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"…and the notion that other humans would think you…how do you say it?...Insane, if you told them that you talked to your 'jet', which, I might add, is slightly offensive, is preposterous."

Benjamin Langling glared at the console, sticking his tongue out at the dashboard of the F-35 in annoyance.

"I saw that." Snapped the disembodied voice, equally as annoyed. Ben just rolled his eyes, sighing in exasperation as he watched the controls move of their own accord, the plane riding the updrafts smoothly.

"You still haven't answered my question." Snapped the voice persistently. Ben actually growled at this.

"How do I put this?" he asked himself, tapping his chin with a finger-tip, his helmet reflecting the sun's light, causing his name, which was stamped across the edge, to almost glow.

"Human's don't understand a lot of things, and the things they don't understand, they fear. So, if, say, a person just randomly starts hearing disembodied voices and doesn't understand, who, what, when, where, why, or how…"

"That doesn't make sense. How and Why are practically the same thing." The voice interrupted, sounding slightly snippish. Ben ignored it.

"…then they become afraid, and things humans are afraid of…"

"They reject." The voice finished, almost sadly.

"Yeah." Ben muttered, wondering if he had slightly offended the plane.

Several moments of silence followed, before the voice came back.

"We're approaching the base." It said, sounding as sad as it always did when they had to part from the skies.

Ben sighed again, he seemed to be doing a lot of that these days, and took the controls into his hands. He never did anything, as it was all for show, to make sure anyone who just might happen to be watching didn't see him sulking in the driver's seat, arms folded crossly while the plane drove itself.

Yes, that would raise several eyebrows. Still, he could always chalk it up to a hallucination and be out of their hair before they realized he was gone, but that would be easier said than done, so he just stuck with playing the part of the perfect fighter pilot, while in reality, he just so happened to be partnered with the perfect fighter plane.

As the jet came down smoothly onto the runway, barely rocking Ben as its wheels touched down, he noticed several emergency vehicles off to the side, tucked in between hangers; they're lights off, no markings on them at all. The jet, however, also seemed to notice them, and took alarm at the sight of them.

The voice gaze a strange, guttural shriek and the controls jerked from Ben's hands as the jet suddenly gunned it, streaking back up into the sky without so much as a backwards glance or an explanation.

On the ground, the emergency vehicles were no longer emergency vehicles.


"..THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" yelled Ben, struggling to keep down his breakfast as the F-35 sped through the air, it's speed steadily increasing until he felt as though he were going to permanently meld into the seat.

"Running." Replied the breathless voice.

"I can see that, but from WHAT?" he yelled, staring out the window as scenery whizzed by at a sickening speed.

"Them." Was the voice's only reply.


"…easily spooked, Optimus. We'll have to try again at the next spot, warp there and wait. He'll have to stop and refuel eventually. We can run on Earth's fuels, rather efficiently, actually, but it doesn't last as long as Energon. Which means more stops more frequently." Said Ratchet, squinting against the sun's glare as the speck that had once been the incoming F-35 disappeared from view in a matter of milliseconds.

The leader of the Autobots sighed, before turning to the rest of the group. He had brought Hotshot, Prowl, Ratchet, and Starscream along with him, but one glance at the F-35's retreating tail fins and the seeker was left gaping after it, clearly shocked by its speed.

"Uh, Optimus. Was I the only one who noticed there was a HUMAN in that plane?" asked Prowl, frowning. Hotshot shook his head.

"Nah, I saw it too. Maybe just to keep undercover?" he suggested, frowning.

"Maybe." Optimus mused.


"Thundercracker, Skywarp, I want to know where that jet is, where it's going, and I want to know now. Snap to it!" Megatron barked, apparently annoyed that his plan to recruit the neutral Cybertronian had been unsuccessful.

It had instantly recognized other's of it's kind, and had high-tailed it out of there faster than he would have liked, though he himself had whistled quietly in appreciation over the plane's speed.

Yes, it would be a useful addition to his team. Especially now that that traitor Starscream had joined forces with the Autobots.

'Yes, indeed.' Megatron mused to himself.

'A worthy air commander.'


Ben had given up a long time ago, as no amount of needling was getting him anywhere with the jet, who had been uncharacteristically silent the entire "run-flight" from the military field. He had deduced, a long time ago, from the almost constant chatter, that his jet was "female" though it had never said anything to actually verify that hypotheses.

They were currently somewhere over the Atlantic, and he was starting to grow alarmed at the amount of time they had been in the air without re-fueling.

"Aren't you low?" he asked the silent cockpit. Several more seconds ticked by.

"No, my altitude is perfect." The voice said, and it sounded immeasurably tired. Ben shook his head.

"No, I mean, don't you need to refuel soon?"

There was a slightly longer pause.

"I don't burn as much fuel as normal earth jets. In reality, I have another 2 or 3 hours I could fly at top speed before needing to touch down, maybe 4 if I really pushed it."

