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What Happened.?

''Shit now what we going to do hes gone brooke and we dont have a clue where he is''

''Nathan listen to me all im thinking about in my head at the moment is getting out of here i saw my friends DIE and all you think about is getting this man back all i want to do is go home''

''Yeah and how we going to get out im sure if we dont kill this man we may not get out hes locked all the door's and im pretty damn sure hes out to kill us like he as to our friends so you with me or you going to die not trying cause im pretty sure id rather die trying''

''Alright so whats the plan''

''Well i no you have a knife on you and i have one too we creap around and wait for the man to come out wherever hes hiding then we stab him and then get out''

''Nathan thats the dumbest plan ive ever heared on killing someone''

''Well you got a better idea''

''How about we shout him you no say we give up and he wins you no then tell him where we are then wait around the corner for him then attack him huh what you say''

''Im not sure this man sounds very clever to me he might no we are around the corner''

''Well your plan sucks too''

While brooke and nathan were arguing they had not noticed a man in the corner of the room under a table listening to everything they was saying as he heared them going on and on whos plan was better he jumped out of the room and took hes knife out.


''Ahhh brooke brooke why am i bleeding''

''Hunny hes just stabbed you in the back''

''Am i going to b..

With that nathans body was turning blue and he was cold.

''Nathan no dont leave me you cant come on nathan im on my own here''

Brooke Began to cry while the man took all the blood of hes knife ready for her.

''WHYYY did you do that i loved him you idiot''

''You killed my love too, And your a bitch you deserve everythnig you get are you ready to die''

''Ready when you are said brooke as she took her knife out''

With that They both began to hit each other the man had slashed brookes face with the knife so she was bledding on her cheeks brooke had stabbed him in the leg then the man tripped brooke on the floor and got on top of her to stabbed her

''Bye Bye bitch''


With that brooke woke up and found herself in peytons bedroom

Peyton sat next to her on the bed lauphing at her.

''Whats so funny why you lauphing at me Brooke said''

''You was just a sleep and you was crying in it shouting everything i was going to wake but it was pretty funny''

''So your telling me i was just dreaming''

'Well erhh yeahh i think you was''

''So what time is it??''

''Brooke you have been asleep for about 4 hours so now its 10:00pm You wanna tell me what your dream was about''

''Of course brooke said with a smile on her face''

After all it was only a dream.

The End.

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