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Chapter 15

"Inuyasha! Inuyasha, wake up please."

Slowly, he regained consciousness. His head was pounding, but when he tried to touch his head to see if it was bleeding he realized that his hands were restrained. In fact, they were cuffed behind his back and his feet were also bound. Groaning, Inuyasha rolled onto his side and came face to face with a crying Kagome. She looked just like she did in the picture Naraku had sent him, except, fresh tears were streaming down her face.

"Thank Kami you're awake."

"W-What happened?" He swallowed several times. His throat was dry and he was trying to breathe, but the position he was in was making it hard.

"When you opened the door, Naraku was waiting for you."

He sighed. Should have known this was going to happen. He tested the cuffs, pulling his hands apart, it caused him pain. Exhausted, he just laid there.

"Why did you come for me Inuyasha?" He barely heard the question. "I left to protect you."

"I love you Kagome. Don't you get it? You mean the world to me. I'm sorry that I haven't been able to protect you."

"You always protect me. Just this once, I thought I could protect you." She gave him a sad smile. Her life would be meaningless if Inuyasha died. Kagome didn't care what Naraku did to her. As long as her mother, Inuyasha and his family were safe, she was content.

"I will get us out of here Kagome. Have faith in me. Don't think that stupid fool got the best of me." Inuyasha looked around the room for something to help them out. Sadly, there was nothing but an empty chair in a corner and a small window too high to reach.

Kagome tried to smile but failed. She was at least happy to see Inuyasha one last time.

"Ah, I see you're finally awake." Naraku had entered the room and kneeled in front of Inuyasha. He gripped him by the chin. "My Kagome, you did pick a handsome one."

Inuyasha twisted his head away from his touch and growled. "Don't. Touch. Me."

"And he has a lot of fire for someone that is tied up."

"Naraku, please don't hurt him."

"Now why would I listen to you Kagome?" He stood up and kicked Inuyasha in the stomach. "You haven't been a good girl."


"You bastard," Inuyasha growled out. Naraku grabbed Inuyasha by the hair and sat him up, pulling his head back to look at him.

"I would shut my mouth if I was you."

"Go to hell!" Inuyasha said defiantly before Naraku struck him across the face.

"Please Naraku, stop!" Kagome was crying again. "I will do what you want, just stop!" she sobbed.

"I wonder." He calmed his self and smiled at Inuyasha. "Instead of punishing you, I should punish sweet Kagome." Naraku walked over to her.

"Don't you dare touch her!"

"Shall I take her in front of you Inuyasha? I bet you would love that; Kagome crying for help and you not being able to do anything about it but watch." Naraku cupped Kagome's face in his hands. "I'm amazed that you made it this far Inuyasha. And here I was doubting you." He kissed Kagome on the cheek and stood. "What to do, oh, what to do?" He paced the floor.

"You can give me Kagome and I will think about letting you live."

"Arrogant till the end I see. Have you forgotten that I have the upper hand?"

"That's what you think." Inuyasha smirked. "You're scared, I can smell it. That little tough guy act is pointless. You know I will take you down. Just because I'm tied up doesn't save you from my wrath." He was kicked in the stomach.

"You filthy half-demon." He continued to kick Inuyasha over and over and over again. Kagome continued to scream in the background. Inuyasha tried to remain conscious; blood was seeping out of his mouth. Naraku finally tired and stopped. His breathing was heavy as he stared down at Inuyasha. Reaching in his pocket, he pulled out a knife and walked back over to Kagome and held it against her throat. "Don't underestimate me Inuyasha." He pressed the blade against Kagome neck, creating a small cut. "I will kill her right now. Any last words half-breed?"

Inuyasha gazed at Kagome, coughing up blood. He sent her a smile and sat up weakly. "Kagome," he was breathing heavy and his vision was beginning to blur. "Close your eyes and count to three."

"What are you getting at? Do you think you can still save her?"

"What's the matter Naraku? Do you think something is going to happen?" Naraku just glared at him.

By now Kagome had already closed her eyes and whispered: "One…two…three." Naraku stiffened, but relaxed.

He began laughing and stood. "You see, nothing happened, noth-" There was a crash and Naraku's body fell, unmoving. The door burst opened and in came Sesshomaru along with several other men.

Inuyasha grinned. "I knew you were going to come Sesshomaru. Right on time."

"You stupid fool." Sesshomaru broke the bounds on Inuyasha. "Didn't I tell you to call me if you found anything?"

"I couldn't, he was going to hurt Kagome. I knew you would find me though." Sesshomaru walked over to Kagome and freed her. He took his coat off and covered her. Kagome stood on wobbly legs and made her way over to Inuyasha.

"Kagome, I'm going to take you to the ambulance outside. I will bring Inuyasha after."


"Go Kagome, I'm fine." Inuyasha smiled. She gave him once last look before allowing Sesshomaru to escort her outside. Inuyasha placed his hand on his stomach. Naraku got him good. It was finally over, Naraku was dead and he could no longer harm Kagome or her family. Inuyasha rested his head against the wall and closed his eyes. She was safe.

"Stay awake, Inuyasha." He opened them back up and found Sesshomaru lifting him. He put Inuyasha's right arm over his shoulder and placed his left hand on Inuyasha's waist to keep balance."

"Is she okay?"

"Yes, the ambulance took her to the hospital."


"How did you know I was coming?"

"I know you put a tracker in my phone." Sesshomaru smiled at Inuyasha's comment. "Thank you for saving her Sesshomaru."

They were outside. Inuyasha squinted against the sunlight. "You're the one that saved her. I just made a kickass entrance." Inuyasha chuckled and closed his eyes. "Inuyasha?" he slumped against Sesshomaru. "Inuyasha!"

Inuyasha felt something wet against his cheek. He groaned and tried to open his eyes. He heard someone crying. Kagome? After what felt like forever, Inuyasha was able to prey his eyes open and found Kagome leaning against him crying.

"Why are you crying love?"

Kagome looked up shocked. "Inuyasha, you're awake!" He flattened his ears against his head. "Sorry."

"Of course I'm awake."

"You've been unconscious for two weeks."

"Two weeks?"

Kagome placed a gentle kiss on his lips. "I was so scared."

"Are you alright Kagome?" she nodded. Inuyasha sat up, hissing in pain.

"Be careful," she helped him until he was comfortable again. Inuyasha took her hand in his and kissed it.

"I'm glad you're okay."

She smiled. "Thank you for saving me. Naraku is finally gone and my mother is safe."

"Where are we by the way?"

"Back in Japan. Your parents wanted you back as soon as possible. Souta is here too."

"And your mom?"

"Yep, she's out of the hospital now." Inuyasha nodded and closed his eyes letting out a sigh.



"I love you."

He opened his eyes and grinned. "Are you sure?"

"Of course I'm sure!"

Inuyasha chuckled. "Well since you're so sure… marry me?" She gasped. "I thought you said you loved me."

"I-I do." She grew quiet. "Are you sure you want to marry me?"

"I wouldn't have asked you if I wasn't, but we will marry after graduation."

"Then yes I will marry you." She leaned over and kissed him.

"You better," he said against her lips before pulling her into a deeper kiss. Happiness was finally theirs. Inuyasha finally found his soulmate and he was not letting her go.


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