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Kage Senkou Hey kage if your reading this, it's kind of hard to explain to your 'boss' why you've set his forest on fire…. So yea….


Last Time….


"Hey, you join any clubs yet?" Naruto shook his head and got a chill up his spine. When he turned to Mai he could've sworn he saw her eyes glowing, and warily, he said no. Mai got a face splitting grin and Naruto eeped as he was pulled along. As he got farther away from the tree he thought to himself.

"Just how do I always get into these situations?"


Kicking open the door, Mai strolled into the room holding Naruto by the collar and held him up for all to see.

"Hey Gin! I found someone! You lost the bet!"…… Of course the only person to see it was a black haired teen sitting in a chair with a magazine in his hands. Looking up, said teen gave Mai a look.

"Found? It looks more like you kicked his ass and dragged him over here" Gin answered with a deadpanned look.

Naruto, looking worse for wear, was in the air, shoulders slumped. The ride here was not pleasant as Mai dragged him through a thicket of trees to get back to the school building. Taking in his surroundings, he asked Gin a question so casually that it was if he knew the said teen for ages.

"She does this a lot, doesn't she?"

Gin chuckled, amused. "Not really, you're probably just a special case. That, or Mai's taking a liking to you" And as if they were both old war veterans, they exchanged stories and engaged in small talk for a bit, getting off to a great start.

*cough cough*

"Yeah sure! Just continue your nice little chat here as if I'm not here!" Mai said in a huff and turned around with her arms crossed. Slightly abashed, Gin and Naruto both gave her apologetic smiles.

Gin, turning to Naruto, grinned and folded up his magazine to read another day.

"Well seeing as we've gotten all the small talk out of our systems, what brings you here to our small little Newspaper Clubroom?" Gin asked humorously.

Naruto, finally adjusted to the new surroundings now that Mai had put him down, scratched the back of his head sheepishly; a bad habit of his from back when he was younger.

"Actually I was kind of hoping to find a club for my friend and me to join" he stated slightly embarrassed. Gin, knowing the feeling Naruto had, nodded understandingly.

"The other clubs too weird for you right? They were for me too, don't worry about it" Gin said with a knowing smile. Checking the time, Gin looked at the clock and back to Naruto.

"Well it's getting kind of late so why don't you bring your friend over tomorrow and we can get you both settled in?"

Naruto nodded appreciatively and was about to leave when he noticed Gin stick out his hand. Knowing the gesture, Naruto clasped hands with Gin and said a farewell. Turning to leave again, he felt something hit him in the back of the head.

Holding his head in pain, Naruto picked up what hit him to find a black leather boot. Confused, he stared at the boot for a bit.

"You forgot about me again! Grr…" Standing there was Mai, once again pouting. Apologetic, Naruto gave a small chuckle and said his farewells to her as well, while promising to make it up to her some time. While walking back towards the dorms, he turned back towards the club room.

"Well, looks like club activities won't be too bad"



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