Comforting Lie

Malik buried his face in the other's neck, rubbing against it almost like he was trying to burrow himself. He moaned when he settled and found a comfortable position. His other's neck was warm and he didn't want to move from his spot… But it wasn't only his neck that was warm, all of him was warm.

He had his caramel colored arms around the other, gripping his black sleeveless shirt. He loved feeling the other's slightly muscular frame under his arms and hands; he loved feeling it against his own toned body. His grip tightened on the shirt… He never wanted to let go, even accidentally.

He sat on the other's lap, not straddling him, but sitting sideways. His other's legs were so comfortable and strong enough to hold him up, and every now and then, he would wiggle his bottom or rub his hip against his crotch, the latter to tease him and make his other react, though the reaction was small and wasn't more than an annoyed grunt or a nod.

He sighed contently and closed his eyes, giving his other a small kiss at the base of his neck. He breathed in his scent, breathing deeply so it would invade his senses, so it wouldn't leave, so he would always remember it. He didn't want to forget this smell; he didn't want to forget the warmth.

And Yami Malik just sat there, one hand on Malik's arm and the other hand on Malik's back, his hands only there because Malik had asked it of him. He looked down at the other and felt strangely out of place, he felt awkward, but the other wanted this of him, so he didn't refuse. But he just sat there, the awkward feeling overwhelming him.


And that, people, is my very first drabble. I love the idea of Malik and Yami Malik snuggling and holding each other and warming each other, but I know that it's entirely OOC of them to want to do that, so that's why I wrote this with Yami Malik feeling weirded out by Malik giving him a display of affection.