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Chapter 1

'I'm so bored.' thought Inuyasha as he lay on his bed. It was summertime, but Inuyasha had nothing to do. He planned to spend the summer with his best friend Miroku, but found out that he was spending the summer with his grandparents in America. Sango was spending the summer with her parents in Europe. Before school ended, Inuyasha broke up with Kikyo. He found her kissing his enemy Koga. Now Inuyasha was all alone for the whole summer. Sighing, he got up. 'I wonder if anybody is online.' He walked over to his computer and sat in the chair. He checked to see if anybody was on, but found no one. He decided to search the web. After fifteen minutes Inuyasha was about to give up when something caught his eye. He stopped scrolling and read the title of the website.

"Find your friend or soul mate." he read out loud. "What a dumb title for a website." But something told him to click on it. When he did, he made an account with the screen name: Big dog. He sat back and waited for someone to message him. A few minutes later, someone with the screen name: Innocent Angel messaged him.

Innocent Angel: cool screen name

Big dog: thanks and its true

Innocent Angel: what's true?

Big dog: I'm a big dog

Innocent Angel: *rolls eyes*

Big dog: what's that suppose 2 mean

Innocent Angel: nothing

Big dog: what about yours

Innocent Angel: what about it

Big dog: I seriously doubt that it's true

Innocent Angel: oh really

Big dog: *grins*

Innocent Angel: anyway, what brings u here?

Big dog: boredom, its summertime and I have nothing 2 do. All my friends left me

Innocent Angel: u poor thing

Big dog: yep, I found this website and thought this would keep me entertained 4 awhile

Innocent Angel: u must b really bored

Big dog: sure am, so y r u on this website

Innocent Angel: well, it's the only way I can talk 2 my friends besides phone

Big dog: I take it that u don't live near them

Innocent Angel: yep

Big dog: where do u live

Innocent Angel: I live in America while my friends live in Japan

Big dog: I live in Japan. R u friends with a girl name Sango

Innocent Angel: yea, how u know

Big dog: she talks about her friend that lives in the states and how much she misses her

Innocent Angel: yep, that's Sango. Well, it's getting late here

Big dog: r u on every day?

Innocent Angel: yea

Big dog: well I guess I'll talk 2 u later

Innocent Angel: yea

Big dog: b4 u go, can u tell me ur name

It took her a while before she replied.

Innocent Angel: it's Kagome

Big dog: my name is Inuyasha

Innocent Angel: well talk 2 u late Inuyasha

Big dog: u 2 Kagome

Inuyasha exit the website and leaned against his chair.

"Kagome," he said softly. He wondered what she looked like. 'Maybe this summer won't be so boring after all.' he thought smiling.