Something in the Water

Author: MoonStarDutchess

Something in the Water?

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Something in the Water?

Exactly seven months later. . .

The more Captain Riza Mustang listened to the men talking, the more she had a desire to train them in a similar fashion that she trained Black Hayate during potty training. However, after all that had happened seven months ago the last thing she needed was a bunch of injured people in the office and a reprimand for shooting at her subordinates. Yes, they were finished with their paperwork but did they really have to converse about this particular topic. Especially when she was feeling the way she was, and when she was in her current predicament.

"Are you kidding? You think that is bad? You should see Olivier when she has a craving! I have to do maintenance on the wall. I've kept a bucket of plaster nearby just in case I can't find what she wants," Havoc said.

Riza laughed inwardly. When Olivier found out that Havoc, in her words, "knocked her up," she'd been furious. She'd stormed into the office, hair flying behind her, and shoved the test results in his face. When she screamed she was pregnant, he killed over backwards. She didn't even bother picking him up and stormed back out of the office with a flourish. However, after a few days, both accepted it and were excited to be parents. Havoc was grumpier than usual. It wasn't because he was going to be a father, but because Olivier threw out his cigarettes and told him that if he was caught smoking she was going to castrate him.

"Scieszka likes to toss classic novels at my head," Fuery stated, "though she hasn't damaged anything that requires repairs…yet."

A few months after that, Fuery and Scieszka tied the knot and she was presently three months along. Riza had a hard time even fathoming Fuery as a father at first but the more she saw him around the growing Scieszka the more she could see it. He would make an amazing father to that child and motherhood really suited Scieszka.

Then there was Rebecca and Jacob. Rebecca wasn't pregnant but she wasn't against the option of becoming such in a few years. A month ago, she and Jacob went to the courthouse to get married. It was a quick, no frills wedding, full of love and joy despite the lack of pomp and circumstance. It was just them and their friends there to witness. It was the happiest Riza had ever seen the two.

Then there was Maria and Denny who weren't expecting but would be getting married in the next few months. Maria wasn't affected by any of the drugs but apparently, the incident prompted Denny to kick into gear and ask her out, then after a few months, propose. It'd been a long time coming anyway. Maria mentioned once that she wanted kids after a year of marriage so it was likely that would happen soon.

"I seriously don't know why pregnant women are so moody," Havoc said, bringing Riza from her musings about the past seven months. "It can't be that bad. Besides, that is what they were made to do."

Riza's eyebrow twitched upon hearing his words. "Lieutenant Havoc," Riza snapped, causing everyone in the room, except Roy, to look at her. He was busy working on his paperwork so that he wouldn't anger his wife.

"Yeah?" Havoc said, looking over at Riza.

"I assure you that isn't the only reason we were put on this Earth," she said.

"But you are the only ones that can have babies," he said.

"That doesn't mean that is our only purpose. Surely you love Olivier enough to realize that right?"

"Yeah, but … well why are pregnant women so moody?"

Riza scooted out her chair and suddenly Roy was at her side, helping her stand. She placed a hand on her swollen stomach and glared at Havoc. "If you were carrying an eight to ten pound baby around, resting on your bladder, and kicking every chance it got, you'd be moody too. You men don't understand anything!"

Havoc stood and looked worried as Riza started tearing up. "No, come on Captain, don't cry," he said in a panic. Roy pulled her as close as he could and started to comfort her. He turned to Havoc.

"I would take your lunch now if I were you? That goes for all of you," Roy said. "After she gets done crying she'll be out for blood."

All the men stood and walked out of the room immediately. Riza pulled away from Roy and glared at the door that the men left through. "Where do they think they are going?"

"Lunch, which is something we should do," Roy said, trying to calm her down.

Riza turned to him and nodded. She grabbed her purse and they left the office, then headquarters, and made their way down the street. As they walked by a café near headquarters, they heard women talking about them.

"What in the heck is with all the pregnant women in the military lately? Are they that loose nowadays? In my days, women kept their legs closed. You know not all of them are married."

Riza stopped and turned to the woman and shot them that glare of hers that could strip paint. "In your day the military wasn't in existence you old hag!" Riza snapped, her temper taking over her. Normally she wouldn't let comments like that get to her but her hormones weren't currently going to listen to her rational mind.

The woman snarled back at Riza, "Then why are so many of you pregnant. I must have seen half a dozen of you in the past months!"

Riza smiled menacingly causing a terrified look to appear on the woman's face. "I'll tell you after I kick your..." Roy grabbed her and steered her away from the women at the cafe.

"Something in the water ladies. There's something in the water."

The End

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