Tangled Up in Me

Chapter 1: Secrets

I opened the assignment folder and read through it. Once. Twice. Three times. I looked up to my commanding officer stunned.

"Is this a joke?" I asked.

"No, it is not. Does is amuse you?" he was slightly irritated and it definitely showed.

"But why me?" I was stilled confused as to why I was assigned this job. Taylor, Hannah or Sara seemed like they would be better for this job.

"Because you're the best, and that's exactly what we need." he stated matter of factly. " Now go. Your flight leaves at 8 a.m."

With that last command I was off to my room to pack.

My name is agent 9131988 but to most people my name is Bella Swan. I attend the prestigious Buxley Academy. To the common people of Phoenix we are a snotty private school, but to those on the inside we are the foremost and best training academy for female agents. Yes, that's right, I go to a school for spies.

I'm only a junior so when I was assigned to do a field job I was….well more than shocked ….scared stupid is more accurate.

The school has a…I guess you would call it and unwritten rule that states that seniors are usually the first to be offered field jobs. Field jobs were rare and getting one could either make or break your future career as an agent.

So now I was not only freaking out because my career was on the line but I would also have to watch my back for jealous and pissed off seniors. Prime examples would be Taylor Nelson, Hannah Reyes, and Sara Goodson. They were what most people called the queen bees of the school. They were pretty, smart and everyone liked them…or at least kissed up to them.

There were a few exceptions, myself included. They already didn't like me because I was one of the few juniors in advanced placement, which meant you had to be nearly a genius because everyone in our school was smart, and now to add another reason to their 'Reasons for hating Bella' list is the fact that I bypassed them for a field position. Thank god my flight left early tomorrow morning. However I still had seventeen hours to survive and in a school for spies secrets are pretty impossible to keep. I knew that by the time I got back to my room everyone would know.

As predicted, as soon as I reached for the doorknob it was yanked open and I was tackled by one of my best friends. Tyler McKenzie.

"O MY GO SH! BELLA!!" she screamed " TELL ME EVERYTHING!!".

I gave her a look that said 'what are you talking about you crazy person'.

Tyler was a small girl, but with more than enough energy to make up for her lack of height. She was about 5' tall, and had short blond hair, almost always in a ponytail.

"Tell you everything about what?" I replied innocently, just to annoy her.

"BEL-LA!" she wined and I laughed.

"Fine" I said, exasperated. "I'm leaving Buxley for a field assignment."

"Oh my gosh! Bella! For real?"

I think she might have been more excited that I was.

"Wow! When do you leave? How long will you be gone? Where are you goin-"

"Tyler!" I said cutting her off. "One question at a time."

"Oh sorry, so where are you going?" She asked, a bit calmer.

"Um, I can't say, you know that." I looked down at the ground ashamed that I was keeping a secret from my best friend. That and the fact that I didn't even know yet. "Sorry" I mumbled.

"Oh Bella stop it. I'm not mad, I know the rules, I understand, really. I mean you wouldn't want to get fired from your first job before it really starts now would you?" she asked with a sarcastic smile.

"Yea that wouldn't look to good on my resume." I said laughing with her.

"So when do you leave?" she asked quietly, "are you allowed to tell me that much?"

"I think that's allowed, 8 am sharp" I said, and looked down when the smile disappeared from her face.

"Wow that soon?" she sounded sad, but I couldn't even look at her face right now. I didn't want to cry in front of her.


"Well do you want me help you pack?" She asked in a bright voice. I knew she was forcing it, like I was.

"Yea, thanks, that would be great." And with that we started packing up my stuff.

Once we were done it was time for dinner , we heading down to the cafeteria in silence.

As soon as I walked in the silence that had been surrounding me and Tyler all afternoon, overtook the entire room. I couldn't escape the eyes that looked at me. It was official everyone had heard that I got a field mission. As I walked passed the tables to get my food, the whispering started.

