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Full Summary: The Hokage family of ninjas are considered royalty of the highest orders. The one next in line to the title of Leader and lone flamecaster Recca has forever been in love with the shy healer Yanagi but she was promised to someone else even before she was born. His best friend/army leader Fuuko thinks he's crazy but still finds ways to get them together. Yanagi's fiancée. Tokiya thinks the world of the girl, but somehow he finds himself searching for the company of a violent purple haired soldier all the time. Domon just wants someone to notice him. And in the midst of this love square plus one the bastard child of the current leader, Kurei, is hellbent on taking what he thinks is rightfully his.

Author's Notes: Here it is guys, my third story. Hope you end up liking this one as my previous others. I liked writing them chibi.

Prologue: You Shook Me

Tokiya Mikagami never liked meeting new people. It always felt awkward and he never knew what to do with his hands. He wished his parents would understand that he was quite content just staying at home and playing scrabble with his big sister. He thought she was all the friend he needed. He didn't need any new people to make him feel awkward and unable to decide where to put his hands.

And so he walked with a scowl on his face to show his mother and father just how upset he was that they were now in a car on their way to meet some new people.

He looked up at his father, whose gray eyes crinkled behind clear glasses, as he spoke into his phone's receiver. He had a serious look on his face as he switched between talking to the person on the other end and giving directions to their family driver. His mother sat to his right, busily primping herself and paying no attention to him whatsoever. They had said that they were to meet some very important people and he would do well to behave himself.

Tokiya looked outside the window and watched the strange town with poorly disguised awe in his eyes. He and his family had lived in the mountains all his life in a huge house surrounded with many trees, and it was very different from this place that had brick pavements and no shade. He was told that they would be heading to Nashikiri. He'd read about it in one of his sister's books and looked it up on the internet once. It was a very rich place with very rich people. But what interested him most was that it was the hometown of the infamous Hokage ninjas. He remembered some of the other kids at his school talk about Ouka Hanabishi, current leader and lone flame caster of Hokage. He was supposed to be a large and intimidating man that could kill a battalion with one swing of his hand. He really wished his parents were here to meet him.

The car pulled to a stop and Tokiya was rudely awakened from his daydream of him and Ouka Hanabishi battling some monsters. His mother put her compact back in her bag and turned to him with a sweet smile on her face. "We're here Tokiya-chan. Now remember, you have to be on your best behavior. The Sakoshitas are very good friends of your father and we want to make a good impression."

Tokiya frowned but nodded anyway.

His mother gracefully got out of the car as soon as his father opened it for her and he followed with a bit of fumble. Tokiya looked up at the intimidating house. It looked monstrous for his innocent eyes and he took hold of his mother's hand afraid he might get lost if she weren't beside him. They walked up the marble steps and a man in a blue uniform opened the doors for them. They were met with the glaring chandelier light and yet another man in a blue uniform swiftly instructed them to follow him to the parlor.

Tokiya's mother tugged his hand as his eyes wandered through the cream walls and marble sculptures. They entered another room that had blue walls and lavish curtains.

"Ichigo! It has been a long time my friend!" His father's commanding voice made him whip his head so fast he heard a snap in his neck. That's when he first saw her, a young girl in a yellow puffy dress with brown hair neatly combed to the side and brown eyes the exact shape and shade as his sister's. And since he thought his sister was the most beautiful girl in the world, he thought this girl came as a very close second.

The world dissolved away as he kept staring at the girl who now had a pretty blush on her already rosy cheeks.

"I see that Tokiya-chan already approves of this engagement!" The unfamiliar voice came from the man standing to the girl's left. He had kind eyes and looked at Tokiya approvingly.

"Engagement?" his little voice asked.

"This is why we're here, Tokiya-chan. Meet your future wife, Sakoshita Yanagi," Mrs. Mikagami said as she gave the boy a little shove forward.

The girl, Yanagi, bowed politely and held out her hand. "It is very nice to meet you Tokiya-chan."

Tokiya looked at her hand nervously, he couldn't explain the sudden apprehension and the rumbling of his stomach. He slowly lifted his hand and he was but a millimeter away from touching hers when...

"Get back here you twerp!"

