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Remember me

Summary: Daniel has awakened with no memory of who he or anyone else in his life are. Can the one person who's name and face he remembers help him regain his memory, or will she face losing him to another from his past.


"I don't know who I am!" Daniel said panicking and confused.

"Do you recognize anyone else in this room?" The doctor asked.

'No,only Betty,should I know these other people too?" Daniel said then asked looking around the room at Bradford, Claire and Tara-Lynn.

"What do you remember about Betty? "

The Doctor asked trying to figure out the extinct of the amnesia. Daniel took a moment to think then answered the doctor's question.

"I just know that her name is Betty Suarez and she's my..friend?" Daniel said unsure about the last part.

"Yeah, we're friend's... " Betty said with a hint of sadness in her voice, a sadness unnoticed by Daniel.

Her and Daniel had become much more than just friends, the three years they'd known each other , and it broke her heart that he'd forgotten who he was. She guessed she should be happy that he remembered her name and her face. And who was to say that this amnesia would be permanent .

He'd just emerged from a four month coma, of course he wouldn't wake up quite himself, in no time he'd remember everything. Betty really hoped her thinking was right , the only thing worse then almost losing him to death, was him losing his memories of their bond . Her troubled thoughts were interrupted by Daniel's Doctor, Doctor Ferguson, who suddenly spoke.

" Can you all step outside for a moment ,while I examine Daniel further without distraction?"

Dr. Ferguson said. Bradford, Claire, Tara-Lynn and Betty hesitantly filed toward the door . They were all worried about Daniel,but knew only the doctor could figure out the cause and length of his amnesia.

"Can Betty stay? " Daniel asked in a small voice not unlike a small child's.

Betty stopped mid step and turned to look at Dr. Ferguson , for his response.

" I don't think that's a good idea" The doctor said , thinking about Betty's actions in the past few hours.

"Please , she's the only one I remember , I want her here with me" Daniel said.

"Thats not going to happen , we have to take her into custody"Officer Dylan said appearing in the room with the two officers that had cuffed Betty earlier.

"Why, what did she do?" Daniel asked, confused about what was going on.

"Don't answer that, we don't know how fragile his psyche is " Dr. Ferguson said .

"It's okay, don't worry Daniel ,I'll be back ...I promise" Betty said flashing him a smile.

"Okay" Daniel said feeling that she meant every word.

" I'm ready" Betty said walking toward the officer.

"Sorry, its procedure" Officer Dylan said.

He then re-cuffed Betty's hand and lead her out of the room , then out of the building into a waiting squad car, despite Claire and then Bradford saying they wouldn't be pressing charges against Betty. An officer then informed them that the hospital, however ,had not withdrawn charges so they had no choice but to take Betty into police custody.

Betty put on a brave face as she sat in the back of the police car, but on the inside she was shaking, but, despite that she didn't regret her actions one bit. She did what she had to do in order to save Daniel and now he was awake, sure he wasn't quite himself, but he was alive and awake and thats all that mattered.

They arrived at the station ten minutes later and Betty was fingerprinted and photographed before being placed into a holding cell where she would have to wait till her hearing which would occur in an hour. Betty figured , it was Claire who had gotten her such a quick hearing, when otherwise she probably wouldn't get one till late the next morning , after spending the night in a cold cell.

The whole time she sat in the holding cell, her thoughts were on one thing , or rather one person. Her mind went over the events of the past few months since his accident , all the way up to him coming back to life and opening his eyes when she'd finally confessed her true feelings for him. She really hoped she could keep her promise and get back to Daniel, she was all he knew at the moment.

One part of her conscious argued that her efforts were all a waste since he didn't remember who he was , let alone the three words she'd said to him, sure he was legally dead at that point , but the other part of her subconscious, however ,argued that she had to believe that he'd heard her. He had come back to her right after she'd said those three ,now forgotten by him, words .

Didn't Marina say everything would be all right, but Betty wasn't quite sure that Marina even existed. She could have been a figment of her imagination, conjured up by her subconscious during fear and panic over her thoughts of losing him forever. She sighed placing her hand on her head as a stressed induced migraine began to form.

Suddenly she heard the door slowly open and an officer , who's badge said Holt, entered the room and informed her it was time for her hearing. The public courthouse was down the street from the Leore police station , so two officers accompanied her on the short walk to the courthouse.

