. Nova suddenly stepped in between them, her face terrifying.

"Quit it you two! Both of you are asses for fighting about something as stupid as that! That's the pass, so deal with now! And now, we have to get out of here! If you both insist on fighting, maybe you should both stay instead of delaying us!" she yelled at them. Chiro and Zena stared at her before Zena looked away.

"Whatever, let's just get going," she said, going in the direction of the docking bay.

The plan was simple. They were going to hijack a space cruiser, that Otto was going to hotwire, then contact the Monkey Team to get away.

But then, nothing can be that easy.

They went through multiple halls; never being able to find the exits, but always running into guards. Their stamina was running low, making them slower and weaker.

"Oh man! Did the exit move or something?" Otto complained after fighting off the next horde of guards. "How many guards are there?"

"The last head count was one hundred people," Chiro replied.

"All of that for three simians?" Nova asked surprised. He shrugged.

"Big ship," he replied.

"We're going to wear out at this point. We need to rest," Zena said, sitting down and leaning against the wall. The others did the same.

"This is taking longer than planned," Chiro said.

"Yeah. From what I know, the docking bay is at least fifteen minutes away if we bust our tail. Probably longer though," Zena said.

"Is their a possible shortcut?" Chiro asked. Zena shook her head.

"No likely. I've been in these parts many times. If there were a shortcut, I would have found it by now," she said. Both of them paused a moment.

"Did we just have a normal, civil conversation?" Chiro asked amazed. Zena stood up.

"Don't get used to it."


The four of them continued to run down the halls, somewhat refreshed after their break. The guards were defeated easily, a little too easily, however they didn't want to jinx it. It was too late for that.

"Stop, simians!"

The three simians and human stopped dead. The warden was standing right in front of them, a strange combination of a smirk and a scowl.

"You three have caused many problems for me. You should be destroyed." He looked at Chiro. "And treachery is a death penalty as well. You will regret that. I promise you that. But then, you don't have the time to regret." Quick as lightning, he drew out his gun and aimed at Chiro's head.

"Move it human!" Zena yelled at him, pushing him out of the way. Chiro rolled away, quickly regaining his balance. He fashioned a orb of green energy, before shooting it at the warden.

"Monkey Fu!" he yelled. The warden jumped back, dodging the attack. He shot toward Nova, who was barely able to dodge.

"Scritch-Scratch Doom Thrower!" The warden tried to jump back, but was able to cut his arm.

"Damn you simian," he said, sparing a glance at his arm. While he was distracted, Nova used her fists to punch the warden in the back. Zena kicked him in the stomach before he could recover. The breath was knocked out of him and was breathing heavily.

"Can't say I'm surprised Angel," Zena taunted. "I knew you terrible at fighting. You get your ass kicked pretty fast." The warden shifted a little bit, then surprised her by grabbing her ankles and throwing her into a wall. She groaned, trying to get up, but failing.

"It is foolish to think I could be defeated so easily, simian," he said, getting. He looked at his three standing opponents. He went into an offensive stance. The others did the same, staring at him.

The warden charged. He kicked Otto into the air, then grabbed his arm and threw him onto Chiro. He punched Nova before she was able to counter attack. Otto charged, saws prepared and threw them at him. The warden took out his gun and shot both of them in midair. Zena, now able to get up, ran over to punch him, but ended up getting kicked him the stomach, falling again. This time, she didn't try to get up. The warden pointed his gun at her.

"I should have killed you a long time ago." he said, cocking the gun.

"Monkey Fu!"

A large blast of green energy blasted the warden's side. Zena turned her head weakly to see Chiro still in the position of firing. He looked at her.

"I owed you," he said simply and helped her get up. The warden was groaning behind them. He got up slowly, a crazed look on his face.

"You think you can beat ME? I don't thin-" BANG! The warden stopped talking at a bullet shot him in the middle of the forehead. He crumpled onto the ground. Chiro looked at Zena, who was firmly holding the laser gun in one hand.

"You've done enough," she whispered, then added a little louder. "We need to get out of here. Are we okay?"

"My leg feels weird," Otto responded. Nova went over to him. Chiro noticed Zena's arm was in an awkward, but didn't say anything about it.

"C'mon guys, let's go."


Otto was limping, with Nova supporting him. Zena was holding her arm in pain. Chiro was in the front, leading.

