Chapter 19

The Diary of Slytherin

Yugi tried to ignore the glares he was receiving from Bakura and Marik. The two of them were looking at him like they wanted to kill him. Yugi had a feeling he knew why they were upset, but he was busy eating his bacon and didn't want to focus on the irritated former villains.

"Pharaoh, why the hell did you set that little twerp on us?" Bakura, Yugi guessed it was the spirit, he didn't think the normal Bakura said the words "hell" and "twerp", but then again it was getting a little hard to tell.

"I didn't set anyone on you." Yugi said at his bacon.

"Three days, Shorty, three days of being pestered by a raccoon eyed, sand loving, emotionless android of a kid, asking me about evil voices." Bakura said. "I thought I told you once before, I don't like you contributing to the impression that I'm insane!"

"Even though you totally are insane." Ron pointed out.

"Shut up." Bakura retorted.

"Look, he needs help and I was there." Yugi said as he continued to focus on the bacon. "Besides, Marik told me to help out."

"I didn't tell you to get him to focus on us! You're the resident friendship cheerleader!"

Yugi shook his head "Hey, it does work. One would think you guys don't believe in the H-"

"If you say that damn phrase I'm going to shoot you." Bakura gritted his teeth. "And just because we might, might believe in something doesn't mean we have to go advertising it like door to door salesman."

"I think I know what the problem is, we left you to long with the friendship crew." Marik grumbled. "I knew that was a bad idea!"

"Oh come on, they're not all that bad." Yugi said with a grin. "Speaking of friends, look whose coming!"

Bakura let out a string of interesting curses as he spotted Gaara walking towards him. "Oh go away! Please go away! Go play in a sandbox! Go throw that stuff in the eyes of sleeping children! Go to the beach! Just leave me alone!" Bakura got up and ran off across the Great Hall, Marik close on his heels.

Gaara, blinking in confusion, looked at Yugi, who winked at him and jerked his head to the fleeing nutcases, encouraging the ninja to follow.

Hermione glared at Yugi. "You're doing this to them on purpose, aren't you?"

Yugi nodded "I finally found something that drives them crazy! I'm not going to give it up that easily!"

Harry shook his head "So you are doing all of that just to annoy them?"

"Well, not totally. I do want to help Gaara, but if it annoys Bakura and Marik at the same time I don't see why I can't enjoy myself." Yugi grinned again as Bakura's wail of frustration reached their ears "Ah, revenge is good sometimes."

Kankuro, who had resumed his position of sticking to Harry like a bad smell, shook his head "You do realize that if Gaara gets to frustrated he's gonna crush you little buddies like a pair of bugs."

Yugi shook his head "No, I believe him when he says he's trying to change. You should too. He's your brother, after all."

Kankuro rolled his eyes to ceiling "You wizards have no survival instincts, at all."

Harry shrugged and pulled out his copy of Advanced Potion-Making. Ever since he had found the book, a book that had previously belonged to someone called the Half-Blood Prince; his potions had improved almost tenfold. All he had to do was to ignore Hermione's glares. She seemed to think taking advantage of the book was somehow cheating. He also ignored how Kankuro would peer over his shoulder, trying to decipher it, a feat almost impossible due to the fact that the puppet ninja couldn't read English.

"Harry, must you flaunt that thing right in front of the Great Hall?" Hermione said with disgust.

"I just need to make a few more notes for Slughorn's class." Harry replied.

"Oh, you mean you're notes, or the Prince's?" Hermione said sarcastically.

Kankuro looked from the book to her "For someone who's such a fast learner you're unbelievably closed minded. Hell, if I could read your chicken scratch of an alphabet I'd want a crack at this thing myself."

"It's cheating." Hermione said.

"Knowledge is never cheating." Kankuro said "Just because someone does something better then the official version doesn't make it wrong, it just gives you a better advantage in a fight. You don't think that your enemies are going to play by the rules, do you? Only, I wouldn't bring that out right here either. You don't want people stealing your secrets, right Harry?"

Harry looked at Kankuro, half surprised the normally foul tempered ninja was taking his side. It wasn't so surprising the way Kankuro had reached his conclusion, though. Harry had gathe4red that ninja, especially these ninja, only had thought for what gave them an edge. They were so focused on fighting and how to win fights it was almost scary. But, what he was saying made sense. Bakura and Marik also approved of the book; they seemed to think that any advantage they could take was fair game. Harry might have once sided with Hermione, but with Voldemort on the loose he also started to think that anything that could help him was good. Ignoring both Hermione and Kankuro arguing over the merits of the Prince, Harry finished his notes and put the book away, making sure that nobody like Malfoy or his group saw the book.

