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Rated M for Dante being perverted and hot man sex in later chapters.


Chapter 1: "Business" Trip

Lighting struck the earth as the heavy rain poured down on the city. The neon sign of the infamous devil hunting business, the Devil May Cry, glowing despite the storm's attempts to drown out it's light. Inside the building, the normally hectic business was quite, for Trish and Lady had left Dante to go home early (which the devil hunter complained about for some time after because they left him with all the night jobs).

The hunter was now laying in his bed, tired and somewhat restless. He was used to the feeling now since it plagued his mind ever since he had left Fortuna and more importantly, Nero. He spent almost every night laying in his bed, thinking about what the kid might be doing, though he guessed the kid would probably be sleeping at three a.m. Dante sighed softly, staring at the ceiling. The idea that he had been mulling over in his mind for a while pushed it's way to the front of Dante's mind and through his fantasies of Nero sleeping soundly. He smirked slightly finally giving into the idea before turning onto his side and falling into sleep. He would need the rest for the trip to Fortuna.


Dante woke to a bright light shining in his eyes, telling the hunter that it was morning. He groaned loudly, regretting not closing the blinds before he went to bed. Suddenly the regret was replaced with a smirk as the hunter remembered his plans for the day. He swung his legs over the side of the bed, yawning before standing and searching for his pants. Unfortunately, he couldn't find them. Groaning again, he made note to keep track of his pants at night unless he wanted to wake up in the morning to find himself hungry and naked. The hunter gave up looking after a while, deciding to screw it and go get breakfast even if Lady or Trish came into the shop early.

He made his way down the stairs and into the small kitchen, opening the fridge and taking out a slice of pizza he had saved from yesterday. Grabbing the carton of orange juice, he headed out to the reception area and sat on the couch. Dante chuckled slightly while chewing his pizza, wondering what someone would think if they walked into the office to see him butt naked and enjoying breakfast. After the slice of pizza was gone along with half of the orange juice, he headed back up the stairs to try and find where his pants had gone.

After thirty minutes searching, Dante finally found his red leather pants hung on the shower door with a small note attached to it with neat handwriting in pink ink. Instantly, Dante knew it was written by Trish.

"What the hell are they doing now?" Dante muttered to himself before taking the note off his pants and reading it.


By the time you get this, it will probably be past noon.

Lady and I have gone out on a mission in Europe.

Take care of the calls when we're gone!


P.S. You're paying for the plane tickets and don't expect us to take second class, you asshole.

Dante sighed at the handwriting at the bottom that was clearly Lady's. The hunter was living off of the cheapest food he could find, except for his pizza of course, and could barely afford rent on his office with the two leeches sucking him dry. He discarded the note, focusing on visiting Nero which brought a smile to his face even after reading it. He pulled on his pants and headed back to his room, grabbing his black shirt and beloved red coat. The devil hunter left his office, not concerned in the least if it was locked or not, and mounted his motorcycle. He started the engine with a smile, hoping that Nero would be glad to see him as he sped off in the direction of Fortuna.


Nero yawned as he stretched his arms and rubbed his eyes. He looked over at the clock, noticing that he had slept in for it was already noon. He yawned again as he quickly grabbed his clothing and headed to take a shower. The young devil slayer had grown bored of Fortuna recently. Fewer demons were in the large city so the teen had to rely on longer trips to find demons worth slaying. Nero didn't even have Kyrie tying him to the rebuilding city for she had accepted him as more of a brother now that Credo was gone. He felt oddly relieved that she had broken up with him. The teen had no idea why but perhaps it was meeting Dante that had changed his mind about her. Nero shook his head. No, no, it couldn't be that. He didn't like the hunter in that way let alone even liked him much at all.

Nero was distracted by his thoughts as he heard the doorbell of his apartment ring loudly. He sighed, turning off the water and wrapping a thin towel around his waist.

What now?

"I'm coming!" Nero called out as the door bell rang a few more times. "What?!" Nero asked, annoyed at how persistent the person was ringing the doorbell as he opened the door. He looked up at the visitor and his eyes widened slightly.

Well, speak of the half-devil.

"D-dante?!" Nero asked, surprised and regretting not pulling on his pants before he answered the door.

Dante just smirked. What a wonderful greeting! He thought as he noticed that Nero was wearing nothing but a thin towel that seemed to cling to the boy's hips and thighs, giving him quite a view of the Nero's lower body through the cloth. Nero felt his face flush as he tried to ignore the slightly perverted smirk on Dante's lips.

"What are you doing here, old man?" Nero asked, trying to hide the fact that he was enjoying the attention, hiding it from himself more than Dante. It took Dante a moment to pull his eyes of Nero and notice that he had said something.

"Ah, just a business trip. Nothing you should worry about, kid." Dante said, grinning as he returned to his normal cocky self. "I was passing Fortuna so I thought I would drop by and see how you're holding up." Dante walked past Nero and into the apartment, resisting brushing his hand 'accidentally' against Nero and untying the towel in the process.

Nero closed the door behind him, slightly pissed that Dante had invited himself in. He felt the need to excuse himself and get his pants but something in the back of his mind told him that Dante would probably leave soon, so he stayed…close to naked, in a room with the most perverted man he knew. Somehow, he could tell this was going to end up very bad…or good. What?! Nero mentally slapped himself for the last thought that suddenly appeared in his mind. "What kind of business?" Nero asked, watching Dante flop down onto the small couch.

"It's just a little demon infestation. Nothing big but I thought I should look into it anyway." Dante said, shrugging his shoulders and wondering where he had got the ability to lie so easily. " So where's that one girl you where so bent on saving before?"

"Kyrie? We kind of broke up. She left Fortuna a few weeks ago to sing at another church. She's living in that city now." Dante tried to contain his grin at Nero's news. So the kid's single, huh? He thought as Nero sat down across from him on a coffee table, no doubt forgetting his lack of clothing as he sat leaning forward with his legs open. " You need any help with those rogue demons? The demons haven't really been around lately so it's been pretty boring." Now the kid was just trying to make him grin. It was just the words Dante had hoped the kid would say since their goodbye at Fortuna a few months earlier.

"You know kid, if you are really that bored you could always come work at Devil May Cry with me and the girls." Dante proposed as he struggled to keep his eyes from wandering down to Nero's open legs.

"Really? You wouldn't mind?" Nero asked, his annoyance at Dante disappearing at the thought of getting out of the dull city of Fortuna.

"Lady and Trish are taking most of the traveling jobs so I could use some help with the more local slaying. What do you say kid?" Dante kept his cocky expression but inwardly hoped that Nero would agree to it.

"Sounds great, but where would I live? I don't have an apartment there." Nero said, closing his legs as he noticed he was still in his towel.

"You can just stay at the office. Lady and Trish are living out on their own now, so I have a few spare rooms." Dante finally let his grin out, thinking that it would be an appropriate time. Nero smiled back.

"Sure. I'll just pack up and head up there." Dante stood as Nero did and walked towards the door.

" Alright, I guess I'll see you in a few days then. See ya, kid." Dante did a small fake salute before walking past Nero and out the door, but not before brushing against Nero's hip and untying the towel with a slight of hand. Dante smirked, getting a look at an embarrassed naked Nero before closing the door. He walked to his motorcycle and drove back to Devil May Cry, his pants feeling quite a bit tighter.