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Rated M for Dante being a pervert and more hot man sex! Yaoi

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Chapter 5: Staying?

Nero groaned when sunlight hit his eyes from the open window across from him. He put his human arm in front of his eyes to block the light, noticing that he had a huge headache. He tried to sit up but found a muscular arm holding his back to someone's chest. Nero raised one of his eyebrows, looking around the room to find that he wasn't in his room. Why am I sleeping in Dante's room? When Dante shifted against Nero, he noticed he was completely naked. Oh, shit! What did I do last night?! Nero thought as he remembered what had happened at Love Planet. I guess I shouldn't have drunk that much alcohol. He blushed deeply as Dante shifted behind him again to kiss the kid's cheek.

"Morning, Kid." Dante muttered sleepily, pulling Nero closer to him.

"Dante? What exactly happened last night?" Nero asked, part of him hoping that he had passed out and dreamt about what happened outside of Love Planet while the other part hoped that it was all real. Dante brushed his nose across the back of the younger slayer's neck, making Nero jump from the soft touch.

"Well, first you kissed me deeply, rubbing your tongue against mine. Then I pushed you against the wall and unzipped your hoodie to see more of your hot body. After that I slipped my hand into your pants and you moaned so sexily for more-"

"Not that exact!" Nero snapped before Dante could say anymore about last night. Dante chuckled, grinding his hips slightly against Nero's ass.

"Well, if you don't want me to tell you, how about I show you." Dante purred into Nero's ear. Nero blushed even deeper, not knowing how to answer to the question. The elder hunter pushed Nero onto his back, moving to hover over the kid. He crushed his lips onto Nero's, mimicking what Nero had done last night. Nero felt like he should have left before the elder woke up before Dante's lips on his made all thought of leaving the hunter disappear. Nero gasped as he felt one of Dante's hands run down his chest and abs, resting on his hip. Dante quickly dove his tongue into the kid's mouth, grinding his hips hard on Nero's. Nero moaned loudly into the kiss, becoming aroused from just a few touches from Dante. When Dante pulled his lips away, Nero couldn't help but grab Dante's head with his devil bringer and force the elder's lips back onto his. Dante smirked before grabbing the younger slayer's arousal and stroking it tenderly. Nero arched his back, moaning as he tore his lips away from Dante's and kissed the hunter's neck. Dante panted, loving everything about Nero and feeling the familiar feeling of losing control. The elder couldn't take much more of the arousing sight that the kid was making and grabbed Nero's legs, lifting them over his shoulders before thrusting into his tight entrance. The kid let out a surprised moan, thrusting down on Dante's erection.

"D-dante!" Nero moaned as the elder hunter started thrusting into him. Dante only had to thrust a few times in order to find the kid's prostate. Nero's back arched again as he grabbed Dante and pulled him into another rough kiss. Dante kissed him back, making sure that he was still stroking Nero as he thrust into him. Nero felt the heat in his lower stomach rising and knew he couldn't hold on much longer. He pushed Dante over so he was riding the devil slayer. He slapped Dante's hand away from his erection, getting himself off as he thrust down on Dante's cock. Dante had to stop himself from coming at the sight of Nero riding him while moaning and stroking himself. Dante grabbed the kid's hips as Nero started slowing down and helped him ride him at the same speed he had been. Dante slammed Nero down onto him, knowing that the kid was close. Nero bit his lip, holding back his scream of pleasure but failing as he came all over his hand and some of Dante's chest. After a few more hard thrusts Dante came inside Nero, yelling the kid's name. Nero panted heavily, feeling tired again as he laid his head on Dante's wet chest.

"You ok, kid?" Dante asked after a few minutes. Nero nodded, still panting softly.

"I'm fine, old man." He said, lifting his head and smiling at Dante. Dante smiled back before his face became serious.

"So, are you going to stay?" He asked, knowing he would have to ask it sooner or later. Nero paused and thought for a second making Dante feel like the kid was going to say no. After what seemed like an eternity to Dante, Nero smirked.

"After what we've been through, I thought you would already know the answer." Nero said. Dante let out a breath he didn't know he was holding.

"But do you want to?" He asked, wanting to know for certain.

"Hell yeah." Nero said before pulling Dante into another fiery kiss. Dante smiled, glad that he wasn't going to leave him. His smile turned into a smirk as he rolled on top of Nero.

"Ready for round two?" He asked, kissing the kid's neck. Nero smirked.

"I was hoping you would ask that, pervert." Nero said before licking Dante's lips.


The End

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