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Chapter Title: All I ever wanted.

Sakura fluttered her eyes open and close a few times, she didn't know where she was or what was going on but she felt exceedingly cold. Her fingers were aching as she reached out and tried to stretch her arms. She felt rigid and before she could react to anything she began to cry. Large bulbs escaped her eyes, and trickled down her cheeks.

She was in a white room with no windows or doors, she didn't know where she was as she searched frantically for others and than a heart stopping thought occurred to her.

"Am…am I dead?", she proclaimed out loud.

The words slipped out as she reached up to cover her mouth, had she really died? She began to cry once more bringing her hands up to her face and burying her red eyes into them, her cries echoed in her own ears.

"Don't cry", a soft voice called out.

Sakura raised her head to meet eyes with Naruto, who had his hand extended out to her. She opened her mouth but no words seemed to form.

"Don't cry Sakura-chan, I'm here."

"Naruto… I'm so afraid, I am so sorry I always knew it was you, I tried to hide it, deny it, but I knew… I loved you."

He merely stood there hand still extended a smile rising to his handsome face.

"It is alright Sakura."

She simply smiled at him; if she was dead she would be blissful if Naruto would stay with her. She wanted nothing more than to take his head and melt into his warm arms. She looked down at his extended hand and was a bit taken back.

Instead of the hand of a man she found the hand of a boy, her eyes once again motioned toward his face and instead she found a 10 year-old-child.

"Sakura," his voice nothing but a whisper.

"You need to go home."

She glanced at her own hands and established she was a child as well, she was feeling overwhelmed. Like her head was spinning. She gazed toward Naruto again who no longer was a child.

"You have to go home Sakura, I'll be there."

Sakura could feel her eyes getting heavy.

"You promise", she knew she wasn't a child anymore as she glanced down to check her hands.

"I promise. I never go back on a promise."

He turned around and began to walk away, hands placed casually around his neck, Sakura fearing he would leave her alone jumped to her feet and reached out to touch him.

"Naruto, wait…wait for me."

Her eyes opened widely, as the noise of the machine echoed in her ear. She could feel the warmth of the blankets cover her body, and outside the window she could see the gloomy intense rain. She wasn't in her normal clothes and by the looks of it had been in the hospital bed for a few days.

Her eyes fell upon the desk next to her bed where she found the headband and ribbon neatly placed ahead of numerous vases of flowers.

Sasuke was sitting close to her in a chair, looking over some paper work when he instantly met her eyes.

"I knew you were trying to killing yourself in that rain", he sarcastically stated.

She winced as she remembered what happened, and used her arms to sit upright, a long IV tube ran into her arm and she wanted nothing more than to yank it out.

" How long have I…?

"You have been here for three days."

"What happened?"

"Well after our talk I waited a few minutes before I followed you in, when I couldn't find you or Naruto, Lee had informed me what was going on. I figured you might have tried to go and stop him so I went to the gate first when I didn't see you I decided to check Naruto's apartment. I found you, you had a large wound on your head and you were unconscious. I brought you here immediately."

Sakura raised her hand to touch her head, she couldn't feel the gash anymore assuming the Hokage had used her healing powers the instant she saw her. And then a thought crossed her mind as she looked deeply into Sasuke's mysterious eyes.

Sasuke in a heartbeat knew what she was going to ask.

"Where…is he?", she could sense her dry throat trying not to give away the apprehension in her voice.

Sasuke let out a grave sigh as he moved the paper work away from his lap and leaned forward, "Sakura, if he had known you were hurt he…we have sent messengers to notify him, no one is quite sure where he is right now."

Sakura could feel the swell of tears begin but she pushed them back, what was she really expecting some kind of happy fairytale ending. Had she really thought she could just sweep in and have him love her all over again? She wasn't even sure if he would have forgiven her.

A nurse walked in and slowly paced over to Sakura checking the machines and taking notes on her clipboard. The pen tapping against the clipboard was so loud Sakura could hear it echoing in her ears

Sakura remained quiet for as long as she could until the nerve in her head began to pop.

Shinomaru, will you please stop that racket", she briskly stated not trying to sound mean.

Shinomaru immediately stopped the tapping and nodding her head.

Sasuke however stood from his chair and swiftly grabbed Sakura's shoulders and gave her a light shake.

"Wh-what did you say?"

She was stunned for an instant but regained herself promptly, "I- I told Shinomaru to stop tapping the pen so noisily against the clip board."

Sasuke looked deep into her eyes his skin tensing at her touch.

Shinomaru, have you introduced yourself to Sakura yet..."

Shinomaru made her way over to the dismal girl, "No, I arrived back from a mission late this morning I haven't seen her since her - "

Shinomaru stopped speaking, "I'll inform Hokage-sama.", she was out the door before the blink of an eye.
Sakura apparently still out of full function didn't understand what was going on. Sasuke let a reassuring smile slip to his face as he engulfed her into a tight friendly bear hug,

" Your home."

Those words echoed in her ear louder than the tapping of the pen. Naruto told her she had to go home. Sasuke says she was home. These boys were always confusing thought back to the time they fought during the chakra control exercise, why did boys always have to be so …."

And she paused, mid thought.

"Ask me something?", she shakily requested.

"The current Hokage of Suna?"


"The color of Atasuki's cloak?"

"Red and black."

"Who you fought in the first Chunnin exam?"


"Kakashi's test?

"The bell exercise."

Sauske stopped asking and rose from the bed. Sensing a presence, which arrived a few moments later.

" How is she Sas…", Kakashi however paused when he saw Sakura's frame upright.


