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Btw, the italicized part is a flashback to when Lied was captured by Prozen and his men. It also explains why she hates humans so much.

Ibeyla and Karl quietly made their way through the darkened corridors towards the Pit, each holding a taser with one just in case. The two Organoids plodded along behind them, listening for any noise. Despite the attacks, the halls were empty, strange considering the noise and destruction the sudden bombardment had caused. The whole palace should be awake, and yet, they hadn't seen a single soul in the corridors.

/Ibeyla, someone is coming, from the right corridor…/ Obscura said suddenly, both she and Shadow skidding to a stop. Ibeyla grabbed Karl's sleeve and stopped him, her eyes focused on the branching corridor.

"Major… someone's coming…" she whispered, her gaze not moving from the corridor. Karl looked as well, both completely silent. They could hear footsteps approaching them, but if it was friend or foe, they didn't know.

/Ibeyla, hide!! They're Republican soldiers!!/ Shadow growled a warning, flashing his broad wings. Ibeyla grabbed Karl's arm and pulled him into a branching corridor, the two Organoids following her. Before Karl had a chance to protest, they all heard a small group of Republican soldiers enter the hallway they had been standing in just moments before.

"Sir, I thought I heard something!" a soldier shouted, making Ibeyla's heart nearly stop.

"Your hearing things Private…" another soldier snapped, "… now put that gun away before you hurt yourself and c'mon. We need to find those things before it's too late, or the Captain will have our hides…" the sound of the soldiers' footsteps faded down another hallway, until silence once again descended on the corridor. Ibeyla and Karl waited a few moments before she peered around the corner, making sure it was safe.

"Okay… they're gone…" she whispered loudly, turning to look back at Karl and the Organoids, "… but what're they after?" Karl shrugged, having no clue. "I'm getting really worried about Raven. C'mon, we need to hurry and get in there before those soldiers find us or blow our cover." Ibeyla said, stepping out into the hallway. She looked down the hallway, making sure no one else was around, before she signaled to Karl and the Organoids to come out.

/Ibeyla, I… I'm sensing something… strange…/ Obscura said quietly, her eyes focused down the hallway at something unseen. Ibeyla looked at her Organoid oddly, not understanding what she was trying to say. /I've only felt something like this once before… when Glai went into labor-/ the Organoid stopped suddenly, her body completely freezing. Ibeyla's eyes widened in shock and horror when she realized what Obscura was saying, and her hopes for Raven died in her heart…

"Dear Eve… we just ran out of time…"

Lied was relaxing peacefully in her secluded room, curled protectively around Raven; her 'adopted' hatchling snuggled into her. Raven was almost completely obscured from sight, huddled against Lied's side with her arched around him, the ebony Organoid's tail wrapped around his body like a metallic serpent, holding him close to her as he slept. She hadn't been able to sleep, a strange apprehension eating away at her, forcing her to stay awake. The unfounded anxiety puzzled the large Organoid, and she began to worry if she was sensing the death of the egg she had entrusted to Raven.

'Have I lost my daughter to the deathsleep so soon?' she thought sadly, afraid that her youngest laid was dead, 'No… I am sensing something else… are my hatchlings nearing the birthtime?' she questioned, a spark of excitement flashing within her. She blinked open her milky eyes, sighing loudly and yawning, her bladed silver teeth glinting in the dim light of the lamp. Shaking her spined head slightly, she arched her neck around, her gaze falling on Raven, and a smile appeared on her face.

Raven was deeply sleeping against her, his head resting on her shoulder. Despite his devastating injuries, he was entirely unbothered by her tail wrapped fully around his body, completely relaxed within her hold. Even though he appeared fine to her, Lied could sense something wrong, something wasn't right in him. 'The blood he was coughing… he is injured inside, where I cannot heal him…' she thought in worry, sighing at her inability to help him, 'I can feel his strength fading… but not from Greifer and Argon's wounds? I sense the wound on his side is what's killing him…' she pondered, looking at his side although her tail obscured her view, 'He… he's dying… the deathsleep is gaining a hold on his life, and I cannot stop it! I don't have the energy to heal him… he is at the deathsleep's mercy…'

Lied whined softly, feeling completely helpless as she looked at her 'hatchling'. Raven was slowly dying literally right before her eyes, and he didn't even know it. Death threatened to take both him and her unborn daughter from her, and she couldn't do a thing to help either of them.