Tyler and I walked quickly to our table as soon as we had our food. Our other roommates, and my other best friends, Maureen and Jennifer were already sitting there waiting for us.

Maureen was a triple threat. Tall. Thin. Tan. Not to mention brilliant beyond comparison. She was easily the smartest girl in our entire school. She had dirty blond hair and freckles. Jennifer on the other hand was the complete opposite of Maureen. She was taller than me but shorter than Mo, with dark brown almost black hair that was shoulder length and paler skin like mine but not quite as pale. You could always find a different color extension in her hair depending on her mood. Today she had in orange, which usually meant that she was nervous or angry.

I guess to any outsider we looked like a peculiar group of friends but thats what made us such a tight group. We all brought something different to the friendship party, as the saying goes.

"Hey Ty, Bella" Jen said as we sat down.

"Hey" I replied. We talked casually for a while, Maureen and Jen were interested in my assignment, and asked a lot of questions. Most of which I was forbade to answer.

We got up and headed back to the room, the whispering following us all the way.

We stayed up and talked and laughed at all of our fun times for hours and before we knew it, it was after 2.

I fell asleep quickly after that and woke up at 6:30 to get ready. By 7:45 I was down at the front doors ready to go. Everyone in the entire school seemed to be there.

I got sad looks from my friends, and glares from the " Queen Bees", and looks of awe from the younger girls.

I got into the limo- of course I couldn't leave in any old car, we had a reputation to protect- and headed for the airport to get on my private jet to…well I didn't actually know where I was being sent just yet.

Once on the plane I was introduced to Renee. She was going to be my pretend mother and she had an ex-husband already stationed in Forks-that's where I was being sent, the middle of nowhere Forks, Washington. Why didn't they just send me to Spoons, Missouri?

Renee told me that I would be attending Forks High School and that my "dad" had already registered me. Charlie-my "dad"-was the police chief of Forks. He had the perfect cover. I almost laughed out loud when she told me what he did for a living, but I knew that now wasn't the time to make jokes. "Everything I just told you is in the report, check over it, memorize it. It won't be leaving this plane." She said, then walked to the back of the plane and sat down.

I opened the folder.

My job was to protect the son of a wealthy investment banker. I was to be covert about it. They wanted me to infiltrate him and his group of friends. Inside the folder was a stack of papers and a disk.

I flipped down the screen in front of me and slipped the disk into the player. A man, about 35 flashed on the screen.

"Isabella" he started, I knew immediately that he was Charlie, my "father". "Along with the disk you received a stack of papers. There are your schedule and the schedule of the people20you are to befriend at Forks High School. You will notice that your schedule is very similar to the Masen boys. We have suspicion that the enemy already has an agent on the campus. Along with befriending and protecting Masen you will also need to figure out who the other agent is. Read over this, and I will see you when your plane lands." Then the screen went blank.

I pulled out the disk and reinserted it to my laptop. I quickly erased the memory from the disk and logged onto the internet. I did a Google search for Charles Swan, according to the records Charles "Charlie" Swan had grown up in Forks, so it was no surprise that the returned after college and became an officer like his father.

I had to hand it to whoever was in charge, they did do their background information very thoroughly. Leaving no traces of his real identity.

Next I turned my attention to the other papers in the folder.

The top page was basically restating my job, befriend Edward Masen and hi s close circle of friends: Alice Cullen, Emmett Cullen, Jasper Whitlock, and Rosalie Hale.

The next few pages were reports about each person. I looked over the first one, belonging to a Mr. Emmett Cullen.

It read:

Name: Emmett McCarty Cullen (Senior)

Siblings: Mary Alice Cullen

Hobbies: Playing pranks, Video games

Extracurriculars: Football


1) English IV

2) Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry

3) History A.P.

4) Free

5) Lunch

6) Gym

7) Spanish IV

Other: Dating Rosalie Hale

There was also a picture of him. He was cute. Really big and muscular, with brown eyes and dark curly locks. He definitely fit the stereotypical jock persona. He had a mischievous smirk on his face.