Betty tried to focus on her breathing rather then the fact that she had gotten arrested and was to stand in court within the next five minutes, two things she never thought would happen to her of all people. Her father was probably turning in his grave. She swore she could hear the lecturing voice he used to use when her older sister Hilda would get into trouble. Another gift or rather curse from her racing mind and conscious.

The five minutes before her hearing began went by quickly and she found herself sitting in front of the judge with an appointed attorney beside her. The charges were read by the bailiff and then the judge asked Betty , what she pleaded.

"I'm Guilty of the charges,but I don't see trying to save someone you love as a crime"Betty said tears threatening to fall down her face.

The judge's eye's softened at Betty's words ,but ,she still set a bail of a hundred thousand dollars. Money Betty didn't have in her bank account. Betty felt the returning migraine as she was escorted up the street and back into the precinct and into a different holding cell then before. She was in there for ten minutes when an officer opened the door.

"You got bail , your free to go" He said .

"Really, already, who paid it? " Betty asked curious.

"I don't know, some woman came in with her daughter, they're waiting for you"The officer said.

Once Betty heard the officer say, a woman and her daughter she knew Claire had again helped her out and had come to pick her up with Tara-Lynn. As she approached the front of the police station she was surprised to see not Claire and Tara-Lynn, but her sister Hilda and four year old niece, Lily.

"Tia Betty!" The four year old said running and hugging her aunts legs.

"Lily, look how big you are!" Betty said picking up her niece and walking toward her sister with a big smile on her face.

Betty's smiled faded when she noticed that someone else had also been standing next to Hilda, it was Henry. Betty felt the heat of the anger that quickly filled her when she spotted her roommate and former best friend.

"What is he doing here?" Betty said trying to calm down so as to not scare her niece.

"He's the one who called me to let me know you got a-r-r-e-s-t-e-d. I was worried about you after our phone call ,so I boarded a plane and flew here . When we landed, I called Henry , when you didn't answer your cell , he said you were here"

Hilda explained spelling out arrested so Lily wouldn't know the real reason they were there.

"Thank, you for letting her know where I was , you can leave now" Betty said putting Lily down so she could go and collect her personal belongings taken away when she got arrested.

"Betty , wait!" Henry said walking after her.

"What Henry, what could you possibly have to say to me! " Betty said letting her anger out.

"I'm sorry I shouldn't have said the things I said about you and Daniel,your my best friend, can you forgive me/"Henry said

" I can't answer that right now, I have to get back to Daniel" Betty said calming a bit.

"Are you coming home, tonight?" Henry asked though he already knew the answer.

"Not tonight..." Betty said then walked back toward Hilda and Lily.

They walked out of the precinct, Hilda giving Henry a smile that said 'she'll come around'. Hilda had rented a car at the airport and drove Betty the fifteen minutes to the hospital. Lily , who was born in Florida, and had never been to Leore ,talked their ears off as she stared out the window at the foreign sights of the city of Leore.

They arrived on the third floor ,where Daniels private room was, they were lucky the corridor was empty and the only nurse who was at the station was Christina who said that Bradford, Claire and Tara-Lynn had reluctantly left, going home for the night. She said she would make sure no one interrupted Betty while she went in to see Daniel. Hilda waited with Lily and Christina while Betty slowly entered the room.

"You came back!" Daniel said when Betty entered the room.

"Thats what I promised, how are you feeling? " Betty said walking over and sitting in the chair beside his bed.

"Like I was hit by a car" Daniel said .

"Thats because you were" Betty said.

"I know, I was trying to be funny, am I funny? The me that knows who I am that is.." Daniel asked and said.

"You can be at times" Betty said smiling for the first time since before she was arrested.

"So did the doctor find out why you can't remember who you are?" Betty asked.

"Yeah, he says the amnesia is a side effect of the coma , he doesn't know if I will get my memory back but, he said the fact that I remember you , means that I could probably regain my other memories as well"

"Thats great, Daniel" Betty said her smile growing bigger.

"I was wondering if you could help me remember " Daniel said nervously.

"Of course, you don't remember but I'm always here to help you and vice versa" Betty said.

" For some reason , I don't doubt that at all"

Daniel said smiling back at the beautiful Latin woman sitting across from him, whose name and face he'd remembered, despite not knowing his own, and he had a feeling he could count on and trust her completely.

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