Disclaimer; neither of these characters, places or anything else you may recognize are mine

Disclaimer: Neither of these characters, places or anything else you may recognize are mine. They all belong to J.K. We all know what would happen if they didn't.

Warnings: Handjobs, language, SLASH (AKA: MALE x MALE)

Summary: Harry is sick of his friends fighting, and when he's on a midnight stroll, he bumps into Malfoy. And things happen…

Pairing: Draco x Harry, obviously.

Note: Erm, this is just random smut really. Enjoy!

Harry sighed deeply as he made his way down the stairs. He really needed some rest, from his friends that is. They'd been quite the nagging couple, in more ways than one. Hermione was constantly berating him for not doing his homework, while his other ear had to suffer Ron's long rants about Slytherin.

Really, Harry had gotten over it. He was contently muttering to himself in the corridor, when he bumped into someone. He looked up angrily, at his disturbance. "Oh, it's you." The person in question did nothing to better his mood. "Look, Malfoy, I really don't want your bitching right now, so if you can kindly fuck off, I would be eternally grateful. Well, not really, but you know what I mean." Malfoy hadn't said anything yet, so he took a closer look at the boy. He seemed in deep thought, staring at Harry.

"I'm sorry." He said suddenly, so quiet Harry almost hadn't heard him. "Erm, what?" Harry asked him, confused as hell. The Malfoy he knew never apologised. "You probably don't want this…" Malfoy murmured, placing his hand on Harry's cheek gently. "What are you doing?" Harry blushed, in all his confusion and embarrassment. "I'm going to kiss you." Malfoy told him bluntly and, before Harry had even time to think 'OH HELL I'M GOING TO BE KISSED BY MALFOY!' it was actually happening.

Harry felt his brain fall out as soon as Malfoy pressed against him with his entire body, his action causing them to bump into the wall. He didn't mind much, though, because Malfoy was frantically trying to undo Harry's muggle jeans, muttering about too many buttons. "Why--ahhhh" Harry stopped his sentence to moan loudly as Malfoy finally had worked his way into his trousers, gripping his cock firmly.

Malfoy attacked his mouth again before doing the most amazing thing. He nuzzled his neck and made a quiet noise in the back of his throat that sent sparks straight to Harry's erection, which was leaking with pre-cum. He licked a trail down Harry's neck, biting lightly on his collar bone, which was exposed by the slightly overlarge t-shirt he was wearing.

"Oh Merlin…" Harry groaned, as Malfoy gripped tighter. "The name is Draco, dear." Draco smirked into his skin. "Fuck, Draco….faster!" Harry whined pathetically, writhing against the wall. "With pleasure…" And then Draco picked up the speed. Harry had never felt anything like this, it was far better than wanking, and before long, he felt his toes curl in his shoes and his vision went white (so did Malfoy's hands). He happily slumped against Malfoy, who was grinning at him. It was quite a sight to behold.

"It's my turn now…"

Rowan: Omg, my first Draco Harry smut ever… It was short, yes, but I like it that way ! Hope you liked it! I actually wrote this in class, me and my friend were snickering and giggling all the way through…

Beta Nic: short but nice D