A ball of black blur swooshed between Tokiya and Yanagi's hands followed by a shuriken that flew right under Tokiya's nose.

"Try and catch me bitch!"

The black blur turned out to be a boy about Tokiya's age, wearing a ninja outfit that looked ridiculous on him. Tokiya expected another boy had thrown the shuriken rather expertly but was stunned to see a girl with long purple hair, flowing down her back in waves, wearing a wife beater and denim shorts. He hated to admit it, but she looked really scary, standing with a hand on her hip and a kunai in between her fingers.

"How'd you children get in here?!" Tokiya looked up at the woman whom he assumed was Yanagi's mother. She had a disgusted look on her face as she watched the purple haired killing machine try to attack the ninja yet again. The other boy smacked her in the nose before hiding behind Tokiya's future wife.

"Yanagi-chan, save me!" he said familiarly.

"Face me like a man!"

"Fuuko-chan, act like a lady, there are company present," Mrs. Sakoshita admonished.

"I ain't no lady, lady," she answered rudely. Mrs. Sakoshita looked at her sternly. "I mean Aunt Jun."

"Didn't I tell you to confine your...training, upstairs?" Mr. Sakoshita said with a little amusement in his voice as he talked to the two interrupters.

"It was Recca's fault!" Fuuko said, pointing at the young boy who still hid behind Yanagi.

"Well it isn't fair, why can't we join your dinner party?" The young boy, Recca said with a pout.

"Because these are family matters," Mrs. Sakoshita said snootily, not hiding her absolute displeasure at the twosome's presence.

"Well, Jun, I'm sure we can fit two more at the dinner table. I'm sure they will behave, right?" Mr. Sakoshita said.

"Whatever, dinner parties are stupid," Fuuko muttered under her breath and squealed when Mrs. Sakoshita pinched her side.

"Holy me, I'm being rude. Let me introduce you to these little ruffians," Mr. Sakoshita said in an attempt to stop his wife from wringing Fuuko's neck, "This is Fuuko, daughter of Hokage's most acclaimed general Fujimaro Kirisawa, and Recca Hanabishi, son of Ouka Hanabishi, I'm sure you've heard of him."

Tokiya's mother, who had always been shamelessly fond of famous people immediately fawned over the two as if she wasn't looking at them with disdain just minutes ago. Tokiya wasn't impressed like his mother, Ouka Hanabishi was supposed to be this great infallible leader in his head, and this was his son? "He can't be the son of Ouka Hanabishi! He looks like a seamonkey!" he said before he could restrain himself.

Before Recca could retaliate, Tokiya felt a forceful hand on his neck and he couldn't stop the force of gravity as he tumbled flat on his back on the hard ground. Fuuko sat squarely on his stomach, one hand still on his throat and another fisted and ready to sock him. "Hey! I'm the only one who gets to call that oaf over there names!"

"Get off me, monkey!" he rasped as he struggled underneath her weight, his hands trying to take control of her painful grip on his neck.

"That is it, Fuuko, up to your room! Your father will hear of this when he gets back from his trip! No dinner party for you!" Mrs. Sakoshita yelled as she pulled the girl by the back of her shirt.

"Fine, like I want to have dinner with a pretty boy who doesn't know how to defend himself, come on Recca, let's go train," she said surely and gestured for her friend to follow her.

Recca looked sheepishly at Yanagi. "I'm sorry, Yanagi-chan, I didn't want to ruin your dinner party."

"It's alright Recca-kun," she said as she offered him a shy smile that made the ninja blush.

"I am sorry about that, that young girl acts so callously. She has no mother and grew up with only her father and her brothers, I've been trying to teach her some manners but that father of hers insists on encouraging her outrageous dreams of following in his footsteps. My dear sister would turn in her grave if she found out just how uncouth her daughter grew up to be..." Tokiya tuned out Mrs. Sakoshita's voice as she continued to explain (rather malign) Fuuko's unladylike behavior to his parents.

Instead he looked on at the girl he had just seen. She hadn't even bothered to find out his name and he felt slightly insulted by that. But what struck him the most was that when she jumped on him, he knew exactly what to do with his hands.

To be continued...

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