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It still amazed him how Sunstreaker was towards him and Sideswipe. He had always seen the vain and uncaring mech on the outside, but found that Sunstreaker was more of a softie on the inside. At least some of the time, other times he was taunting Sideswipe or Wheeljack, and Wheeljack learned to recognize the snicker that came from him, usually meaning he was up to no good. He would often find himself watching Sunstreaker through the bond, paying special attention to the yellow warrior. He found that no matter what, he still had great affection for Sideswipe and himself. When he would touch the internal link with a tendril of his thoughts, Sunstreaker would respond immediately, often looking at him or he would simply smirk at him, which made Wheeljack smile.

As he watched the new link with Sideswipe, he found that the red warrior hid nothing, except when he was getting into trouble, and found being bonded to him comforting. Sideswipe didn't need to hide his softer side, and therefore Wheeljack didn't need to probe the link for it. Sideswipe was always kind to him, except on the occasion that he was plotting something against him, and then he would become silent over the link. Wheeljack discovered when his and Sideswipe's link went silent; he would be ready for something – anything to happen. When he would touch the link, Sideswipe would give a warm response, returning the link touch with one of his own.

No one on the base knew about the link between the three right away. None of the bonded three were going to say anything right away because this was private, far more intimate than that of a regular spark-bond, and Wheeljack found it's secrecy to be pleasurable. He didn't want to be probed and scanned until Ratchet found out what caused the link in the first place, and he certainly didn't want Perceptor scanning him or doing anything else to him that might weaken the bond. It grew fast and it grew strong. Although, others did question as to why Wheeljack was around the twins so much more, and why he had even gone as far as taking up room with the twins.

It was uncanny how Wheeljack wasn't getting pranked half as often, and how the three were together almost all of the time. Speculation arose that it had something to do with Sunstreaker saving his life, but not all of them were so certain. A twins bond becoming into a triplet bond was completely unheard of, so the idea never crossed the processors of the thinking mechs, and Optimus didn't question Wheeljack or the twins, much to their satisfaction. Although they could feel he knew something, but at the moment, even he wasn't going to tell anyone. The changes in the three were subtle, but now it was apparent that Wheeljack made two best friends, and no one, on any terms was allowed to mess with Wheeljack, by words of the twins. Both made the threat to everyone and anyone, again, this was suspected to have something to do with Sunstreaker saving his life.

Wheeljack sat at his new desk while he tinkered with a few things here and there. The bond was still new to him and the twins, and he often felt like he was intruding when he would touch the link or say something to the twins, even though both twins reassured him it was ok.

Both Sideswipe and Sunstreaker stared into the lab window. Neither had made a sound that they were there, either. Both smirked devilishly as they watched their new brother work on some intricate piece of technology. They both knew that Wheeljack hadn't yet gotten the hang of the new bond, and who better to annoy then their new brother? They both waited until he seemed deep into his work and then…

"WHEELJACK!" Both of the lambos yelled at the same time through the bond link. Instantly Wheeljack jumped, the small circuit board that he was working on got a hole through it and he cut his finger. Instantly he knew. He could feel them now. How did they block themselves from his new senses? He had no idea, but he wanted to find out. This wasn't the first piece of work that they had interrupted, "Yes?" he asked slightly annoyed.

There was no answer from the twins, but he heard the unmistakable snicker and thundering as they fled. He sighed and looked down at the ruined piece of work, "How does anyone deal with those two?" he asked to apparently no one. He moved to stand, figuring he could use a break anyways, and headed for the door, looking out quickly both ways for the terrors. This should be easy, Primus can't hate me that much. Ok, so maybe it wasn't that easy, but it was still a bond he felt he couldn't live without.

He made his way down to the rec room where he found Jazz, Prowl and Bluestreak all talking amongst themselves, "Hey Wheeljack!" Jazz called.

Wheeljack didn't even look up, only raised a hand in greeting as he made his way to get some Energon. He seemed as if he was concentrating hard on something.

/You think they will ever figure it out?/ Sideswipe asked while him and Sunstreaker relaxed in their quarters after scaring the spark out of their new brother.

/Nope. They think it has to do with me saving your hide, but that's it, and that's all it should be./ Sunstreaker pointed the link at Wheeljack, who was still at the rec room, he looked up, as if something had startled him, causing a few raised optic ridges, he then smiled as he answered the red warrior, /I never in a million vorns would have thought I would be sharing this kind of conversation with you two/

/Hey, I never thought it was even possible/ Sideswipe sent, amused.

/ I wouldn't trade it for the world, guys, you saved my life and showed me a whole new way to live/ Wheeljack responded, sending a soft feeling through the link that both of the warriors responded back with immediately.

/Yeah, well, unexpected things come from unexpected problems/ Sunstreaker smirked as he moved to sit, deciding that him and Sideswipe would make a visit to their new brother in the rec room. They made their ways in silently and sat down with Wheeljack, who was sitting alone, still babying his sore finger.

