This is another of those "to be updated when I find the time/feel like it/don't have a million other things going on" type of things. It's a collection of oneshots conneced by a very loose "plot". I've been kicking this bunny around for awhile, but with Utter Nonsense, I didn't really have time to work on it. But I have (somewhat) more time at the moment, so I figured I'd at least start it.

Expect alot of references to unicorns and dragons, since that's pretty much the whole basis for writing it in the first place.

Unicorns were such deceitful creatures, L had decided long ago, back in the days when fairytales and dragons had been deemed interesting enough to pass away the rainy days. The interest had not lasted long, but it had been long enough for L to come to the aforementioned conclusion.

Pure white in color, with a single horn and a love for young virginal maidens, they'd always felt like liars to the genius. Vain and proud, too much for their own good.

So it was really no surprise when he'd begun to mentally imagine Light as a unicorn.

With all of the purity and the pride in his morals and justice (what was justice when compared to the splendor of the unicorn?) and with the vanity that Light practically reeked of, it wasn't too far a stretch.

He found it ironic that a creature so vain could be so ugly.

Really short though. Sorry.