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The arena was filled to capacity; all those in attendance filling the air with cheers, chants, applause, and the stomping of feet. He steps out from the darkened hallway into the bright spotlight of the chain link fence lined ring. With a theatrical flair he throws his black robe to the floor, revealing his sleek, muscular physique. To the underground battle circuit, he was known as Bengal, his legal name unknown and unnecessary. All that mattered was his record in the ring; he was, thus far, undefeated. A pale man with a shaved head and tiger stripe tattoos on his arms, legs, chest and back, Bengal projected an air of graceful strength about him.

There were those fighters who thought he was pompous; not wanting to get too involved with the crowd or his fellow combatants. In truth, he was bored. All of these other so called "fighters" were either chemically or technologically augmented. Bengal thought they were nothing more than ruffians who were more interested in winning through brute strength rather than skill. That is what he attributed his victories to, his skill. He knew several forms of martial arts, and only became a fighter in order to test his skill and learn from his opponents. So far, he had done neither.

His next opponent seemed like more of the same. Bengal saw a Hench Co muscle enhancing ring on the man's finger. It would be a simple matter to relieve the other man of his augmentation and break him utterly. But he decided that would be more trouble than it was worth.

Bengal flexed his neck, cracking his cervical vertebrae. It was show time. He would, as he did during every fight, imagine battling a worthy foe. He knew exactly who he wanted to fight; it was just a matter of "convincing" her to do it. Shego would have been the ideal opponent with her plasma powers and fighting prowess, but she had recently given birth and Bengal would not sully his honor by depriving a newborn of his mother. Still, the fight would have been glorious!

Kim Possible, on the other hand, was fair game. Rumor had it that she was engaged to marry her sidekick, a man whose name escaped him. Bengal took no stock in these rumors. If the sidekick was too unimportant to have his name remembered, then he was unworthy of Bengal's time. If he could somehow get Kim Possible into the ring and soundly defeat her, his skill as a fighter would never be questioned. He would be the greatest fighter who had ever lived; that's all that mattered.

Bengal assumed a fighting stance when the bell sounded. His musclebound opponent charged at him like an angry bull. Bengal allowed himself a small grin. Amateur mistake, he thought. A well placed punch to the face caused the man's head to snap back, sending him into an unconscious heap on the floor of the ring.

"One punch, ladies and gentlemen!" the announcer declared over the loud speakers. "Bengal is still undefeated!"

"No challenge at all," Bengal grumbled. The wheels in his head were turning ever faster. Perhaps it would be easier to get Kim Possible in the ring than he thought.


Kim Possible gazed intently into the deep blue eyes of the dark haired boy in her arms. She smiled at him, then held him closer, allowing him to melt into her while she made cooing noises at him. He seemed a bit restless in the gorgeous redhead's embrace, but made no attempt to extract himself. Kim pulled him away from her and again looked at his perfect face. Then, as if on cue, he spit up. "I'm glad you were wearing a bib, Joey."

Kim sat down with her three week old godson in her lap and proceeded to clean him off. "This is what happens when you eat too fast and won't burp." Joey Lipsky, of course, had no idea what his godmother was saying, but somehow knew he was safe with her. She was at least warm. Joey yawned and snuggled into Kim. "Yeah, it's nap time, isn't it, honey? Come on," she stood, cradling the newborn in her arms. "Let's put you down."

"I don't care who they think they are!" a very irate Sheila Gordon-Lipsky practically screamed into the phone. "They get no special treatment! We went over the specs with them when we installed the system, and told them how to turn the damn thing on and off. Just because one of their employees was too stupid to read the freaking instruction manual is not MY FAULT!! "

Kim shot her former nemesis a look when she walked by the door with a now sleeping Joey in her arms. Sheila immediately took the hint. "All right, Perkins, thanks to my son you've got a reprieve," she said a bit more calmly. "Now you call these idiots back and tell them exactly what I told you. The contract states in big, bold, black and white letters, that we are not responsible for user error. Now don't call me back unless it's really important. I'm still on maternity leave for God's sake!"