Note to self: Watch out for him.

I crossed referenced my schedule with his, we had free period together. That should be interesting I thought as I flipped to the next page.

The next one was his sister.

Name: Mary Alice Cullen (Junior)

Siblings: Emmett McCarty Cullen

Hobbies: Shopping

Extracurriculars: Cheerleading, Habitat for Humanity


1) Free

2) English A.P.

3) History A.P.

4) Statistics Honors

5) Lunch

6) Physics

7) Gym

Other: Dating Jasper Nathaniel Whitlock

She looked like pixie. She had short spiky black hair that stuck out in multiple directions. She was very petit and had a bubbly look on her face. Definitely a happy girl. She seemed really nice and I could tell we would be friends easily. We had English, and History together. That worked out well.

The next belonged to Rosalie Hale.

Name: Rosalie Virginia Hale (Senior)

Siblings: None

Hobbies: Fixing Cars

Extracurriculars: Cheerleading, Newspaper


1) English IV

2) Biology II

3) Autobody

4) Calculus

5) Lunch

6) Free

7) Gym

Other: Dating Emmett McCarty Cullen

She looked like…well if I was being honest she looked like a stuck up bitch. She was undeniably gorgeous, tall, slim, blond hair, any guys dream girl. I was a little surprised to see that she like cars, but hey you know what they say; Don't judge a book by its cover. Thankfully though we had no classes in common.

The next belonged to a boy named Jasper.

Name: Jasper Nathaniel Whitlock (Senior)

Siblings: None

Hobbies: Photography, TV and Music production

Extracurriculars: School News show, Soccer


1) Gym

2) Calculus

3) Media Productions

4) Spanish IV

5) Lunch

6) Free

7) Biology II

Other: Dating Mary Alice Cullen

Jasper was a tall boy with devilishly good looks, much cuter than Emmett in my opinion. He had blond hair and was tall and lean. We had gym, and biology together. I was looking forward to getting to know him. He just seemed like the type of person that people naturally wanted to know.

The final biography belonged to my entire reason for being on this mission, and he didn't even know it.

Name: Edward Anthony Masen Jr. (Junior)

Siblings: None

Hobbies: Piano, Guitar, Debate

Extracurriculars: Basketball, Red Cross Club, H.O.S.A, Junior Class President, President of the Debate team, Habitat for Humanity


1) Gym

2) English A.P.

3) Trigonometry

4) Free

5) Lunch

6) General Music

7) Biology II

Other: Dating Tanya Denali

I was stunned to say the least. He was musical, smart, and part of multiple organizations. And as if he background was impressive enough, his physical attributes only added to his appeal. He was tall and had wavy bronze colored hair, with piercing green eyes. His face seemed like he was smirking at inside joke perhaps? It almost looked as if he knew what you were thinking, when you saw him. He looked….arrogant. That was the only word I could think of that seemed appropriate. I could already tell we were going to but heads often. Great I'm going to dislike the person I have to protect.

I fell asleep after reading through the bio's a few more times.

Renee shook me a while later.

"Time to get to work" she said.

"Okay" I said groggily, sleep still thick on my voice.

"Good luck, you'll do fine" she said, and smiled once at me, before shoving me out the door and down the stair to the tarmac.

There waiting about 100 yards away was the same man from the disk. Charlie. He was waiting by a police cruiser and had on a brown uniform.

I walked over to him and stopped a few feet away, bags in hand.

"Isabella, I'm Charlie." he said formally.

"Bella, if you don't mind, since you are my father and all." I answered.

"Oh…um yeah, sure" he said awkwardly taking my luggage and shoving it in the trunk.

I climbed in the passenger seat and he in the drivers. He starting the engine and we started the drive back down to Forks, in an uncomfortable silence.

This was going to be one hell of a long mission. I only hoped I survived it in one piece.

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