"The docking bay is up ahead!" he yelled behind him. Nova nodded while Otto winced. Surprisingly, there were no guards present, not as if they were in any condition to fight. There was just one problem.

"Where are the ships?" Otto asked confused. Zena swore.

"They must have fled. They must have heard that a bunch of rebellious monkeys and a kid were tearing this place up. They were trying to protect their own skin," Nova thought out loud.

"So now what?" Chiro asked. Otto suddenly thought of something.

"Chiro, do you still have some of that dynamite?" he asked. Chiro took out a small stick.

"It isn't a whole lot though," he warned. Otto looked at it.

"It'll work. Nova, put me down," he said. Nova was hesitant, but finally did what he asked. "I need you to find mechanical parts. Anything." Nova looked at him, then went to look, Chiro following him. Zena stayed and went toward him.

"Otto, what are you planning on doing?" she asked. He looked up at her, grinning mischievously.

"I'm gonna build a flare." Zena suddenly had the same grin.

Chiro and Nova came back with various wires and bolts. Zena explained Otto's plan, and they just smiled.


"Are we there yet?" Sparx complained. Gibson sighed for the umpteenth time.

"We're two minutes away, but that not going to help. If we barge in their, not only is that suicidal, but we could risk the safety of their lives," he explained. Crystal chuckled at both Sparx's and Gibson's impatience. Antauri and Xyon just looked at the screen.

"Can you still sense their presence?" Xyon asked him.

"Yes, I can. In fact, their presence is even stronger than before. I can also sense something quite… familiar," Antauri responded. Everyone looked at the screen, waiting for something and their impatience was growing.

Suddenly, there was a burst of light and a blast. Everyone was alert.

"Was that a signal?" Crystal asked, intent on what was happening.

"It was coming from the docking bay," Gibson added.

"Nova, Otto, and Zena?" Sparx asked. Antauri commanded the Super Robot to go toward that direction. They were vaguely aware that there was no enemy fire of any sort. The Super Robot stopped a few yards away from the door of the docking bay. Said door suddenly opened widely to show the faces of Nova, Zena, Otto, and… Chiro.

"Is that Chiro?!" Gibson demanded.

"The kid's alive!" Sparx shouted, smiling. The Super Robot created a bridge from it to them. The four of them quickly ran over to the Robot and were greeted with tackles.

"Nova! Are you alright? Have any injuries that need healing?" Sparx said, semi-flirting. Nova punched him in the arm.

"You wish," she said before she hugged him. Sparx hesitated a moment in shock, then hugged back.

Xyon and Crystal walked up to Zena. They hugged and talked a little bit. Crystal was looking at her arm.

Gibson greeted Otto, who promptly tackled him and embraced him tightly. Otto was teary and Gibson was calming him down.(1)

Antauri walked up to Chiro and hugged him. He didn't say anything, just hugged him. Chiro smiled softly and hugged him back.


By the time Crystal and Gibson dealt with their injuries, Otto on crutches, Zena with a cast on her arm, the goodbyes were said.

"Will you be okay?" Nova asked, seeing Crystal and Xyon to their own ship.

"We'll be fine Nova. Don't worry. We're going to be going back to my planet. I'm sure my folks are worried about me. I also need to tell hem about Kenny," she said. Everyone - minus Zena - looked at her confused.

"Her brother," Xyon said, and they relaxed, remembering.

"It was fun while it lasted," Crystal said, looking at Zena.

"But let's not do it again," Zena agreed smiling. Crystal and Xyon laughed. They got onto the ship and closed the door behind them. They waved goodbye as they left.

"That's my cue to leave," Zena murmured. Everyone looked at her.

"Are you sure you'll be able to control it with one arm?" Antauri asked. Zena flexed her hand. Making it into a fist, then stretching it out. She suddenly grinned ruefully.

"Don't worry. I'll be fine. If I really need to, I'll use it," she said.

"Whatcha gonna do?" Otto asked. Zena thought about it a minute.

"There were two other robot monkeys that were enslaved. They're working somewhere on another planet. I plan on rescuing them. They'll be as happy as hell when they find out the warden's dead," she replied. Sparx murmured an agreement.

She walked onto the platform to the ship, then suddenly looked back at Chiro. He looked at her, ready for whatever smart comment she was ready to say.

"You're not bad Chiro," Zena said instead. "That is, for a human." Chiro smirked.

Zena walked onto the ship and shut the door, not waving, just smirking. Her ship went and the whole thing was officially over.


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