Kankuro had a point, giving his enemies his new secret wasn't a good idea.

"You see the pest anywhere?" Marik hissed.

"Nope, let's go."

He and Bakura darted from shadow to shadow, sometimes even exerting a little Shadow Magic to make doubly sure. They knew that Gaara didn't sleep, and they didn't want to be caught. Tonight was the night they were going to visit the Chamber of Secrets. Last year they had been informed by a small garden snake at Hogwarts. The snake had made a cryptic comment about Gryffindor not being the most accepting of people, and that the Chamber of Secrets held more than one Harry Potter thought it did. They had managed to wriggle the Chamber story out of Harry, and now they were going to check the Chamber themselves.

"Here's the bathroom." Marik said. "Let's go."

The two slipped into the out of order girl's bathroom. They spotted the sink that Harry had described almost at once. Unfortunately they were also spotted themselves.

"You're not Harry." Moaning Myrtle er moaned as she floated towards them. "He used to come here all the time, but I never see him anymore. No one wants to see silly, ugly, Moaning Myrtle!" The ghost blubbered.

"That's not true!" Yami Bakura started to imitate his more innocent light, widening his eyes and looking as kind as possible "I heard that one of the ninja really wants to meet you! He's really shy, though, so he might not act like it, but I keep hearing from him how much he'd love to get more acquainted with you!"

"R-really?" Myrtle sobbed "Who?"

"He's name's Kankuro. He's the one with the dolls and the makeup. Why don't you go talk to him right now?"

Myrtle sobbed, though it might have been from happiness this time, and floated away.

"You're a cruel person." Marik grinned at his friend.

"Hey, any chance I get to torment that brat I'll take!" Bakura said with a wild look.

"Let's see that Chamber now!"

The two of them went over to the sink and looked for the little snake on the tap. Bakura focused on the snake. He had pretty good idea on how to use Parseltongue, something that all of the Shadow Mages could do. He wondered if this ability was because of their association with Ancient Egypt, or if it was natural for all of them. Whatever the reason they could use it, and Bakura actually rather liked it. He held snakes in very high regard.

"Open." Bakura hissed in the snake's language. To his delight it worked. Once the doorway was fully opened the two of them slid into the Chamber.

"We can go back via Shadow Magic, close that thing!" Bakura hissed.

"You just don't want your little buddy to come down here mad at you for siccing a ghost on him." Marik said, but did as he was told.

The two of them entered the Chamber, marveling at the huge structure. Sure it was dark, wet and chilly, but the snake motif really worked for the two of them, and they both liked the dark atmosphere of the place.

"Hey, look, that must be the basilisk!" Bakura said with grin "Jackpot!"

"Huh?" Marik said.

"Basilisk's aren't Elder Breed. They don't talk and they are about as intelligent as an average snake, but they have several great magical properties. Aside from the normal wizard stuff, their fangs are sharp as steel."


"So," Bakura went over to the fallen basilisk and took out a knife. He began to hack at the gums of the beast "If I can get these fangs loose I can forge and sharpen em like a normal sword or a knife. Then I can attach them to a hilt and then we'll have nice curved swords and knives. Plus they'll retain the poison, so they'll be extra lethal! We used to do it back in Ancient Egypt. I doubt the wizards will have thought of it, though. They know that the fangs are sharp, but they don't use weapons so they won't have thought of it."

"Excellent." Marik's eyes glowed. Soon, however, he got bored of watching Bakura hack at gums, so he started to explore the Chamber.

"Hey, look what I found!" Marik said. Bakura looked up and saw that Marik had gone to the left side of the huge stone face of Slytherin.

"Did you find stone earwax?" Bakura said with a grin.

"No, a door. Harry must have missed it when he was in here. Let's check it out." Marik said.

Bakura shrugged. He could go back to the teeth later. He got up and followed Marik, who had already broken the lock on the door and was entering it. when they got in they found a huge room, about as big as the front of the Chamber. In the middle was a huge nest, obviously meant for the basilisk to rest in. On the walls lining the room were shelves, most empty but a few held small chests and jewelry boxes and alchemic equipment.

"Jackpot again. Looks like Slytherin left some treasure." Bakura said, still grinning. He loved treasure.

"Yeah, but how much you want to bet Voldemort looted the joint?" Marik grumbled. "Those shelves are practically bare!"