The fact that Argon would harm her Raven deeply enraged her, making her gnash her teeth in anger. 'I'll kill him… how dare he hurt my hatchling!' she snarled in her mind, curling her lip and growling outwardly, '… if he did this to Raven, what will he do to my hatchlings? … … He cannot be trusted…' she seethed in her mind, narrowing her glowing eyes in anger at the thought of her mate harming Raven or her eggs. She involuntarily clenched her claws, digging long furrows into the metal floor with her large talons. 'I can sense a tragedy, a death on the horizon…' she sighed loudly, a distant memory floating into her mind, '… I haven't felt so since that night, when they took me away…'


Lied was curled up deep within her cave, her larger brother Zaku wrapped around her, his head resting beside hers and tail tips twined together. His shining obsidian body was blacker even than her own, making her seem dull and grayed beside him. His glittering violet eyes gleamed in the black, the normally unnoticeable crimson hue of his left eye obvious in the darkness. His flared crest gave him a regal and powerful appearance, hinting at his strength and speed in battle. The large male Organoid had a small golden scar across his discolored eye, giving him an intimidating stare. But he was far from aggressive towards her, and she returned the same to him. His beautiful black wings were spread over her body like a blanket, the golden ribs and violet edges standing out against the lighter ebony color. His silvered claws held a golden hue, and his tail was armed with a sword-like blade. Despite his fearsome and dangerous appearance, Zaku was no more than a large purring kitten to Lied.

Zaku was there because she was worried. She was nervous and frightened; something bad was about to happen. Being her brother, Zaku tried to comfort her, but his presence only calmed her so much…

Zaku lifted her head, his eyes glowing in the darkness. /Lied… did you hear that?/ he said suddenly, looking around. Lied lifted her head, blinking her milky eyes.

/I don't see anything…/ she said, curling back up. Zaku growled loudly and got to his feet, folding his large wings and walking towards the entrance of the chamber. Lied yawned, curling around herself, wanting to sleep. Zaku had disappeared from sight, but she could hear him clearly.

Suddenly, Zaku roared loudly, and Lied could hear the yelp of a human. She was on her feet in an instant, running to her mate. He was surrounded by soldiers, ropes around his neck. /Zaku!/ she cried, snarling and whipping her spined tail at one of the soldiers. She slammed into the man, throwing him into the wall, killing him instantly. She pounced on another, breaking his neck.

"Get the female!!" one of the men cried, and suddenly Lied found ropes all over her body, looped around her neck, pulling in opposite directions. She roared and fought against the soldiers, trying to free herself.

Without warning, she felt two pin pricks in her side. Lied whipped around to see, when there was a sudden, overwhelming pain as electricity ripped through her body. She screamed, thrashing violently, trying to escape. She slashed a soldier's chest open with her talons, and tore the throat of another with her teeth. She felt more pin pricks, the bolts of tasers, and more electricity ripped through her metal body.

Screaming and wailing in pain, Lied collapsed, twitching and jerking, her body in chaos from the tasers. She whined, unable to move, beginning to lose consciousness. She managed to see her brother being dragged away, seemingly dead; his still body limp and lifeless as the soldiers hauled him from the cave. She could only watch helplessly as the men began to drag her away as well. They drug her from the cave, across the hot sand, to a pair of green vehicles.

"Excellent… a female!" a white haired man said, "Put her in with the other two… and separate that big male… he's too good a specimen to use for the Pit…" he said, and she could only watch as her brother was taken from her, and as she was shoved into a cage with three other, sedated and tied, Organoids. There was nothing she could do to save herself, her brother, or the other Organoids. She was completely and utterly helpless.

Lied cried out in emotional pain, weakly biting at the iron bars of her cage, clawing at the metal floor. She needed to get free, to save her brother. But she couldn't, she didn't have the strength. She squeezed her eyes shut, silvery tears building in her eyes. She banged her spined tail against the side of the cage, leaving a smear of blood. She chewed at the bars, trying desperately to get out. But it was all in vain.

She called to her brother, a long, sad song; a call of sadness and pain. She listened for a reply, but none came. She called again and again, but still no call answered her. Her heart ached; she feared her brother was dead. She whimpered and licked at the blood coating her jaws, swearing revenge against not only the white-haired man, but every human, for taking her brother from her…

End of flashback

A quiet groan from Raven shattered her thoughts, making her blink and turn to look at him, momentarily forgetting her rage. The young human shifted slightly in his sleep, his breathing changing, become stressed and labored, as if he was struggling to catch his breath. Lied immediately loosened her tail from around him, but his breathing didn't ease, and Lied began to worry. She growled softly and lightly nosed his chest, trying to rouse him. Raven shuddered and moaned loudly, not waking, further distressing the ebony Organoid. He winced and coughed suddenly before he finally stilled, dark blood leaking from the corner of his mouth. Lied's eyes widened in concern upon seeing the blood, fearing her 'hatchling' was more badly injured than she thought. She crooned and licked his face, gently nuzzling into his throat, trying to get him to respond. Raven groaned and opened his eyes slightly, nothing more than amethyst slits behind his coal-black hair, looking at her blankly. Lied growled softly and licked him again, but he didn't react any more than a slow blink.