Sheila had just set the phone down when Kim walked in. "Murray Logistics?"

"Oh yeah." Sheila was still in her green pajamas, even though it was late in the afternoon. "Some moron decided to walk into the building without disabling the security system and got blasted by fast drying immobilizing foam. He was stuck like that for two hours, and now they're threatening to sue." Sheila looked at her hands and let them flare with green plasma. She hadn't used her powers at all during the last two trimesters of her pregnancy for fear that it could have hurt Joey in some way. Now she was itching to use them to take out everyone who was ticking her off.

"Now I'm glad Drew was so inept with the whole 'taking over the world' thing," Sheila said, almost to herself. She looked up and saw Kim's confused expression. "If running a business is this hard, I'd hate to think what running the world would be like. Although, I get the feeling that I could pull it off..." Sheila trailed off, a long forgotten dream of herself as some sort of Supreme One trying to worm its way into her brain. It was gone as quickly as it came on. "Anyway, that's the deal. Bunch of stupid people not wanting to admit that they're stupid."

"Where is Drew, anyway?" Kim asked. Even though she had been at the Lipsky home almost everyday since they brought Joey home from the hospital, Kim hadn't seen blue hide nor black hair of the former Dr. Drakken in days.

"At the office." Drew was the lead designer of all systems for Gordon Security Consultants. Even though he was a former villain, multi-billion dollar companies were willing to trust him to amp up their security systems. So far, the only problems had been user error. "Although, even when he is home I don't always see him. He'll take Joey into the lab with him and lock himself in. He says he's working on some kind of secret project. I'm surprised he hasn't blown anything up yet."

"Maybe he's just trying to see if Joey inherited your powers."

"Maybe." Sheila did think it was weird that her son had a normal complexion and not a mixture of his parents' skin tones. She looked at the stack of work orders on her desk. Some new villain had made the scene; a villain who there was very little information about.

He was known as D. Carter Knokod, and he was some sort of ruthless multi-billionaire; he was like Senor Senior Senior, but he was actually dangerous instead of just bored. A lot of places were getting nervous about this guy, which was good news for Gordon Security. A lot of new business had come their way in the last few weeks because of this Knokod guy. Sheila looked up and saw Kim glancing over at the clock on the wall. It was 4:40 in the afternoon. "When's the Buffoon getting home?"

"Soon," Kim replied. The Mega Smarty Mart was just a week away from its grand opening, and things were happening fast. All the fixtures, terrariums, and habitats for the animals in the pet department had all been installed and, as department head, Ron had to supervise it all. This was in addition to interviewing potential new hires and putting together a preliminary schedule they could use until the scheduling software in the human resources department was up and running. Ron came home looking like a reject from Zombie Mayhem every night.

Fortunately they hadn't had any missions in a while. Fortunately for Ron, that is. Kim was still several months away from starting school, and hadn't gotten a regular job yet, mainly because Sheila needed her to help out with Joey, so she didn't have a whole lot in the way of diversions. At least she got a little spending money for babysitting her godson.

"You'd better get going, then," Sheila said. "Traffic getting back to Upperton is gonna be a nightmare."

"Rocket boosters, remember?" Kim smirked. "I can just fly home."

"Thanks again for helping out with Joey, Princess. With his dad at work and the people I hired to fill in for me while I'm gone proving to be dumber than Frugal Lucre..."

"No big, Sheila," Kim said with her usual flare. "Just remember all this at the end of the week when you pay me."

"II still can't believe that I hired my old arch enemy to watch my kid." Life certainly was strange.


Bengal sat in the small motel room he had taken up residence in. On his laptop computer was years worth of footage showing the many battles Kim Possible had taken part in. She was proficient in sixteen forms of Kung Fu, and seemed able to instinctively mesh those fighting styles together. She would be difficult to defeat. Perfect. Now all he had to do was get her where he wanted her. That's the easy part, he thought. All he had to do was use her greatest weakness against her; her compassion for those in need.

Bengal went to Kim's website and submitted a request for help. She would come to him.