There did notice that there were others in the rec room as well. Jazz for one, the other being Bluestreak and the other Prowl. They were talking amongst themselves, sometimes looking in the direction of the triplets, "You know, Jazz, I am beginning to think something is up with those three," Bluestreak leaned in close to Jazz to whisper. The triplets knew that others talked about them, but it never seemed to phase them.

"I think you're right, but it's not our place to question 'em," Jazz responded, glancing at the three who had their backs to them at the time.

"I am gonna bring this up to Prime," Prowl said suddenly, a little louder than he had wanted.

"Bring what up to Prime?" Sunstreaker asked, although he never moved.

How did he hear that? "Uh. Just… something about suspicious activity – Decepticons, you know how he always wants the down low." Jazz quickly said, covering for Prowl.

He's lying. Wheeljack turned in his seat, glancing at Jazz, then at Bluestreak, the look on his face was pure annoyance, something no one ever saw often, "You know, even though I am older than both of you, my hearing is still better than both of yours," he turned back in his seat without another word.

Bluestreak got to his feet, along with Jazz and Prowl, and they slowly walked from the rec room, "He is acting strange," Bluestreak said, pointing to the three, but meaning the Engineer.

"I hear ya, he isn' usually that snappy, maybe 'ole Sunstreaker is rubbin' off on 'im," Jazz chuckled as they made their way down the corridor, heading nowhere in particular.

"I dunno, Jazz, I feel like it's something more. Like they are hiding something,"

"What could they possibly be hidin'? 'Jack 's as honest as they come, 'Streak."

"Yeah, well my gyros say different, I am gonna ask Mirage for a favor,"

"Are you sure spyin' on the twins is sucha good idea? I mean, their lil shenanigans could be jus' friendship."

"No, but I want to find out what is going on. It can't be just because Sunstreaker saved Wheeljack's life, I mean, how many times have we all saved each other's lives, and none of us suddenly acted like that," Jazz nodded, Bluestreak brought up a really good point.

Back in the rec room, Wheeljack stiffened after hearing Bluestreak and Jazz, "They suspect something,"

"Aw, 'Jack, it's nothing, you know that. They can't prove anything,"

"Of course they can, there was a way of seeing twin sparks, it won't be easy to hide a thrice." Wheeljack told them.

"They won't catch us!" Sideswipe suddenly said, "I won't let them catch us and use us a guinea pigs," his optics went to slits, "and I won't let them use you as a guinea pig, which I feel they would go after first," Sideswipe said, his voice low as he looked at Wheeljack.

"Aw, come on guys, they wouldn't do that, maybe if they were Decepticons, but these are Autobots, they don't use their own as guinea pigs,"

Sunstreaker raised an eye ridge, "How many times have you asked one of us to volunteer for one of your experiments?"

Wheeljack sighed, he had a point, "But none of them were to hurt you… deliberately."

"I don't think anyone would want to hurt us,"

"They might try to separate us, break the link,"

"Now, that, I won't stand for." Wheeljack suddenly said, "It may be new to me still, but I be go to Pit if I would allow them to tamper with it,"

"That's our 'Jack!" Sunstreaker patted his triplet on the back and stood up. Wheeljack also stood up, "I am going back to my lab, please try to refrain from scaring me if you can help it, next time I might cut my finger off," he raised his injured finger for emphasis. Both Sunstreaker and Sideswipe glanced at each other, then looked at Wheeljack and nodded.

Just as Wheeljack was headed for his lab, he suddenly found a blockage in his way ,and looked up, finding Optimus standing there, "Wheeljack, would you have a word with me?"

"Sure Prime, what can I do for you?"

"I wanted to ask you about your actions lately,"

"Huh? What actions?"

"The way you have been acting. I have noticed myself, but it was brought to my attention. Did something happen to you?"

"Besides being locked in my processor without an escape? Not really, Prime," Wheeljack continued to his lab, his leader on his heels, and he turned in, Optimus followed, "You seem to be around the twins a lot recently,"

"They saved my life," Wheeljack said with no actual tone as he rummaged around for another circuit board to tinker with.

"Wheeljack, I want you to report to Ratchet for a complete physical,"

Wheeljack stopped dead in his tracks, "W-What?"

"I will have Ratchet come and get you when he is ready,"

"I don't need a physical Prime, you know as well as I do that I already had one after the accident, I am fine," Wheeljack knew this couldn't be good. He felt it in his spark, and the feeling seeped to the brothers who were still in the rec room. Not a good thing. For the first time in his existence, Wheeljack became afraid.

"Did you feel that Sunny?" Sideswipe asked as he clenched his fists around the edge of the table, feeling the dread and fear wash over him. His brother didn't look from his energon as he stood, he only nodded, his optics going to mere slits. Both of them slowly looked in the direction of Wheeljack's lab.

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