"Really?" Ben asked in fascination. He had known the voice was alien, but he hadn't thought literally, but then again he was only guessing.

"You never really told me, you know, about yourself." He said.

There were several more long, drawn out moments of silence before the voice crackled back into life through the speakers.


"What?" Ben asked, confused. There was a sigh.

"That's what my name translates to in your language. I am a sentient cybernetic organism from a planet called Cybertron, several million light years from your galaxy. I suppose, our history in a nutshell is that we once were a peaceful race, but generations ago we split into two factions, the Autobots, led by Optimus Prime, who fight for freedom, and the Decepticons, ruled by Megatron, who fight for domination over all life. We have been at war since before memory, though there are some, like myself, who chose not to take sides, and who, instead, fled Cybertron in hopes of avoiding the conflict."

Ben stared at the dashboard, mouth agape.

"I…" he swallowed.

"I knew…I knew you were…were "alive", in every sense of the word…but…but I never thought…how…who…why a jet?" he finally managed.

Firestar was silent.

"Cybertronian's are unique in that they can shift from one form into another, though most are restricted to only two different forms. A vehicle mode, which can encompass anything from a car to a jumbo-jet, and a robotic mode, where the Cybertronian's personal identity becomes distinguishable from the other's of our species. We are relatively free to choose our "vehicle" of choice, but our robot forms stay fixed our entire lives."

"Huh?" Ben asked the console, utterly befuddled. There was an annoyed pause.

"Giant. Transforming. Alien. Robots."



Ben was getting seriously annoyed.

Firestar had circled the landing strip 7 TIMES!!

Finally, as though she had decided that it was safe to land, she came quickly down onto the runway, stopping almost tentatively at the end of the tarmac, and he could sense the tension beneath him, as though the plane was ready to spring into action and take off at a moment's notice.

He knew, however, that that was impossible.

Firestar was exhausted, hungry, and had grown increasingly sluggish and groggy as the hours whiled by.

It was night now, darkness having descended several minutes prior, and the little private aircraft field was completely deserted. So, as they wheeled into an empty, shadowed hangar, Firestar mumbled to him through the speakers, seemingly not caring that another human might walk in on the conversation.

"When you get out, make sure to stand against the wall, I don't want to squish you when I transform."

Ben nodded, obligingly scrambling out of the way of the jet. He could hear something like a metallic grinding of metal on metal, and the hissing of pistons and the rumble of an engine, but he dared not peek.

Once at a safe distance, he looked back.

He was just in time to see the last few pieces of rotating, moving armour fold away from the femme's body, slotting into pre-ordained grooves and folding in on itself to fit the sleek metal body now sitting on the floor, groggy optics blinking down at the startled human.

"Fuel." She managed to mumble, optics dim. He nodded, jogging to the edge of the hangar to role a full barrel of oil to within arms reach of her.

She obligingly took it, tore off a corner like it was rice paper, and guzzled it down.

Another four followed before she finally sighed, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

"Sleep." She said, tapping the cockpit dome of her jet form, which made up her chest.

Ben blinked, confused, but realized what she meant when she transformed back into the F-35.

"You too." She said, opening the cockpit to allow him to scramble in.

"Wouldn't want to lose you…sometime during…the night…" she managed, her voice growing heavier with each word.

"Sleep…well…" She finally mumbled, before the screen before him went blank.

Ben sat in complete silence for a few more moments, contemplating everything that had happened today, before smiling and snuggling back into the seat, taking off his helmet to rest it on his knee.

"Good night, Firestar." He said, before he, too, dozed off.


WOOT!! I love being a writer, because you can pretty much do WHATEVER you want, slag the consequences!

That being said, here's some fluffy-fun-shamelessness, courtesy of ME!!

Me: (waves magic wand) POOF!!

Starscream: (human sized)

Hotshot: (human sized)

Optimus: (human sized)

Megatron: (human sized)

The Twins: (human sized)

Thundercraker: WHAT THE FRAG??

Me: (evil, insane laughter) That's right, puny ones. I have the power of the ALMIGHTY COMPUTER KEYBOARD!! With it, I WILL RULE THE WORLD!! (or, at least… Transformers) MWAHAHAHAHA!!

Megatron: (hears the word "Almighty", and goes into hysterics) Something ALL POWERFUL?? I must have it!!

Me: (wags finger) Sorry, Megsy, but…IT'S MINE!!

Megatron: (is yelling now) I will never give up!! YOU HAVEN'T HEARD THE LAST OF MEEEEEEEEE!!

Me: (is also yelling) WHY ARE WE YELLING??

Starscream: (head in hands) …I'm surrounded by idiots…

Sideswipe: Read…

Sunstreaker: …and Review! (or else)…

Hotshot: (points) Is that a bazooka?

Me: (grins)