Kim had just reached the freeway when the Sloth's Kimmunicator went off. "Go, Wade," she said when the face of Wade Load appeared on the screen.

"We just got a hit on the site, Kim," he said. "There's some kind of trouble at the old scrap yard outside Lowerton."

"What kind of trouble?"

"It looks like Motor Ed is there looking for parts that he can make into some kind of mechanized car-zilla!"

"That is so 1980's," Kim groused. She aimed her car for the nearest exit so she could find a place to change into the mission clothes she kept in the car, and then get back on the freeway in the southbound direction.

"Should I call in Ron?" Wade asked.

"He's got enough on his mind right now," Kim said after some thought. "Besides it's just Motor Ed. How hard could mullet brain be? I'll be home before Ron is."


"Are you sure this is on the level, Wade?" Kim asked. She had arrived at the landfill ten minutes ago, and didn't see so much as an out of place bumper at the scrap yard, let alone Motor Ed.

"It could have been a crank," Wade conceded. "Let me hack into a few surveillance satellites and get a better look at the area."

"Please and thank you, Wade. And keep the dash cam on the Sloth rolling, just in case." Kim turned off the Kimmunicator and continued her search. No big trucks, no gear heads, and no mullets. This had to be someone's idea of a sick joke. Note to self, have Wade set up a filter so we can double check calls for help. This doesn't feel right.

"Hello, Miss Possible."

Kim spun and assumed a defensive stance. She saw a man who had been tattooed to look like a tiger. "You'd better have a good reason for luring me here like this."

"Right to the point," the striped man said. "Admirable. You waste no time, so I will not waste yours. My name is Bengal, and I am going to defeat you." He tossed a handful of pellets at Kim's feet, which erupted into a cloud of green gas.

Kim was in action as soon as she saw the man's hands move. She lunged to her right and pulled a small device out of the pocket on her leg. With the small rebreather in place, she was again on her feet and ready for action. She charged at the striped man, launching a few preliminary punches at him to see what he could do. He easily blocked or dodged them all.

"I know you are better than this, Miss Possible," Bengal taunted. "Don't make me sorry I went to the trouble of bringing you here."

Kim said nothing. Instead she unleashed a roundhouse kick to his head, which he easily blocked. Expecting this, Kim dropped down and kicked his legs out from underneath him, sending him crashing to the ground. Kim didn't give the tattooed man a chance to get up; instead she aimed a punch at his solar plexus, hoping to knock the wind out of him and end this fight. He blocked the first shot, but not the second. Kim's punch sent the air blasting out of his lungs in an explosive grunt.

"It's over," Kim said.

"Not...yet." Bengal rasped. After making sure the contingency measures in his gloves were in place he lunged at Kim's ankles. A jolt of electricity shot through her body when he grabbed hold of her legs, knocking her out almost instantly. Bengal struggled to his feet. Tai Sheng Pek Kwar, he thought. Some of those moves were Monkey Kung Fu. Where did she learn them? Kim was more dangerous than Bengal thought. For the first time, the possibility of defeat went through his mind. He might have to hedge his bets.

Bengal picked Kim up, slung her over his shoulders like a sack of potatoes, and headed for his vehicle. He would have a lot of planning to do on the way back to the arena.


Ron Stoppable was dead tired when he got behind the wheel of his station wagon. He looked forward to when the store opened, knowing that his hours would become more stable; but at the same time he dreaded it because he knew that's when the real work would start. Things would get even more hectic when he started cooking school in August. At least had got to go home the the most bondigetty fiancee in the history of fiancees. Moving in with Kim was the best thing he'd ever done. Well, right behind asking her to marry him, that is. The only drawback was Dr. James Timothy Possible coming to their house every weekend with some flimsy excuse to make sure they weren't doing anything they weren't supposed to be doing.

Man, what's he gonna do when we decide to have kids? Ron thought. Whoah! Back up there Ron-man. You're not even married yet! It's a little early to be thinking about having mini-me versions of you and Kim running around. Still it is a pretty badical idea.

Ron had just pulled out of the Mega Smarty Mart's parking lot when the Ronlink above the radio went off. "What up, Wade?"

