"We should get back," Susan said, tugging Edmund toward the door . "Mr. Mcormack might come back."

"What about that stuff we found?" Edmund asked.

"Leave it! Come on! We have to leave now." Susan urged. Suddenly they heard the front door open and close.

Susan gasped and pulled Edmund through the kitchen. They found the back door chained and nailed shut.

"Now what?" Edmund whispered.

"Quick, this way!" Susan pulled open a door that lead down to the basement.

"What if he comes down this way?" Edmund whispered.

"Don't!" Susan moaned, not wanting to think about that possibility. "Don't even say such a thing." She flipped on the torch and looked around the basement and nearly screamed. It was not a normal basement. It was riddled with skeletons.

"No wonder they couldn't find any bodies." Edmund said quietly.

"Why would they take the bodies?" Susan asked.


Jump one step and all your troubles will be over. Just one step and you'll be free. Just jump. Mrs. Mcormack "urged" Peter. She was finding him hard to kill. He held on with a stubborn will.

"What do you desire?" She whispered in his ear. " Jump and it'll be yours."

"I'll die," Peter said, flatly gazing at the rock and ocean below him, ready to swallow him up.

"Small price one must pay to get what they desire. You'll see your father again. Don't you desire that?" Mrs. Mcormack asked.

"More than anything." Peter admitted.

Then jump and you'll see him

Peter's hand trembled from where it gripped the railing. It sounded so tempting. Was this how Edmund felt when the White Witch tempted him? The thought of Edmund made him think of Lucy, Susan and Mum. He couldn't do that to them. He wasn't that selfish and cowardly.

"NO!" he shouted, breaking the trance that Mrs. Mcormack had him under. He turned to face her.

"I'm not stupid! You plan to kill all of us! Why?" Peter asked.

"None of your business!" Mrs. Mcormack snapped, pulling out a knife. "If you had just jumped like I wanted you to, I wouldn't have to kill you."

"Mirrors!" Edmund cried, once they were back in the mansion.

"What?" Susan asked looking at him.

Before Edmund could explain himself, Lucy came running in. Susan went toward her.

"Wait!" Edmund cried, pulling her back." She might be possessed still"

"Ask her a question only the real Lucy would know." Susan whispered in his ear.

"Lu. How do you spell serendipity?" Edmund asked.

"You don't even know how to spell serendipity." Lucy rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, that's Lucy all right." Edmund said dryly. "Where's Peter?"

"In trouble" Lucy cried. "Mrs. Mcormack has him on the balcony."

"Oh no." Susan moaned, "If our theory's right then she'll make him jump and commit suicide!"

"Unless she already has!" Edmund cried.

"She might not. What were you saying about mirrors?" Susan asked.

"I think we can use a mirror against them! There must be a reason why their house doesn't have any mirrors - not even a small mirror - and I just remembered that whenever Mrs. Mcormack showed us the rooms she never went inside." Edmund said

"There were mirrors in the rooms!" Lucy cried "over the dressers"

"What if you're wrong?" Susan asked, doubtfully.

"Let's just hope I'm not!" Edmund said.

"You'll go to jail for murder." Peter warned, eyeing the knife with trepidation.

"On the contrary. They'll just think you fell over the side of the cliff and your body got washed away by the sea." Mrs. Mcormack sneered.

"You killed them!" Peter said, "Maybe not personally, but you had a hand in their death! Uou and your husband! You knew what their weaknesses were and you played on that. You drove them all mad until they were forced to kill, then kill themselves. That's why she apologized." The last part was said more to himself. "She was in a trance. They all were and that nursery fire was no accident either, was it? You caused it. The only death you didn't cause was James and Cordelia's their death was natural. That's why the locket broke half your curse. You can't love anyone because you gave away the only part of you that can love. Just so you could live forever."

"Shut up! We deserve this house. We were faithful servants for more than fifty years ahd he promised us this house .So when we were given an opportunity to get back what was ours in exchange for our mortal self, we jumped at the chance!"

"Oh god, they're zombies!" Edmund asked coming up behind Mrs. Mcormack.

"What are you guys doing here?" Peter groaned

"Couldn't let you have all the fun." Susan said, as she and Lucy appeared next to Edmund they were all holding something behind their back. Lucy ran over and hugged Peter, slipping something into his hand.

"How sweet." Mrs. Mcormack snapped sarcastically. "A touching family reunion. Well it'll save me time trying to find you all to kill you! Ever since the amulet was broken, my powers have been dwindling. But luckily I have enough to kill you all here."

"Pity." Susan said, shaking her head

"What are you talking about, girl?" Mrs. Mcormack demanded.

"Well, it's just that for someone who's been alive for more than a hundred years you look good, but you've never seen yourself in a mirror have you?" Susan asked pulling out a mirror.

"You do look pretty." Lucy chimed in, holding up a mirror.

"NO!! What are you doing!" Mrs. Mcormack screeched as her face started changing from a young youthful face to a old lady with her flesh started falling off .She whirled around but was met on all four sides by a mirror.

She shrieked and tried to run back into the house, but Edmund had it blocked. Her flesh continued falling off until she was only a skeleton that crumbled into dust that was blown away in the wind.

"Ugh! That was the most disgusting thing, I've ever seen." Susan shuddered as Peter put an arm around her.

"What about Mr. Mcormack! He's still alive!" Peter asked

"Actually he's not. He met the same fate as his wife, though we're about twenty mirrors short." Edmund shrugged.

"Look the sun!" Lucy pointed toward the horizon. Sure enough, for the first time since they moved into the house over a month ago, the house wasn't shrouded in fog.