"W… w-what?" Raven wheezed, slowly focusing on her. Lied lowered her head further and looked him in the eyes, growing more fearful for Raven's life. His gaze met hers; her milky eyes glowing brightly in the dim room, his eyes dull and clouded. She rumbled and licked his cheek again, blinking her bright eyes, her worry growing upon his lack of response. Raven looked at her blankly for another moment, before he finally seemed to snap out of his trance. He blinked his eyes sleepily and shook his head slightly, exhaling quietly and looking at her oddly. Lied growled softly and carefully nosed him, whining quietly in concern. Raven blinked and wriggled his arm free from beneath her tail and reached up towards her, laying his gloved hand lightly on her marbled snout.

"I'm a-awake…" he yawned slightly, clearly showing he wanted to go back to sleep, "… w-what's wrong?" he asked, letting his hand fall from her muzzle. Lied growled quietly and shifted slightly, freeing her arm from beneath her, careful not to cause Raven any discomfort. She licked her claws and slowly reached towards his face, gently wiping the blood from his mouth with a bladed talon. She held her hand out in front of him for him to see, and he grew immediately pale upon seeing the vibrant crimson.

"Again?" Raven said, looking up at her, "… t-that's not a good sign, Lied…" he said more quietly, an air of fear in his hazy amethystine eyes. Lied purred softly and licked his cheek, gently nuzzling against his neck, laying her head lightly on his left shoulder with a quiet sigh. She closed her eyes as she felt Raven's arms wrap around her neck, his head resting against her cheek, her 'hatchling' exhaling quietly. She could feel the faint beating of the human's heart, hear his strained breathing, but she knew there was little she could do to help him. The unbearable feeling of helplessness ate away at her, making her feel weak and powerless, and making her want to just scream.

Lied purred softly and slowly pulled her head back, Raven's arms sliding from her neck. She smirked and licked his face, making her 'hatchling' laugh. Hearing him laugh eased the ache in her heart, helping her to momentarily forget the graveness of the situation. Lied growled and withdrew her tail from around him, drawing a puzzled look from her 'hatchling'. She merely smirked and carefully stood up, leaning him against the wall, remaining crouched over him. Raven gave her a confused look as she curled up to his left, but she just smiled her cartoonish smile and rumbled in her throat.

Raven smirked at her, no doubt realizing what she was thinking. His smirk widened slightly and he pushed lightly on her snout, making her growl loudly in playful annoyance. She flicked his hand off and caught it in her jaws, holding his gloved hand gently with her teeth. Raven blinked his eyes in surprise and looked at her strangely, making her smirk broadly and narrow her eyes evilly. He tried to pull his hand back slightly and tensed when he couldn't, seeming to shy away from her gaze. Lied blinked her eyes and relaxed her hold on his hand, her smirk vanishing, letting him pull his hand back, afraid she had frightened her 'hatchling'. She purred softly to him and leaned down to his level, cooing and lightly touching his shoulder with her nose. Raven seemed to pull away in trepidation, making Lied fear she had scared him by grabbing him so suddenly. She crooned and licked his cheek, but he turned away, making her whine sadly. Cooing, she nuzzled against his neck, making him turn back, his eyes slightly brighter. Before she could blink, Raven smirked and flicked her sensitive nose, making her snarl in fright and snap her head back in surprise. Her 'hatchling' snickered at her, and she realized Raven had merely been faking in order to get at her, and that she had fallen for it.

"You're so predictable…" Raven teased, laughing at her shocked expression. The cream-marked Organoid blinked her bright eyes as she watched Raven laugh, an evil smirk crossing her muzzle as she spied an opening. Lied growled mischievously and lunged with her talons spread, brushing her metal claws against his side, making him yelp loudly as she got him in his one ticklish spot. Raven laughed and tried to push away from her, but she snaked her tail around him and pulled him closer, preventing him from escaping her. He struggled slightly against the powerful tail coiling around his body, but she was being gentle, avoiding putting any pressure on his sensitive wounds, just keeping him from evading her talons. Lied growled evilly and dug her talons into the side of her helpless 'victim', making him laugh loudly and squirm within her clutches.