"We have trouble, Ron." The worried expression on Wade's face made Ron's blood run cold. "Kim went to Lowerton to check out a Motor Ed sighting, but it was a trap! There was some some martial artist guy with tiger stripe tats waiting for her. He zapped her and took her!"

Ron's serious face kicked in. "Can you track the Kimmunicator?"

"He left it at the scrap yard, along with the Sloth. And I can't get a fix on her tracking chip."

Ron blinked. "KP has a tracking chip? Why does KP have a tracking chip?"

"Well, she figured that since yours worked so well we should...uh oh."

Ron went into freak out mode. "Since when do I have a tracking chip?!"

"Ron, calm down. Now's not the time."

"And why not? I just found out that you put a tracking chip in me! That's so not cool, Wade!"

"Head in the game, Ron. Right now Kim needs you." Wade was banking on the fact that Kim being in trouble would trump Ron's own sense of outrage.

"We're not done with this, Wade," Ron said in an annoyed tone. "So, Lowerton?"

"Yeah," Wade replied with a visible sigh of relief. "In the old scrap yard just outside of town. Some guy with severe martial arts skills got the jump on her. I lost track of him when he got on the freeway. You'd think a motorcycle and sidecar that were painted to look like a tiger would be easier to track. But I do have a rough idea where he went."

"Feed me the directions, Wade-man."


Kim awoke to the unpleasant smell of stale sweat and dried blood, as well as the sensation of a lumpy mattress beneath her. When she tried to move, the world spun a little. What's the sitch? she wondered. Where am I? Kim opened her eyes, only to have her vision obscured by a set of black garments that were thrown in her face.

"Put these on," a gruff female voice with an English accent ordered.

Kim pulled the clothes from her face and saw a blonde woman who was built like one of the women on American Combatants, but on a much less outlandish outfit. She wore a simple, form fitting grey tank top with matching workout pants. "Why should I?"

The woman cracked her knuckles. "Because I will hurt you if you don't. You may think you can do anything, Possible, but I can break you over my knee like a stick. Change. Now."

Kim examined the room she was in. "How about a little privacy?"

"Forget it. Change now or I'll do it for you. And you don't want me to do it for you."

A few minutes later the, the blonde walked out of the room carrying Kim;s mission clothes. Kim was right behind her wearing a pair of form fitting black pants that ended just below the knee, and what looked like a black sports bra. The blonde woman handed Kim's mission clothes to another woman and said "Burn these."

"Hey!" Kim protested.

"Like you don't have more than one set ," the blonde snorted. "Besides, I know your type. You world saving do-gooders always have gadgets hidden in your clothes."

Kim's face remained as neutral as she could manage. She was very glad that she had decided to leave her engagement ring in a hidden compartment in the Sloth before she reached the scrap yard. She never wore her ring on missions, afraid that is could be damaged, lost or stolen. She got the feeling that this bunch would definitely be the stealing type. Who knew how much Kim Possible's engagement ring could net at some villainous auction. Kim looked up when her abductor arrived in the dimly lit hallway. "What's the sitch here?"

"The 'sitch' as you put it, is you are going to fight," Bengal replied.

"So not happening."

"You misunderstand me, Miss Possible. That was not a request. You will fight. If you refuse, well, I know where your family lives. You have brothers, do you not?"

Kim went into a rage and lunged at Bengal, only to be caught in mid leap by the blonde woman. "That's what I want to see!" Bengal exclaimed. "Valkyrie," he said to the blonde woman. "I trust all preparations have been made."

"They have," Valkyrie nodded. "Bit I still think this is a load of horsesh-"

"I didn't ask for your opinion." Bengal looked over at Kim. "You should be proud, Miss Possible. You are about to take part in the most intense fighting tournament since the gladiatorial games of Ancient Rome."

"Forgive me if I seem less than enthused." Kim wanted to rip this guy's eyes out of their sockets.

"Welcome, Kim Possible, to the Arena of Lost Souls. Welcome to the fight of your life. Or should I say, the fight FOR your life."