Bend With the Wind


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Chapter Two: A Warm Autumn Sun



Minerva laughed, and chased after the six year old galloping ahead of her. The summer sun warmed her shoulders, while a brisk early autumn wind gave her goosebumps. It was a beautiful day in early September, and summer was winding to an end.

Myles' dark head turned to laugh at her- his foot caught on a tree root, and he pitched forward to his knees. Minerva rushed over, barley able to keep standing with laugher, grabbed him about the waist and spun him around and around before exhaustedly collapsing against a nearby oak tree, still holding the exhausted child in her arms.

Planting her chin on head and looking out through his dark brown hair, she once again caught herself in complete happiness, which seemed to happen more and more these days. Myles, leaning against her chest, breathed in rhythm with her, absorbed in a leaf that he was tearing up.

Minerva smiled into his soft, silky hair and mumbled, 'Myles, what do you see?'

He smiled at their little game. 'I see…a leaf. Fallen off th' tree. It's gotten cold, and the tree has pulled in all of its energy, lettin' 'em fall. It's red because the chlorophyll is all gone.'

'Anything else?'

'About the leaf? No.'

'About anything else?'


'Well, if you are a scientist, you will have to see a lot more than that.'

'I see Artemis.'

Minerva looked up and spotted Artemis across the sloping grounds, under a grove of oaks. He was leaning his shoulder against a tree, apparently talking to a small figure sitting with her back on the same tree, who was looking up and smiling at Artemis.

Holly had been making frequent visits topside for quite some time now. Minerva had talked with the fairy (yes, she was well aware of the People) and liked her well enough. She missed having witty banter with Artemis though. It had been three years since his return from Limbo and subsequent time traveling fiasco. Holly and Artemis were close, that much was clear. But there was something else there, she could tell. The way he lit up when she was around, whenever he name was mentioned. He loved her.

Was it possible? A fairy and a human? Well, she would just have to wait and find out.

Minerva watched the wind play with Artemis's midnight hair. He said something and Holly laughed. Her red hair was radiant as her smile, and her blue and hazel eyes fixed on Artemis's face, laughing and sparkling. There was an ease to his posture, a peace. His head tilted back to the blue sky, and Holly seemed to study him reverently, but with the air of someone who knew the faults beneath the splendid and beautiful surface. She was one of the few who really knew him.

Minerva envied her, she really did. However, there was one thing she did have…

Myles was her life. He was the reason she got up in the morning and the reason she slept at night. She had long ago given up on having the type of close relationship she wanted with Artemis. But Myles…he had saved her.

He was brilliant. That was obvious. But he was so much more- sensitive, curious, kind. Everything she wished she could be. The stigma of the genius had, as much as it had done to Artemis, isolated her as a child. She had grown up spoiled and selfish, cold and withdrawn. Maybe not to the extent that Artemis had gone to, but then again he wasn't like that until the disappearance of his father. Before that, he had been relatively normal. Or so said Butler.

Butler. That was another thing. Since the events of the previous, he had become an older brother to her. Her new family at the Manor- the Angeline and Artemis I, who doted and loved her like a daughter; Butler; Juliet, who occasionally stayed, was like a sister. Myles, who was closer than anyone; Beckett was still a little brother, but not nearly as close to her as Myles was. And then there was Artemis….whose relationship was still a puzzle.

Memories threatened to surface, and she quickly shut them out. Not now… She breathed in, and concentrated on Myles, who was still in her lap. Taking his hand, she stood up. They walked hand in hand, comfortably swinging their hands back and forth, back and forth.

'What should we do now, Myles? It's a beautiful day.'

'Could we go to the beach? I'd like to see the ocean.'

Smiling, she nodded. The wind swirled her blonde curls and ruffled Myles' dark mop. Today would be a good day.

Together, they continued down the sloping lawn toward the back gate, which led to the rocky cliffs and down to the sea.

Yes, today would be a good day. She could feel it.