"This isn't fair!" Raven managed between laughs, trying to wriggle free of her grasp. Lied smiled broadly and ignored his protests, continuing to tickle him with her powerful talons. Raven couldn't help but keep laughing, unable to do anything to stop her with her tail wrapped around him, effectively restraining him. She chuckled as she tickled him, seeing him laughing and enjoying it. He was smiling and his eyes were squeezed shut, laughing uncontrollably as she continued to playfully brush her talons down his side. Lied's smile broadened as she watched him try in vain to wriggle free, but she tightened her grip around him and pulled him even closer, digging her razored claws further into him, her 'hatchling' squeaking loudly.

"Okay Lied!" Raven yelped, continuing to laugh, "You win!" he choked out, struggling to catch his breath from laughing so hard. Lied smirked evilly and roared in triumph, stopping and allowing him to breathe. Raven gasped for breath until he smiled and pulled his arm free, reaching up and laying his hand on her snout. Lied purred and lowered her head to his level, pressing her nose lightly against his cheek. He laughed and ran his hand up and down her neck, making her growl happily and lick him, which in turn made him giggle. Lied smiled and purred loudly, gently nuzzling his neck and shoulder, making him laugh. Raven smirked and tried to push her head away playfully, but Lied had another idea.

With an evil growl, Lied narrowed her milky eyes and whipped her spined tail tip around his arm, coiling around it like a snake. Raven immediately tried to pull his arm back, but she tightened her grip slightly, preventing him from moving. He started struggling, but because of her tail around his body and arm, he wasn't able to move much, let alone escape her. Lied rumbled in amusement as she watched Raven try to wriggle free, her 'hatchling' not able to free himself from her grip.

"Alright… I g-get it Lied…" Raven said as he stopped struggling, looking up at her with a smirk, "… no more pushing, faking or flicking…" he sighed in defeat, knowing Lied wasn't going to let him go until he agreed to the 'demands'. Lied grinned and growled loudly, her bladed silver teeth showing in her childish grin. Raven laughed at her expression, which made her smile broaden, enjoying seeing him happy. She loosened her grip slightly, her spined tail-tip sliding from his arm, giving him back some range of motion. She kept her tail wrapped firmly around his body, knowing the pilot well enough that, given the chance, he would try to flick her or cause trouble.

Lied smirked and leaned down, licking his cheek and purring loudly. Raven laughed and patted her snout with his freed arm, which made her growl happily and wag her spined tail-tip slightly. She cocked her head a little and nuzzled his shoulder lightly, before she licked his face again. Her 'hatchling' laughed and shook his head slightly, which made her smirk evilly as she saw another chance to get even with him.

Without so much as a warning, she tightened her tail around him and pulled him closer, making him yelp in surprise. Lied smirked evilly and ducked down, licking his face like an excited puppy. Raven laughed and squirmed within her grasp, smiling as she continued to lick him. Lied smiled broadly as she kept licking him, getting her 'revenge' on the human.

"O-kay!" Raven choked out, smiling as she licked him. Lied purred, uncoiling her tail from around him, careful to not shake the egg in Raven's lap too much. She licked his cheek again, before she sniffed at her egg, nosing the blanket wrapped around it. Raven put his hand on her muzzle. "Don't worry… Lied… you're egg will be fine…" he tried to reassure her, rubbing her snout. Lied purred and nosed his hand lightly, showing she understood him.

Raven withdrew his hand and leaned back against the wall, yawning. "I need… some more… sleep, Lied…" he said, his eyes closing. Lied looked up, and by that time, Raven was already asleep, his head down and eyes closed. Deciding he needed the rest, Lied stood up and climbed onto the old, warn bed, curling around her nest. Her two remaining eggs were covered and nestled into the faded green blanket, the chicks inside chirping and squeaking at her presence.

Lied nosed the top blanket off, exposing her two eggs. They moved slightly, the hatchlings inside becoming more and more active. Lied was beginning to realize that they were closer to hatching than she thought, and that Raven was in great danger. She pushed her nose against the shells of her eggs, feeling the pulses of the unborn chicks inside. Suddenly, the eggs began to move, a distinct tapping coming from them, cracks forming the surface of the eggs. The hatchlings were trying to free themselves from their shells, squeaking and chirping frantically.

The eggs had begun to hatch…

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