"Maybe he missed something, let's look." Bakura said.

Marik shrugged and began to search the place. A few hours of opening boxes and rummaging through dust and he was ready to call it quits.

"Let's get going. I do have classes tomorrow and this place has been looted clean!" Marik growled.

"Patience, my friend. You'd make a lousy treasure hunter." Bakura said.

"Hey, I stole the God Cards!"

"You knew exactly where they were, you never really looked!" Bakura retorted as he dug through the basilisk's huge straw nest. "Ha!" He bellowed. Bakura rose up from where he had been digging with a smirk. "See?"

"Congratulations, oh mighty Tomb Robber. Some find gold, jewels and other shiny things; you find a moldy old book." Marik said.

"Shut up, this might have been written by Slytherin. I'm going to look at it."

"Hey, remember what happened to that Ginny girl!" Marik protested.

"My will is stronger than a little eleven year old! Plus, I'm a master of Shadow Magic!" Bakura sat down in the nest and began to read. "And it's even in Ancient Egyptian!"

"Really?" Marik said, now intrigued.

"Yep," Bakura said as he started to read "I can no longer live in this place, with these fools. My good friend, Godric Griffindor, has made that impossible. Though he is a good man, a strong man, he is not a smart man. He and the others think that the Elder Breed are the problem, yet they ignore the true threat of the muggleborn. How could anyone believe that the good and noble magical creatures, magical like us, are to be hunted down while the very people that try to burn and destroy us should be trusted! Godric takes so much pleasure in hunting down what he calls animals that he can't even see their intelligence and wisdom! Yes, he is a hero, but he can't see underneath things. I don't understand, so I leave this journal behind me. I know that one day someone can right the wrong that has been done to the elves, and that one day the Elder Breed and the wizards can live in peace. Hopefully it will come at the hands of a Gryffindor and a Slytherin. I fear that this may cause a divide within our houses, but after these events I cannot stay. The four houses were meant to work as one, not divided into two.

If you are in this Chamber no doubt you are a Slytherin, a Parseltongue, and perhaps one of my blood. That is good, and you might even be able to control the basilisk I left here to guard the school against those who would kill us all. But to read this diary you must be someone even more special. I can only hope that this falls into the right hands, so I write it in the language of my ancestors, in the hope that you might have the blood the Guardians as well as the blood the serpent.

Perhaps if you are reading this then you are like me. Once my name was not Salazar Slytherin; that was the name I took when I fled the darkness to find the light of day. I was born with the name Malic Ishtar-"

"What!" Marik bellowed. "Are you reading that right!"

"I-I am." Bakura said. "Look."

Shaking, Marik took the book and scanned the carefully written hieroglyphics. He stared, but said nothing. He was pale, and he was swaying on his feet as if he couldn't quite get his balance.


"Bakura, once my father told me a story. He said that our great something grandfather ran away from his duties as a Tomb guardian. He left his family, his wife and unborn son, and was killed in the outside world. His name was Malic…he was cursed by our family and held as an example of a traitor and a fool."

"Marik, if this thing is right, do you know what that means?" Bakura asked.

"My dad was even more of a colossal jerk?"

"No, it means that Voldemort isn't really the heir of Slytherin, you are." Bakura said.

Marik stared at Bakura for a long moment, and then then he laughed. It was a wild, hysterical laugh, and for a moment Bakura thought that his friend had been driven over the edge. But, not the perfect model of sanity himself, he did not know what do for him.

After a while Marik calmed down. Bakura put his hand on his friend's shoulder "Are you okay?"

"I don't know. But I have to take this thing with me. Read more of it. I have to know if this is real." Marik pocketed the book and backed away from Bakura. "I have to go. Have fun in here." Using the Shadow Magic Marik left.

/I don't think he is okay./ The normal Bakura said.

/I don't think so either./

/What do we do?/

/I wish I knew, Bakura, I really wish I knew./ The spirit said with a depressed sound. Then his tone seemed to brighten /But even if it isn't true we can still use it!/

/Use it? Use it! But, Marik is our friend! You sound like you want to use him!/

/I'll use whatever I can to win./ Yami Bakura said as he left the room and went back to loosening the teeth of the fallen basilisk.

/We can't!/

/We can, and if Marik was our position, he would do the same thing./ Yami Bakura said as he finally got a tooth. He held it in front of his eyes, checking for impurities.

/It's wrong!/

/I know, kid, I know./ Yami Bakura said. If there was any regret in his voice Bakura could not detect it.