Summary: A flash is all it takes for Alec to notice the young girl with the locket. Enter Alec's sweet-yet-spunky daughter with Rachel, Sarah. Of course, she gets in trouble—like father like daughter. Future fic. Not as bad as it sounds. Major spoilers for "The Berrisford Agneda".

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A Flash

Chapter 1

As Alec emerged from the government building, loosening his stifling tie slightly, he prepared himself for the barrage of questions from the swarm of newshounds waiting outside the door. In the seven years since the transgenics had declared themselves a free people, a new nation—a "Freak Nation", as they were also referred to—Alec had become accustomed to this. As the second-in-command of the transgenic people, Alec often met with the local law, politicians, and the like, as well as the reporters, to help take the load off of Max's shoulders. Max, now known as the "mother of her people", was at this time closeted with a different set of government representatives. Poor Maxie. She'd be especially cranky today.

Alec put on the smile he reserved for the public, the easy-going friendly smile all politicians seem to wear, and waved for the cameras. Manticore would be horrified if they could see him now, all signs of the covert killing machine they had created hidden under the very public persona of Alec McDowell, negotiator of peace.

He scanned the crowd, looking for signs of danger. He was, after all, someone a lot of people wanted very badly to get rid of, not just because of his altered genes, but because of his vice president-like status. Risks came with the territory.

Camera, camera, pen, pad, camera—wait, was that a gun?—no, it was just a tape recorder, microphone, and then—

It was only a flash, but it caught his eye. Alec used his cat-like vision to zero in on the small figure almost hidden behind the group of reporters eager to get his statement on the status of the negotiations between the city and the transgenics.

It was a little girl, not yet ten, with large vivid green eyes and thick waves of dark hair. What he had seen, however, was the silver locket at her neck. It was the same heart-shaped locket that he had returned to Rachel when he'd—

The girl gasped and her eyes widened slightly when she saw Alec looking at her. Then she ducked behind the slightly rotund reporter next to her and somehow managed to disappear from Alec's sight.

Alec frowned in confusion, the scene that had just occurred playing in his head, meshing with long-buried memories of his lost love, making him forget his current duties. The cameras flashed again and Alec brought himself back to the present.

He managed to make his statement to the eager pack without them never noticing that anything was off and got into the car that was waiting for him on the curb. Dalton, who'd attached himself to Alec as his personal aide back in 2021 after their declaration of freedom, did notice from his position beside and slightly to the back of the X5, but he refrained from saying anything, his concern showing only in his eyes.

Alec was uncharacteristically quiet during the ride back to Terminal City and the rest of the day as well. He seemed lost in thought and Max teased him more than once about him finally learning to shut up and asked him if he was trying to grow a brain. She was worried, however, when he merely gave her a half-smile and told her he needed to get some fresh air, stretch his legs out a little. The last time he'd gotten all quiet like that and had said almost those exact words…Well, the outcome hadn't been too pleasant.

Max watched the retreating figure, a little crease in the middle of her forehead, wondering if she should follow him. She decided against it. He'd sense her coming a mile off. It seemed like he had a sixth sense for knowing when she was around, and since he did talk to her and Joshua when he needed to nowadays, instead of bottling it all inside like he did when he first got out of Manticore, Max figured he'd come back afterwards more relaxed and then she'd tackle him about what had crawled up his ass that day.

Yeah, that was the plan.

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