Legend of Dragoon



It is at the break of dawn, and I see myself in familiar, quiet woods. Actually, the trees seem taller than me than they usually were. The only light was coming from behind me. Since wary shadows were flickering from one spot to another (the light source was probably far back), the light was fire.

I felt my eyes burning as tears were rolling down my cheeks. For some reason, I was being a klutz, tripping five times per second.

I was running. Running. Why?

After one final trip, I crawled into a hollow log – lying on the side of the road – all the way to the end. I crouched, wrapping my arms around my legs. (My hands and legs were very small.) Suddenly, I heard a stick snap outside. I winced and kept quiet. With a quick glance, I saw outside the log a shadow of a person with a sword… No, not a person. I buried my head into my arms, trying to stop crying.

Warmth. I suddenly felt warmth on my skin.

I looked up, finding that the sun has fully come up. The shadow wasn't there, either. I crawled out slowly, making sure the coast is clear. Wait, why am I doing that? I peeked to the side of the log, and guess what I see? Nothing but a boy of age six that was fully nude. He just stared at me. My control less body raised its hand, but when it did, the boy jumped up and ran away fast.

"Wait!" my no-controlled body said as it tried getting up, but failed to attempt. My arm rested on the log. "I don't wanna be alone," my body continued (my voice was even a bit squeaky). After a sniff, I said, "Mommy… Daddy… No…" I burst out, "NOO!!"

I woke up, eyes shooting open. I tried gasping for air. After I calmed, I found myself lying against a tree. The dream, I thought, was my past. The dream was what happened thirteen years ago.