I was inspirited to write a story staring Aang and Katara's son, as well as Zuko and Mai's daughter. Before I did, Tingle offered to partner with me on this universe. Our stories are canon to each other, though the plots stand on their own. Still check out his story Living Up.

Disclaimer: I do not own Avatar or any of its characters, though the Next Generation characters are mine, and Tingle.


People from all of the 3 remaining nations stood outside the palace of the new Fire Lord, the son of the previous Fire Lord who became the Phoenix King and tried to destroy the Earth Kingdom, the new Fire Lord walked out of the place standing side by side by the boy who in such a short period was forced to grow up quickly and is now a young man who defeated the Phoenix King, this boy was the Avatar. Ironic have things come full circle from the days Fire Lord Sozin and Avatar Roku were friends. Now Fire Lord Zuko and Avatar Aang are friends and together saved the world from the Phoenix King's Ozai evil plot.

Fire Lord Zuko addressed the crowd. "The war is now over. I promised my uncle that I would restore the honor of fire nation and I will. The road ahead of us is challenging, hundred years of fighting has left the world scarred and divided but with the Avatar's help we can get it back on the right path and begin a new era of love and peace." The crowd cheered. It was a new day with new hope for peace. With Avatar Aang and Fire Lord Zuko leading the way, peace will continue for a long time.

The Avatar and the Fire Lord once bitter enemies were best friends just as the previous Avatar was once friends with the Fire Lord that started the war. Over the years, they have been some residence from not only Fire Nation citizens who were upset of losing the war, but Earth Kingdom and Water Tribe citizens who didn't trust the Fire Nation and wanted to punish them for the war. But Aang, Zuko, and their friends were able to keep the peace. And slowly they all accepted peace and to treat one another as equals.

5 Years Later.

Inside the Southern Air Temple, friends and family, as well as doctors watched as Avatar Aang's wife Katara was in labor. "Push, push", yelled Aang. "You can do it" Aang reassured her. "Shut up, I hate you for this. I will never forgive you." Katara yelled at her poor husband. "Suck it up sis, it's no big deal" Katara's brother Sokka said. "Why don't you try going into labor?" Katara yelled back. "Smooth move" responded their friend Toph. "We better let Katara be" said Suki, Sokka's wife.

But it wasn't too long till finally, "Congratulation you have given birth to a boy." said the doctor, as he handed the new born to his mother. "He is so beautiful" Katara said as he handed her new son to Aang. "Yes he is Katara, I am a father" Aang the proud father said borderline on tears. "He looks just like you Aang." Katara said. "Yeah he is bald." Sokka said, which was followed by a threaten glair by his wife Suki. "Gee lighten up." Toph said to the new parents, "It is time like this I wish wasn't blind." "What are you going to name him?" asked Suki. Katara answered "Aang and I have decided to name him Gypso."

4 Months Later.

Inside the Fire Nation palace, Ursa the mother of the Fire Lord was in a panic. "I can't believe this is happening. Is everything going to be okay? Let nothing go wrong." Her brother in law Iroh the Uncle of the Fire Lord told her "Relax everything is going to be okay." "He is right my aura is very positive today, so everything will be fine." said Ty Lee, the best friend of Fire Lady Mai.

Inside the Fire Lord emergency medial room, Fire Lord Zuko watched as his wife Mai was in labor. She was surprising calm. One of the nurses commented "I have never seen anyone be so calm in this situation." Zuko responded "Well that is what makes her Mai."

And finally, the doctor presented Mai with a new born baby and said "Congratulation it is a girl, or should I say, it is a princess." Mai said to her husband "Zuko come look at our new daughter." Mai handed the baby to Zuko. "She is beautiful. This is the greatest day of my life. Guards show in my daughters new grandmother, great uncle, and aunt." They nodded and left the room. In what seemed like a second, Ursa, Iroh, and Ty Lee were inside to meet the new Fire Nation princess. They all agreed that she was beautiful. "It is time like these, I am glad I lived this long" Iroh said. "I thought the day would never come that I would be here for his occasion" Ursa said. "Is it a boy or a girl?" Ty Lee asked. Mai answered her "It is a girl." "I knew it, my aura was very pink today" the proud acrobat said. "Have you decided on a name?" Iroh asked. Zuko answered "Yes we have uncle, everybody meet Princess Starletta."

5 months later

Inside the Fire Nation palace, Fire Lord Zuko and Fire Lady Mai await for the arrival of Avatar Aang. This was nothing new to them; Aang has been quite a frequent visitor to his good friend Zuko and his family, as Avatar and Fire Lord they always had business to discuss. But today was special as Katara finally is convinced that Gypso is old enough to travel to the Fire Nation. This would be the first time Zuko and Mai have meet Gypso, and the fire time Katara has meet Starletta, everybody was excited.

"Greetings Aang and Katara" Zuko said. He looked at the baby in the arms of the Water Bender girl "This must be Gypso." Gypso smiled at him. In the living room walked in Mai with Starletta in her arms. "Hello Mai, hello Starletta" Aang said. Aang looked at Starletta and said "Your majesty I would like for you to meet my wife Katara." Katara said hi and wave. "And my son Gypso, he is about the same age as you are your highness." Starletta smiled when she looked at Gypso, Gypso smiled ever bigger when he saw Starletta.

During Aang and his family's visit, Gypso and Starletta would play constantly and they loved it. When ever one of them had to be feed, diaper change, or any reason they would have to be separated, they would cry. Especially Gypso, he hated when he couldn't play with Starletta.

The day came when Aang, Katara, and Gypso had to leave, Gypso and Starletta clung to each other, and it was very difficult to pull them apart. But they eventually accepted that Gypso had to go home. "Say bye to Starletta honey." Katara said to Gypso. Gypso waved, "You see that Gypso waved good bye, now wave back to him" Mai said to Starletta. Starletta waved. Aang said to everyone "I think we are witnessing the beginning of a beautiful friendship." Aang was right, every time Gypso and Starletta visited each other, the end of the visit was always hard, they enjoyed each other's company and hated to part company. Since Gypso first visit to the Fire Nation palace, Gypso and Starletta have been best friends.

This was a prologue, coming up next the start of the story. I hope you enjoy it. Sorry for the grammer errors, I thought Microsoft Word would find them all, anyway I have redone it, hopefull all the errors are gone.