And in just saying his name, Kakashi knew she had returned.

"We…missed you Sakura."

Tears formed in Sakura's eyes, she had missed herself. Her memories, her past, her life had been taken away and now she had it all back. But she was not fully happy, for a certain blonde was no longer in her life.

"What if…he never comes home?", she asked in a sadden voice

"I never gave him a chance, all this time and I never…"

Kakashi let out a sigh, "Sometimes it takes something immense to help up appreciate where we belong Sakura, and Naruto belongs here with you, do not give up hope."

She shook her head and prayed Kakashi-sensei was right.

Three weeks had gone by and Sakura began to relive her life. She refused to be bed ridden or have to stay at home staring at the walls, she had been away for too long, she went straight back to working long shifts at the hospital. She told herself she missed the hectic medic life, but truth be told she would do anything to not let her mind think of Naruto.

She decided to write a letter to Naruto, and whenever the day came she would give it to him. Perhaps when they were old, or when she was on her death bed. She wrote her heart out into this letter beginning from the day Naruto had rescued her, all the way to their childhood. She placed it in an envelope and though she felt she never would have the change to give it to him she kept it with her always.

After an extensive shift at the hospital Sakura decided she wanted to sit in the park for a little while to watch the sun dip behind the horizon. When she arrived she was quite thankful there wasn't anyone there. Instead of sitting on the bench, she made her way over to the swing and gently sat down, testing to see if it would take her weight.

When she found a comfy spot she closed her eyes and leaned back a moment. So many thoughts raced through her head. She could feel the light leaving the sky as she looked out toward the horizon only to have her view blocked.

She squinted her almond shaped eyes, and realized it was Naruto standing before the sunset. She however waved it off, she had been seeing Naruto everywhere lately, and whenever she wasn't at the hospital she would see him in town, or at the Ramen shop, or on the training ground. And though she put on a brave face for her friends she could never let anyone know how much she really missed him.

She turned her attention back to Naruto and waited for her eyes to close and for him to merely disappear, like some cruel joke her mind would play on her. She opened and closed them a few times only to have a pair of confused eyes look at her.

"Na-Naruto?" she asked rising from her seat.

He stood sheepishly a moment, Sakura took a step toward him and he raised his hands in the air to stop her.

"Wait….let me just say this, or I swear I will never be able to…"

Sakura stopped dead in her tracks.

"I…I have always loved Sakura-chan. And I don't mean as a best friend, or a brother. I have always admired you, I always wanted to be better for you. But you were always in love with Sasuke.

Sakura opened her mouth to speak. But Naruto cut her off, "I need to finish."

"I spent three weeks away from this village, hoping I could forget anything and everything about you."

Sakura lowered her emerald eyes.

"But I can't."

She looked up and straight into Naruto's ocean blue eyes.

"I learned no matter how far I try to run away from you, my heart always returns. I couldn't stop thinking about you, and I would rather be in your life every single day as you friend, than never see that radiant smile upon your face again. "

Sakura stood speechless, taking in each word with new hope in her eyes.

"You have always wanted to be with Sasuke, and I will not stand in your way Sakura, when you get your memory back you will remember all the times he was there for you, and I know he loves yo…"

"Shut up Baka.", she interjected.

Naruto immediately ceased his speaking, had she been offended by what he said, he had to say it, it was killing him by not saying it.

"I'm sorry Sakura, I don't expect anything in return if that's what you are worried about."

"Why not?"

Now Naruto was a little confused as she walked toward him.

"Wasn't it you who risked your life for me against Gaara, wasn't it you who made a promise of a lifetime to bring Sasuke home. Wasn't it you who told me never to give up on him even though you were in love with me? Wasn't it you Naruto who made me grow stronger, wiser, kinder with that smile." Baka…I don't love Sasuke, not like how I love you Uzamaki Naruto #1 unpredictable shinobi of Konhoa.", Sakura was nearly on the verge of tears when she reached him.

She closed her eyes to conceal her tears, but they crashed down her cheeks anyway. She was raising her hand to wipe them, when she felt smooth hands cup her cheeks and stop the flow of them.

"Don't cry Sakura-chan"

She opened her arms and jumped to reach his neck, "You stupid stupid Naruto, never leave me again, if you are going to make anymore promises…promise to never leave me."

Naruto wrapped his arms around Sakura and felt himself melting into her body. She unhooked her arms and placed her lips against his. Naruto felt like he was going to collapse as he felt his knees begin to go weak.

A stretched cough broke them apart. Naruto turned his gaze from Sakura to Mayuko and Sasuke.

"I'd like a little credit too", Mayuko mused.

Sakura gave her a joyful smile, expressing her gratitude among it.

"His heart always belonged with you Sakura."

She bobbed her head slightly, and intertwined her fingers between Naruto's.

"We should go see Tsuande-sama, she wanted to discuss something about your rent…?"

Naruto let a embarrassed blush find its way to his face, " Hahaha that was just a joke."

As they began to walk away, Mayuko and Sasuke exchanged an interesting and curious glance.

"So you want to show me what's so special about those eyes of yours?"

"I'd thought you'd never ask.", Sasuke stated extending his arm to the mesmerizing woman.

Before the sun slowly faded away and the night stars began to shine Naruto leaned in to whisper into Sakura's ear, "I thought…I had lost you Sakura. I thought you would never come...come home to me."

She took his arms and wrapped it precisely around her petite waist as he rested his chin delicately on her shoulder. She remained silent for a second or two simply enjoying the feeling of Naruto's arms around her before she tenderly spoke up.

"No matter where I go Naruto…I will always…always come…back to you."

-Fin -

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