Hey everyone! First fic so tell me what you think! If it sucks, please review and tell me! M for rape. That's all it really is. Oh, and there'll be little bit of OOC because no matter what people tell ya, there always is. So...if you dislike reading about rape or characters that are somewhat OOC don't read! Enjoy...or whatever...

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Late that night at Whammys, Mello walked into the leisure room.

Near sat on the ground, a leg to his chest and a finger toying with his hair. A puzzle lay in front of him.

"Mello" he said, not looking up.

How did he-God, he pissed me off!

They were alone.

"May I help you?" Near asked, putting down a puzzle piece and grabbing a new one.

This kid-Argh!-I hate him.

Mello didn't say anything.

"Have you come for a reason or do you just wish to stare?" Near asked, apathetic.

Is he trying to piss me off!?

That was it.

Mello grabbed Near's chin and turned it roughly towards him. Near's eyes stayed blank, hiding his confusion. Mello quickly searched for any sign of emotion.

He had to get something out of him.

Grabbing Near's small shoulders, he slammed the albino into the wall.

"Mello? What're you-" Near started. Mello pressed his body to the boy's, one of his hands pinning Near's wrists to above his head, the other around the boy's neck, digging his fingernails in the flesh. Near squirmed a bit, and whimpered as Mello drew blood.

That was it. That was what Mello had wanted...And it was addictive. He irrationally decided what he wanted to do next.

He kissed the boy, invading his mouth with his tongue. Breaking quickly, he looked at Near. His eyes had a slight look of fear and confusion. Near started struggling, thinking it was his chance to escape. But, Mello wanted more. He wanted to make Near suffer. He just hated him so much, he deserved it!

"Mello! Stop it! Let me go!" Near said, trying to twist out of his grip.

Mello smiled and dragged his tongue down the side of Near's face, then stopping the ear to bite down hard. Near yelped.

"Mello, s-stop." pleaded Near.

A cold hand trailed down into Near's pants, wrapping itself around his cock, roughly.

Near was shaking now. He tried wrestling out of his grip. Mello dropped the boy's wrists and punched his victim in the gut. Why won't you just die!? He bit the albino's ear again, hearing a whimper. Smirking, Mello turned Near around sharply. He ran his hands through Near's hair, almost gently, but the pushed him down so he was bending over, his face against the wall.

"Stop!" Near cried.

You're so annoying. Just disappear!

He pulled down Near's pajama bottoms and boxer.

"P-please." Near begged, quietly.

Mello's smirk widened. Whoever thought that there could be a human hidden behind those dead eyes. He unzipped his tight jeans, dropping them to his knees and thrusted into the boy. Near screamed, his legs buckling under him. Mello just pushed him harder against the wall to keep him up. He pulled out just to push back in, making Near wail.










He came inside of Near, causing him to scream even more. Mello dropped the boy who curled up limply in a ball, sobbing.

"Fine, then." Mello said. "I'll leave." He turned and exited the room to see a large group of kids who had heard the noise. Mello hadn't really thought about the noise while he was at it. Now seeing all their scared, bewildered faces made him smirk.

He walked out of Whammys and disappeared.